Baby’s First Christmas: Gifts, Keepsakes, Outfits & Ideas

Baby’s First Christmas: Gifts, Keepsakes, Outfits & Ideas

Ah, Christmas with a newborn. Make your baby’s first Christmas extra special with these festive ideas, from outfits to gifts and everything in between.
‘Tis the season to be jolly — and your baby’s first Christmas will make for an especially magical holiday this year!

Maybe you’ve got family Christmas traditions that you’re excited to pass on to your new arrival.

Or maybe you’re looking for new ways to commemorate and celebrate their first Christmas.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s a keepsake to treasure for years to come, a personalized ornament, or an exciting Christmas experience, we’ll help you make your baby’s first Christmas extra special.

Here are our favorite baby’s first Christmas ideas.

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  • What do you do with babies for Christmas?
  • What do you put on a baby Christmas list?

What do you get a baby for its first Christmas?

Baby’s first Christmas is a great time to give them a keepsake or special Christmas item that they can treasure for years to come. If you’re wondering what to buy for baby’s first Christmas, we love these ideas for your baby’s first Christmas present.

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1. Christmas outfits

What could be cuter than your baby all dressed up in some special Christmas PJs?

How about the whole family in a matching set?

Yep, it’s time to go all out!

Whether it’s a Santa onesie, some traditional plaid or Fairisle pajamas, or a snowman snow-suit, a special Christmas outfit is the perfect way for your family to get in the spirit.

And ideal for your Christmas photo album ‒ don’t forget to share your snaps with the other mamas of Peanut!

Here are some of our favorite baby’s first Christmas outfits for you to choose from:

2. Classic Christmas books

Even though your little one won’t be able to read along yet, it’s never too early to gift them with some special Christmas books.

Here are some Christmas classics to read to your baby for a meaningful and memorable family tradition:

3. A piggy bank

The perfect keepsake, a piggy bank is a special gift for your baby’s first Christmas.

You could go for something traditional, like a silver teddy-style piggy bank, or choose one in your baby’s favorite character or a design to match your nursery decor.

Here are a few of our favorite piggy banks for baby’s first Christmas:

4. Nativity set

If you’ve almost got a toddler on your hands, you might be wondering what should I get my 12 month old for Christmas?

A toy nativity scene might be the perfect way to teach them about the importance of Christmas (if you’re religious), and they can play with the figurines as you go.

Available in many styles, a simple wooden or colorful painted nativity set can be played with and displayed proudly each year.

Here are some options for you to choose from:

5. Milestone baby cards

If you or someone you know has a newborn at Christmas time, milestone cards are a special present to help keep track of every moment with the new bundle of joy in the year ahead.

From the first roll over, smile, tooth, and babbled “mama”, this is a gift that will keep giving all year round.

Here are a few of the best baby milestone cards for Christmas, as chosen by our Peanut mamas:

6. A year in photos

A great idea if you’re looking for a more efficient way to track your baby’s growth, rather than scrolling yet again through the 168 million photos of your baby on your phone.

(Yep, we all do it!)

Find a special photo frame with 12 slots so you can display your baby’s first year, month by month.

It’s a great way to see just how much your little one is changing, and you can create a gorgeous gallery wall of smiles if you choose to fill a new frame each year.

How time flies!

7. Christmas swaddle or blanket

Keep your little one cozy and warm for their first Christmas with a special swaddle or baby blanket.

Gingerbread men, candy canes, elves, snowmen, maybe Santa and his sleigh ‒ there are loads of cute designs to wrap your little bundle in for the holidays

8. A Christmas teether

What should I get my 6-month-old for Christmas?

Anything your baby can put in their mouth and chew will be a winner at this age.

Even if they’re not teething, they’re probably doing a lot of exploration with their gums.

A cute Christmas tree-shaped teether or a Christmas-themed soother or pacifier chain will be just what your baby wants!

9. Baby’s first Christmas stocking

Hanging up your stockings on Christmas eve has never been so special because now you can hang a personalized stocking for your baby.

Maybe you’ll choose one that says “Baby’s First Christmas” or one with their name or initials.

The excitement of seeing their own special stocking will only grow as your baby gets older.

Here are some baby’s first Christmas stockings to hang over the fireplace:

What should I get my 7 week old baby for Christmas?

Time to be brutally honest ‒ your 7-week-old newborn won’t remember their first Christmas.

But you will!

So instead of a gift ‘for baby’, how about a keepsake to remember the moment?

We love the idea of a baby’s first Christmas ornament as a memento.

What do you do with babies for Christmas?

Aside from gifts, how else can you celebrate baby’s first Christmas?

Well, now’s the time to start the family traditions!

So here are some ideas from our Peanut mamas so you can cherish the moment with your little one.

10. Santa photos

If you don’t want to risk your baby screaming at Santa in a public place, you could always buy or rent a Santa outfit for a family member to play the part at a special Santa party in the lead up to Christmas.

A photo of your baby with Santa for their first Christmas is a must-do!

11. Christmas lights walk

If your neighborhood is as Christmassy as Buddy the Elf, bundle up baby for a special walk to enjoy the Christmas lights on display.

The bright colors and twinkling lights will enchant your baby, whatever their age.

Can newborns see Christmas lights?

Yes and no.

While babies can’t see properly for a good few months (usually, their eyesight is similar to an adult’s at about 6 months old), they may be able to see Christmas lights as blurry colors.

But if you want your little one to see Christmas lights in detail, they may have to be about 20cm away from their face.

Not too close, mind you ‒ it can strain your little one’s eyes if lights are up close.

12. First tastes of Christmas dinner

If you’ve started your baby on solids, perhaps their first Christmas will include some first tastes of your traditional Christmas dinner.

Just make sure it’s safe for their development, whether this means blending a small amount of turkey and veggies into a puree or letting them experiment with some finger foods.


What do you put on a baby Christmas list?

If you have family member who want to buy baby something for their first Christmas, it can be tricky to know what to ask for.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Board books
  • Clothing
  • Age-appropriate toys
  • Experiences, like a visit to the zoo or caroling

And if you find you already have everything your little one could need, it’s okay to ask for a donation to their bank account ‒ or even for nothing at all!

Enjoy this feestive season, mama.

Christmas 2022 is set to be a fabulously festive time ‒ a perfect year for baby’s first Christmas!

Don’t forget to share your super-adorable Christmas baby snaps on Peanut ‒ there’s nothing cuter than a baby in a Santa hat!

Merry Christmas, mama!

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