100+ Empowering Baby Girl Middle Names

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If anyone tells you that the task of choosing baby girl middle names is a small one, ignore them.

Baby Girl Middle Names

Sure, in most cases, girls’ middle names are tucked away between those all-important first and last names, but they have a secret (and often underestimated) power.

Adding originality and sophistication (or embarrassment as the case may be) to otherwise common names, the middle name wields a kind of unique magic.

Just ask (Laura Jane) Reese Witherspoon.

Or (Hannah) Dakota Fanning.

Or (Robyn) Rihanna (Fenty).

Yes, mama. Middle names should be taken very, very seriously.

So what are some stellar girl middle names? Let’s take a look.

In this article: 📝

  • How do you pick a girl’s middle name?
  • What are the most common girl middle names?
  • What are classic girl middle names
  • What is a pretty middle name for a girl?
  • What are some unique middle names for girls?
  • What are cool middle names?
  • What are some cute middle names for girls?
  • What is a badass name for a girl?

How do you pick a girl’s middle name?

Well, that’s up to you.

Some people choose a girl’s middle name based on family names or other baby name choices.

Or, if you and your partner are struggling to reach a consensus on a name, a middle name can be your ticket to the best of both worlds.

And others like the ideas of alliteration or monograms that spell a word, like Liana Olivia Violet Emerson, spelling LOVE.

If that’s your plan, stick with four- or five-letter words to empower your little one.

Is it OK to have 2 middle names?

Yes, it’s a great idea to have two middle names.

In fact, in Britain, many babies are given two middle names to honor their two sides of the family.

Can a baby have 3 middle names?

Yes*, although it’s not as common as one or two middle names.

But if you have your heart set on three, go for it!

What are the most common girl middle names?

In the US, there are three clear winners when it comes to popular girl middle names:

  1. Anne: This popular middle name adds a sweet touch of grace to any first name ‒ quite literally, in fact, because that’s what it means: “grace”. Choose whether or not you want to have that ‘e’ at the end.
  2. May: Short for Mary and Margaret, May is a super versatile middle name option. The name May (or Mae) comes with a few different connotations. As an English name, it means “pearl”. In Roman mythology, Maia was the earth goddess who gave her name to the fifth month of the year.
  3. Rose: Throwing a Rose into the gap between a middle name and last name is a sure way to freshen things up a bit. Almost any name bouquet can be improved with a rose tossed in.

What are popular girl middle names?

Not found a popular girl’s middle name you like?

Here are some other common middle names for girls:

  1. Louise: Meaning “renowned warrior” in French and German.
  2. Elizabeth: Meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  3. Mary: Meaning “drop of the sea” or “beloved” in Hebrew.
  4. Grace: For your graceful little one.
  5. Amy: Meaning “beloved” in Latin and French.
  6. Catherine: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  7. Lee: Meaning “meadow” in English.
  8. Jane: Meaning “God is gracious” in French and Hebrew.
  9. Victoria: Meaning “victory” in Latin.
  10. Marie: Meaning “of the sea” in Latin.
  11. Kate: Meaning “pure” in Greek.
  12. Claire: Meaning “clear” in French.
  13. Helen: Meaning “light” in Greek.

What are classic girl middle names

Are you looking for a classic girl’s middle name that’s not quite as common as the list above?

Try some of these:

  1. Sophia: This classic Greek name means “wisdom”. Plus it just sounds so darn lovely. Sophia makes a pretty great filling to any name sandwich.
  2. Edith: A name that’s going through somewhat of a 21st C revival, Edith means “blessed”. It also means “victorious in war”. Mmm. You may have a little activist on your hands. Nice one, mama.
  3. Elise: Derived from the ever-popular Elizabeth, Elise has Latin origins and means “promise to God.” Regardless of your religious affiliation, the idea that you are dedicating your little one’s life to all that is good and powerful is pretty awesome.

What is a pretty middle name for a girl?

If you’re after a girl’s middle name to remind your little one of her beauty ‒ inside and out ‒ check out these pretty girls’ middle names:

  1. Ruth: Meaning “friend” in Hebrew.
  2. Audrey: Meaning “noble strength” in German.
  3. Anna: Meaning “grace” in Hebrew.
  4. Frances: Meaning “free one” in Latin.
  5. Margaret: Meaning “pearl” in Latin, Greek, French, and Persian.
  6. Emma: Meaning “universe” in German.
  7. Paige: Meaning “squire” in English.
  8. Faith: Because we all need a little faith.
  9. Iris: Meaning “rainbow” in Greek.
  10. Julie: Meaning “young” in Latin.
  11. Juliet: Meaning “youthful” in Latin and French.
  12. Noelle: Meaning “Christmas” in French.
  13. Violet: After the purple flower.

What are some unique middle names for girls?

After something as unique as your little girl?

How about these unusual and rare girls’ middle names:

  1. Nova: A star bursting with energy—that’s what this name’s all about. It also means “new”. Yeah, we love this one for so many reasons. As a first, second, or hey, even a third name. It just brings all the magic.
  2. Isla: Pronounce ay-lah, this gorgeous name of Scottish and Spanish origin means (you guessed it): “island”. Think of it as a little piece of paradise wedged between your baby’s first and last names.
  3. Luna: The perfect middle name for your little moon baby, Luna is the moon goddess in ancient Roman mythology. Luna is the perfect combo of dreamy, sweet, and serene.

What are cool middle names?

