80 Baby Boy Names that Start With Y

80 Baby Boy Names that Start With Y

Baby boy names that start with Y offer a unique blend of style, sophistication, and originality. And from Yousef, to Yardley, to Yao, boy’s Y names hail from all corners of the globe.

One place where Y names are a real hit? Cuba.

In fact, the letter Y was so popular at one point it gave its trademark to an entire generation.

Yep, babies born in the 70s and 80s in Cuba are known as Generación Y.

Yunior, Yaniel, Yolexis — you might just find several Cuban names on this list.

Ready to dive in? Check out these boy names beginning with Y.

What are some cute names that start with Y?

These are our favorite Y boy names.

  1. Yaakov. Of Hebrew origin, this version of Jacob means “supplanter” — someone who displaces or seizes something — or “to follow.” Yakov is an alternative spelling.
  2. Yao. An ancient Chinese surname, Yao may mean “brilliant” or “glorious” and refers to a time when society was traced through the mother’s line.
  3. Yacoub. This version of Jacob is the name of an Islamic prophet.
  4. Yada. Of Hebrew origin, Yada means “he knew.”
  5. Yadiel. “God has heard”
  6. Yadier. A Spanish name of Hebrew origin, Yadier means “friend or companion.”
  7. Yael. “Mountain goat” 🐐
  8. Yafet. This Hebrew name means “open” or “abundant.”
  9. Yago. A version of the name Diego, Yago means “supplanter.”
  10. Yahel. “To shine” 🌟
  11. Yair. “Enlightened”
  12. Yahia. An Arabic name meaning “God is gracious.”
  13. Yahir. Of Spanish origin, Yahir means “handsome.”
  14. Yahuda. “Praise”
  15. Yahya. “God is merciful”
  16. Yakim. This Hebrew name means “established by God.”
  17. Yale. The name of one of the most famous Ivy League schools, Yale is of Old English origins and means “clearing” or “land on a higher plain.”
  18. Yamaç. A popular Turkish name, Yamaç means “hillside.”
  19. Yamil. An Arabic name meaning “beautiful.”
  20. Yamin. This Hebrew name means “right hand.”
  21. Yamir. “Moon” 🌙
  22. Yanai. A name of Aramaic origin, Yanai means “he will answer.”
  23. Yandel. Of Spanish roots, this name means “love.” ❤️
  24. Yaniel. A popular variation of the name Daniel, Yaniel means “God is my judge.”
  25. Yannick. This Hebrew name means “God is gracious”. A shorter alternative is Yanni.
  26. Yannou. This one also means “God is gracious” and is a version of John.
  27. Yansa. “Buffalo” 🐃
  28. Yaqub. A version of Jacob, Yaqub means “he who supplants.”
  29. Yardley. An old English surname that works perfectly as a gender-neutral first name, it’s made of parts that mean “stick” and “clearing.”
  30. Yared. “To descend”
  31. Yareth. Like the name Gareth, Yareth means “gentleness.”
  32. Yariel. A version of the name Ariel, Yariel means “lion of God.” 🦁
  33. Yaroslav. This Russian name means “fierce and glorious.” Looking for a shortened version? Try Yarik.
  34. Yarrow. An old English name, Yarrow means “rough stream.”
  35. Yaseen. This Arabic name means “chief.”
  36. Yash. Yash is a Sanskrit word that means “success, splendor, and fame.” 🌠
  37. Yasin. This name of Arabic origin is one of the names of the prophet Mohammad.
  38. Yasiel. “One whom God made”
  39. Yasper. “Treasurer”
  40. Yasser. From Arabic roots, Yasser means “one who makes things easier.”
  41. Yavuz. “Resolute”
  42. Yazan. This Islamic name means “determined” and “resolved.”
  43. Yazeed. “To increase or become greater”
  44. Yeats. For lovers of haunting Romantic poetry, this name is sure to be a hit. It means “the gates.”
  45. Yee. This Chinese name means “slowly” and “gently.”
  46. Yefim. A name that originated in ancient Greece, Yefim means “well-spoken.”
  47. Yehudiel. “Praise of God”
  48. Yeiden. “God has heard”
  49. Yerik. This Hebrew name means “appointed by God.”
  50. Yeshaya. Also of Hebrew origin, Yeshaya means “God is salvation.”
  51. Yew. As in the tree. 🌳
  52. Yiannis. “God is gracious”
  53. Yisrael. This Biblical name means “contender with God.”
  54. Yitzchok. The Yiddish version of the name Isaac, Yitzchok means “one who rejoices.”
  55. Ymir. A giant from Old Norse mythology, Ymir was created from the water that was made from the meeting of fire and ice. 🔥🧊
  56. Yoav. This Biblical name means “God is the father.” Yoav was the commander of King David’s army.
  57. Yochanan. “God is gracious”
  58. Yoel. “God prevails”
  59. Yogi. This name refers to someone who practices yoga. So if you like getting yourself into a twist, this name could be a breath of fresh air. 🧘🏽
  60. Yohannes. A name of Hebrew origin, Yohannes means “the Lord is gracious.”
  61. Yonah. A version of the Hebrew name Jonah, this peaceful name means “dove.” 🕊️
  62. Yonathan. This is one of the famous Cuban Y names. A version of the popular Hebrew name Jonathan, Yonathan means “God has given.”
  63. Yonis. This sweet Arabic name means “dove.” 🕊️
  64. Yousef. Meaning “God increases,” Yousef has a few different spellings, including Yusuf, Yosef, and Yusif.
  65. Yoshua. Like the name Joshua, Yoshua means “God is my salvation.”
  66. Yossi. While often used as a shortened version of Yosef, Yossi can also stand on its own. It means “God increases.”
  67. Yovan. “Young”
  68. Yudel. “Praised”
  69. Yug. This little name has a big meaning. Of Hindi origin, it means “an era” or “a generation.”
  70. Yuki. A gender-neutral name of Japanese origin, Yuki means “lucky” and “snow.” ❄️
  71. Yulian. A version of the name Julian meaning “youthful and soft,” Yulian comes with a built-in popular nickname — Yuli.
  72. Yulieski. Also meaning “young,” Yulieski is one of those interesting names that made itself into Cuba’s y generation.
  73. Yunior. Just like Junior.
  74. Yunus. This version of the names Jonah and Jonas means “dove,” “peaceful creature,” and “gift from God.”
  75. Yurem. A name of Arabic origin, Yurem means “exalted by God.”
  76. Yuri. This is the Russian version of George and means “farmer” and “light of God.” It’s also the name of the first human in space.
  77. Yuvaan. This Hindu name means “young” and “healthy.”
  78. Yuvin. Also of Hindu origin, Yuvin is a name for a great leader.
  79. Yuvraj. This princely name means “son of the king.” 👑
  80. Yves. A name of French origin, Yves means “the wood of the yew tree.” It also has some serious fashion connections, worn by the legendary designer Yves Saint-Laurent.

All the best with making your choice.

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