59 Baby Boy Names That Start with R

59 Baby Boy Names That Start with R

Baby boy names that start with R can be classic (even ancient), trendy, or both. So from the unique to the all-American, we’ve tracked down more than fifty of our favorite R names for boys, and their meanings too.

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What is the most popular R name for boys?

According to the Social Security Administration, the most popular R baby boy names are, in order of popularity:

  1. Ryan: A classic Gaelic name meaning “little king”.
  2. Roman: From Hebrew, meaning “strong”.
  3. Robert: There are lots of ways to shorten this Germanic classic, which means “bright glory”.
  4. Rowan: Meaning “red-haired” in English and Irish.
  5. Ryker: This name has its roots in Scandinavian languages and old German, where it means either “brave power” or “rich”.
  6. Richard: This classic R boys name means “rich”.
  7. Rafael: A variation from Spain, Italy, and Portugal on the Hebrew name, Raphael, which means “God has healed”.
  8. Riley: Today Riley is popular as a unisex R name. It originally means “rye clearing” in old English.
  9. Ronan: An Irish name meaning “little seal”, or “oath”.
  10. Raymond: Everybody loves Raymond, which we’re guessing is why it has remained popular for decades. It means “wise protector” in its original Germanic form.

What are some more boy names that start with R?

  1. Reid: A Scottish surname meaning “red” and now a popular first name for boys and girls too.
  2. Rylan: Meaning either “island meadow”, or “from the rye land”.
  3. Rory: Another Celtic classic meaning “red king”. In Gaelic, it’s more commonly spelled Ruaridh (ROO-ree), but you can also take your pick from Ruairidh, Ruairi, Ruaraidh, Ruari, Ruaidri, Ruariadh, Ruary, Ruiridh, Ruraidh, Ruraigh, Rury, and Rori.
  4. Ricardo: A Latin version of Richard. If you know your little peanut is going to be more of a Rick or Ricky than a Rich or Richie, this might be the name for you.
  5. Remy: One of a couple of beautifully simple French R baby boy names meaning “oarsman”. The other is Remi.
  6. Russell: Some say French, some say English, some say Norse. But whatever the origin, the meaning of this timeless name is always “red-haired”. It also gets contracted to Russ or Rush, for short.
  7. Romeo: An Italian and Shakespearean classic.
  8. Ronin: A variation on Ronan.
  9. Raiden: One of the most unique R names for a boy, which traces its origins to Japan. It refers to the mythical god of thunder and lightning. This can also be spelled Rayden.
  10. Royce: Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Thought to be from old English, meaning “rose”.
  11. Rhys: A timeless Welsh classic, it means “passion” or “enthusiasm”.
  12. Roberto: The Italian version of Robert.
  13. Reed: A natural, rivery twist on Reid.
  14. Ruben: A modern spelling of Reuben, the Hebrew name that means “Behold, a son”.
  15. Rocco: Of Italian origin, meaning “restful”.
  16. Ryland: Another Old English name for the land of rye.
  17. Rowen: Of Irish origin, another strong name meaning “red-haired”.
  18. Ronald: An old Scandinavian name meaning “advice”.
  19. Raul: A common Spanish and Portuguese boy name starting with R, which references both “wise counsel” and “a wolf”.
  20. Roland: Meaning “renowned throughout the land” or simply “famed land”.
  21. Roy: Gaelic? Yes. An R boys’ name? Yes. Its meaning? You’ve guessed it: “red-haired”. But, before you move on looking for something more powerful, it also has roots in the Old French, for “king”.
  22. Rodrigo: Another popular Latin twist on an old German name, this time Roderick, which means “great renown”.
  23. Reece: Or Reese, a more international spelling of the Welsh name Rhys.
  24. Ridge: Old English name for a boy born on a – you guessed it – a ridge.
  25. Reign: An unusual male name starting with R, meaning “rule” or “sovereign”.
  26. Roger: An endlessly popular R boys’ name throughout the ages, from old French, but probably going back further to the ancient Germanic tribes of northern Europe. It means “ famous spear”.
  27. Ramon: Spanish and Portuguese variation of Raymond, meaning “wise protector”.
  28. Ro: Anglo-Saxon, also meaning “red-haired”.
  29. Rohan: A variation on Rowan, which also has some serious Lord of the Rings vibes.
  30. Rocky: In old German, this name actually means “rest”, but since the ‘70s, no R boy names conjure up images of strength, power, and running up stairs more than this.
  31. Rudy: An American shortening of the old Germanic Rudolf, meaning “famed wolf”.
  32. Randy: From Randolf or Randall, this is an old English name meaning “protector” or “house wolf”.
  33. Rodney: While this name from old English is still on the top 1,000, it has been dropping.
  34. Robin: A diminutive of Robert, also meaning “fame bright” or “bright glory”. This is also a great male name starting with R for a boy born around Christmas.
  35. Rey: Of Spanish origin, meaning “king”.
  36. Riggs: An old English name for someone who lived on a Ridge, we love this ancient but slightly unusual R boys’ name.
  37. Rome: The eternal city, the seat of empire, the heart of Western civilization.
  38. Rene: A timeless, simple French boy name that starts with R, meaning “rebirth”.
  39. Reginald: Reggie for short? This name means “advisor to the king”.
  40. Regilio: A Spanish twist on the ancient German and more familiar R boys’ name, Roger, which means “well-known or renowned spearman.”

The raddest and baddest R names for boys

Now that we’ve covered the most popular, what are some unique R names for your little boy?

  1. Ra: The Egyptian sun god. A short name for sure, but it sends shivers down the spine, doesn’t it?
  2. Ramses: If you like the ancient Egypt theme, but want something a little less monosyllabic, you could go for Ramses (also spelled Rameses).
  3. Ranger: A more rooted and earthy name, perhaps for a son destined to live the spirit of the wilderness.
  4. Remington: If you love westerns, saloons, and all American brands, Remington could be a powerful choice.
  5. Rex: This Latin word for “king” is also fast climbing the ranks of popular R boys’ names. You couldn’t get more regal…
  6. Royal: …We spoke too soon.
  7. Rhett: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” If it’s old-school Hollywood you’re looking for, look no further than this beautiful name, originally from Dutch, which means “advice”.
  8. River: One of many nature names you could consider for your little one.
  9. Ryder: An old English name meaning “horseman”.

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