Want a middle name with some stylish edge? Try one of these:

  1. Maeve: So this name has a powerful meaning: “intoxicating”. And yes, when you stare into those tiny orbs, you’ll know how very appropriate this is as a label. Plus, it pairs well with a variety of first names.
  2. Blythe: Happy, joyous, carefree. Imagine having all of that in the middle of your name? Seems like a recipe for goodness. Plus, with its sweet sound, Blythe matches with just about any name.
  3. Jade: It’s smooth, it’s precious, it’s calming. A fun fact about the Jade stone? It was believed that if you could place jade in the stomach of a baby, it would get rid of colic. So what about placing Jade as a syllable in the middle of a name? Same effect? Let’s hope.

More cool middle names for girls

Still not found the one for your little peanut’s middle name?

Check out these cool middle names for girls:

  1. Aria: Meaning “song” in Italian.
  2. Avalon: Meaning “island of apples” in Celtic.
  3. Bailey: Meaning “bailiff” in Old English.
  4. Birdie: Meaning “famous” in Old English.
  5. Briar: Meaning “thicket” in English.
  6. Brooke: Meaning “stream” in English.
  7. Faye: Meaning “loyalty” in French.
  8. Fleur: Meaning “flower” in French.
  9. Harlow: Meaning “army hill” in English.
  10. Harper: Meaning “harpist” in English.
  11. Lilith: Meaning “night monster” in Jewish culture.
  12. Madison: Meaning “child of Matthew” in English.
  13. Paloma: Meaning “dove” in Mexican.
  14. Peyton: Meaning “fighting man’s estate” in Old English.
  15. Quinn: Meaning “wise” in Irish.
  16. Rain: Perfect for a baby born in a storm.
  17. Raven: After the mysterious black bird.
  18. Sage: Meaning “wise” in English.
  19. Scarlett: Meaning “red” in English.
  20. Skye: For the baby girl sent from heaven.
  21. Soleil: Meaning “sun” in French.
  22. Taya: Meaning “young” in Japanese.
  23. Tovi: Meaning “goodness of God” in Hebrew.
  24. Willow: After the pensive tree.
  25. Wren: Meaning “small bird” in English.

What are some cute middle names for girls?

If you want something more adorable, how about these cute middle names for girls

  1. Mila: If the sound of this adorable name is not enough for you, try the meaning on for size. On its Russian side, it means “dear”. In Italian, it means “miracle”. There you have it: your dear miracle.
  2. Coco: It’s hard not to immediately think of the sophistication of Chanel when you hear this name. But also, chocolate. Either way: pretty addictive.
  3. Alice: Meaning “noble and kind”, Alice is a name that never goes out of style, Alice works really well as a middle name. In fact, it works so well, that you might have to choose the first name very carefully if you don’t want it to be overthrown.

More cute middle names for girls

And some other cute middle names for girls:

  1. Bea: Meaning “blessed” in Latin.
  2. Belle: Meaning “beauty” in French.
  3. Bree: Meaning “strong” in French.
  4. Daisy: After the cute flower.
  5. Dawn: For the baby born as the sun rises.
  6. Eloise: Meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  7. Eve: Meaning “life” in Latin and Hebrew.
  8. Joy: A happy name for a happy baby.
  9. June: Perfect for a baby born in the summer months.
  10. Lily: A flower representing innocence.
  11. Pearl: Simply super-cute!
  12. Rae: Meaning “ewe” in Hebrew.
  13. Zoe: Meaning “life” in Greek.

What is a badass name for a girl?

  1. Dola: This powerful name has origins in a variety of contexts. Short for the powerful Nigerian name Adeola, Dola means “crown” and “honor” —a strong middle boost to an array of first and last names.
  2. Nyx: So, this is a pretty serious name from Greek mythology. Nyx was the Greek goddess of the night. Hard to mess with anyone who has this level of badassery in their middle name.
  3. Zora: With its Slavic origins, Zora means “dawn”—not a bad option for someone who is going to keep you up all night. Okay, not fair. Sorry. But in all seriousness, it’s beautiful, empowering—and a tip of the hat to literary legend Zora Neale Hurston.

More badass middle names for girls

And how about these showstoppers:

  1. Ariadne: Meaning “most holy” in Greek.
  2. Aurora: Meaning “dawn” in English.
  3. Blair: Meaning “plain-dweller” in English.
  4. Dextera: Meaning “fortunate one” in Latin.
  5. Dominique: Meaning “of the Lord” in French.
  6. Echo: For the baby who looks like the mirror image of you or your partner.
  7. Evelyn: Meaning “desired” in English.
  8. Isabella: Meaning “God is my oath” in Spanish and Italian.
  9. Ivy: The climbing plant representing eternity.
  10. James: Meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  11. Joan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  12. Karma: Meaning “fate” in Sanskrit.
  13. Leigh: Meaning “meadow” in English.
  14. Lynn: Meaning “pool” in English.
  15. Minka: Meaning “gilded helmet” in Polish.
  16. Piper: A lilting musical name.
  17. Rue: A herb symbolizing regret.
  18. Rylie: Meaning “brave one” in Gaelic.
  19. Sloane: Meaning “raider” in Irish.
  20. Wyatt: Meaning “brave at war” in Medieval English.

That’s it for our top girl middle names ‒ take your pick!

Why not take two? Or three?

And if you’re not sure which one(s) to pick, feel free to ask our community of moms-to-be on Peanut.

You may even find your Bump Buddy!

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