38 Boy Names That Start With U

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From the unusual to the unique to the unbelievably cute, baby boy names that start with U might be perfect for your little one.

Boy Names That Start With U

Whether you’re looking for an alternative spelling of a more common name, something historical, or just something that you probably won’t hear anyone else shouting in the schoolyard, let’s take a look.

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Popular baby boy names starting with U

You might not be totally surprised to hear that there are zero baby boy names beginning with the letter U in the US top 10 names for 2020.

What’s a bit more surprising is that there hasn’t been a single U name in the top 200 since before the year 2000.

So a boy name beginning with U is a pretty unusual choice in the US.

If you dislike the thought of your little boy sharing his name with three others in his class at school, this might be the letter for you.

And if you’re asking yourself What’s the rarest name for a boy?, you might be able to find a name you’ve never heard of before on this list.

But while they’re not especially common, there are still a lot of U names to choose from.

Biblical boy names starting with U

A lot of the more common U boy names have Hebrew roots.

So if you like the idea of an ancient Biblical name for your son, this could be a good place to look for inspiration:

  1. Uriel – An Angelic name meaning ‘flame of God’.
  2. Uziel or Uzziel – Meaning ‘strength and power’.
  3. Uriah or Uriyah – Uriah appears in the story of King David. We’ll admit that he doesn’t meet the best end, but it’s still a strong U name for a baby boy.
  4. Uzziah – A king of Judah, meaning ‘the Lord is my power’.

And if you’d like something epic, but a little less Old Testament, what about:

  1. Ulysses or Ulises – As in, the epic poem about the hero who faces many challenges on his journey home to Ithaca. Ulysses is another version of Odysseus, which was made famous by the English poet Alfred Tennyson in his retelling of the story.

What are good names that start with U?

Still looking for the perfect name? Here are our favorite U names for boys from around the world:

  1. Ubadah –This name is Arabic, and it means ‘serves God’.
  2. Udayan – A name from [India]9 meaning ‘rise’ or ‘show up’. A name for a future loyal friend, perhaps?
  3. Udolf or Udolph – An English name with Germanic roots. It means ‘wolf’.
  4. Udi – Another Hebrew name, meaning ‘burning torch’.
  5. Udell – An English name meaning ‘valley of yew trees’ – what a beautiful image.
  6. Ulberto – A grand German name that means not only ‘bright’ but ‘shining intellect’.
  7. Ulmer – An old surname relating to a German town.
  8. Ugo – An Italian version of Hugo.
  9. Ukko – A Finnish name that would sound completely unique in the US. The meaning is a little more conventional though. Ukko means simply ‘man’.
  10. Uilleam – A male U name variation on William. Liam, another related name, is a chart-topper at the moment, so this might be a fun twist.
  11. Umberto – An Italian name that means ‘famous’, for your future superstar.
  12. Ulric or Ulrich – A German name meaning ‘the power of the wolf’.
  13. Umar – Meaning ‘flourishing’ or ‘long lived’ in Arabic, and ‘wealthy and famous’ in Old German. Omar is a more common spelling, but we like this U variation.
  14. Umbro – A French name that means ‘shade’.
  15. Umoja – An unusual Portuguese name with a beautiful meaning – ‘unity’ or ‘harmony’.
  16. Unwin – An Old English name. The original meaning is ‘not a friend’, but don’t let that put you off.
  17. Updike or Updyke – A baby boy name that starts with U and has literary vibes, this name means ‘up the bank of the river’.
  18. Urban or Urbain – Meaning ‘from the city’. The Latin variation, Urbano, might also catch your eye.
  19. Uri – As in Gagarin, the first man in space. This name could be a tribute to your love of astronomy, and we think it’s short and sweet enough to work in many different countries.
  20. Urijah – A Hebrew name meaning ‘my light is Jehova’.
  21. Urias – A Spanish variation on Uriah and Urijah.
  22. Urian – A Welsh name meaning ‘city born’.
  23. Urso – One of a few Italian boys’ names that start with U. It means ‘bear’. Variations include Ursino, Ursins, or the more anglicized Urson.
  24. Uros – Rearrange the letters in Urso and you get this old Hungarian name that means ‘little lord’.
  25. Urwin – Meaning ‘green’, this name originally hails from Scotland.
  26. Usain – As in Bolt, one of the fastest sprinters on the planet. It’s originally an Arabic name related to Hussein, and means ‘beautiful’ or ‘good’.
  27. Usher – You might only have heard of the singer, or the role in a wedding party, but this is originally an English surname given to the gatekeepers of large houses.
  28. Usman – A boy’s name beginning with U that means ‘wise’ or ‘most powerful’.
  29. Usnavi – Could we be about to see Usnavi climb the charts? It’s the name of the main character in the musical In the Heights. Usnavi is a proud Dominican, but his name came from a misreading of the words ‘US Navy’ on the side of a ship in New York Harbor.
  30. Utah – If other states can be baby names, why not the home of some of the most beautiful scenery in the US?
  31. Uthman – An Arabic name that means ‘young animal’.
  32. Uzair – U and Z? Do names get much cooler than this? This is the Arabic equivalent of the name of the prophet Ezra.

And if all else fails…

  1. Unique – Why not? He certainly will be.

Happy name hunting! You’ll find other useful lists for your quest for the perfect name here:

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