72 Baby Boy Names That Start With W

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If you’re after a wonderful baby boy name, why not consider one starting with W?

Baby Boy Names That Start With W

From the traditional William to the more unique Willoughby, W names have got something for every baby.

If you’re thinking of choosing a baby boy name that starts with W, here are 72 to choose from.

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  • What are some boy names that begin with W?
  • What are some cute names that start with a W?
  • What is a unique name for a baby boy starting with W?

What are some boy names that begin with W?

Boy names that start with W tend to have pretty powerful meanings – from army commanders to warriors and protectors. Here are some of our favorites to choose from:

  1. William. The most popular W name and one of the most popular baby boy names overall (it ranked 5th in the US in 2020), the old English name means ‘strong-willed warrior’.
  2. Warner. From Old English, it means ‘army’.
  3. Wesley. An Old English name meaning ‘a field to the West’.
  4. Walter. German origin, meaning powerful ruler, or commander of the army.
  5. Warwick. Derived from the English town of the same name, it’s also a first name, most popular down under.
  6. Wyn. A Welsh name meaning fair and blessed.
  7. Warren. A Germanic name meaning ‘guard’.
  8. Wyatt. Meaning ‘brave’, it’s derived from the Old English – where the name ‘Wiot’ was also used as a first name.
  9. Watson. It means ‘son of Walter’ or ‘Wat’ and it comes from old English and Scottish.
  10. Wade. Another Old English name, it means ‘to go’ – perfect for any son destined to be a wanderer.
  11. Weston. From the bible, this name means ‘a western town’.
  12. Wilson. An old English name, meaning ‘son of Will’.
  13. Wayne. Meaning ‘craftsman’, a wagon maker or driver.
  14. Wren. From the Welsh for ‘chieftain’, as well as the name of the tiny, cheerful bird.
  15. Waldemar. A German name, derived from the words powerful (‘wald’) and fame (‘mar’).
  16. Webster. Means ‘weaver of cloth’.
  17. Waldron. Predominantly of German origin, this name means ‘mighty raven’.
  18. Woodrow. An English name meaning ‘row of houses by a wood’ and most famously the name of the 28th US President.
  19. Whitney. A unisex name meaning ‘white island’.
  20. Wallace. Meaning ‘Welshman’.
  21. Winston. Derives from the Old English words ‘win’, meaning joy, and ‘stonn’, meaning stone.
  22. Wyland. A German name which comes from the words for ‘war’ and ‘land’.
  23. Whittaker. Meaning ‘white field’.
  24. Wilkes. Derived from the German, this name means protector.
  25. Wassily. A Polish name which means ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’.
  26. Wassim. An Arabic name meaning handsome.
  27. Wilfred. It derives from the old German, meaning ‘will’ and ‘peace’.
  28. Wally. Meaning ‘ruler of the army.’
  29. Wendell. A name of German origin which means wanderer or seeker.
  30. Willoughby. English name meaning ‘farm near the willows’.
  31. Winwood. Meaning ‘from Wine’s forest’.
  32. Wladimyr. A Slavic name which means ‘renowned prince’.
  33. Whitt. From the Old English, meaning ‘white’.
  34. Waylon. Meaning ‘land by the road’, the name has an Old English and Scandinavian origin.
  35. Wael. This Arabic name means ‘rescuer’ or ‘protector’.
  36. Walker. Its old German and English origins mean ‘fuller of cloth’.
  37. Wycliffe. Meaning ‘white cliff’.
  38. Woodson. Meaning ‘wood’s son’ or ‘houses in the wood’.
  39. Wycombe. From Old English, this name means ‘white valley’.
  40. Willard. A Germanic name meaning brave.
  41. Whitton. From Old English, literally meaning ‘white farmstead’.
  42. Wellington. An Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘from the wealthy estate’.
  43. Wheeler. Of English origin, meaning wheel maker.
  44. Wright. Originally a last name, it means carpenter or worker.
  45. Walton. From old English and German, it means ‘fortified town’.

What are some cute names that start with a W?

Not all W names are warriors or rulers. If you’re after something softer and sweeter for your little one, some less traditional names are a great place to start.

Although what counts as cute is totally subjective, here are some of the more endearing W boy names:

  1. Wolf or Wolfe. Derived, of course, from the majestic animal of the same name.
  2. Willow. A reference to the willow tree, this adorable name works for babies of all genders.
  3. Wilder or Wylder. Meaning wild or untamed.
  4. Wonder. Appropriate for the new wonder in your life, this word works beautifully as a boy’s name.
  5. Winter. Seasonal names aren’t just for girls, as proven by this cool name.
  6. Ward. From the Irish, meaning ‘bard’.
  7. Wylie. Originally a Scottish family name, it’s now also a unisex first name, meaning ‘resolute protection’.
  8. Wilmer. It means ‘strong desire’.
  9. Wray. Primarily of Scandinavian origin, this name means ‘dweller in the corner’.
  10. Wing. It means ‘glory’ in Cantonese, but for English-speaking families, you can’t help but feel your boy is going to soar with this name.
  11. Whelan. Meaning ‘joyful’ in Irish.
  12. Winslow. This charming name comes from the Old English for friend (‘win’) and hill or mound (‘hlow’).

What is a unique name for a baby boy starting with W?

When it comes to looking for a unique baby name, there’s plenty to choose from beginning with a W. Whether you’re looking for a name with more global roots or one that’s pretty rare in every corner of the globe, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Wai. From Maori, this name means ‘water’.
  2. Worth. Means ‘fenced farm’ in Old English, but has a wonderful, more modern meaning as well.
  3. Wajih. This Arabic name means distinguished and noble.
  4. Wiremu. This Maori name means guardian or protector.
  5. Wayan. An Indonesian boy’s name which means ‘first born’.
  6. Walmond. This name, of German origin, means ‘mighty protector’.
  7. Winner. A unisex name which can also be shortened to the adorable Winnie or Win.
  8. Waleed. An Arabic name, aptly meaning ‘new born’.
  9. Wei. A Chinese name, meaning valuable and brilliant.
  10. Wistar. A German name meaning ‘one who is respected’.
  11. Wisdom. Unusual as a name, but its meaning makes it a magnificent name for a baby boy.
  12. Wetu. A Finnish name meaning ‘king of peace’.
  13. Wole. Pronounced wo-lay, Wole is a name of Yoruban origin and means ‘has to come home’.
  14. Wake. An Old English name meaning ‘watchman’.
  15. Wahab. An Arabic name meaning giving or generous.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration or even the perfect name on this list for your new baby boy. Happy naming!

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