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74 Baby Girl Names That Mean Love

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Last updated: Jan 23 2023

Looking for the perfect baby girl names that mean love? Here are our favorites, with love from us to you. Good luck with your choice!

Baby Girl Names That Mean Love

Looking for the perfect name to match the big love you feel for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered.

These baby girl names that mean love cover this most magical of phenomena in all its different forms.

There are names that mean both love and beauty, names that honor ancient goddesses of love, and names that show that this love you feel will last forever.

From the sweet Mila, to the exquisite Venus, to the unique Xaria, there are so many options that are just, well, lovely.

Ready to get going? Here are the names we love for the one you love.

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  • What name means love and beauty?
  • What name means gift of love?
  • What name means forever love?

What name means love and beauty?

Check out these baby girl names that mean both love and beauty.

It’s not surprising that so many of them belong to goddesses from all over the world.

  1. Aphrodite. She is the Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  2. Anansa. This Nigerian goddess is also associated with love and beauty.
  3. Astrid. From old Norse origins, Astrid means “divinely beautiful.”
  4. Callidora. A name that’s easy to shorten in various different ways — Calli, Dora, Cal, to name a few — Callidora means “gift of love and beauty.”
  5. Callista. This exquisite name means “most beautiful.”
  6. Clíodhna. She’s an Irish goddess of love and beauty — and also the Queen of the Banshees.
  7. Freya. She is the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  8. Hathor. An Egyptian goddess, she presided over many important things: love, beauty, music, dancing, and fertility.
  9. Ishtar. This is one powerful love goddess. Not only is she the Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility, but also of war.
  10. Lada. The Slavic goddess of love and beauty, she also looks after fertility and the coming of spring.
  11. Milda. She’s the Lithuanian goddess of love.
  12. Oshun. A river goddess from Yoruba culture, Oshun is associated with water, fertility, and love.
  13. Prende. She is the Albanian goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  14. Sjöfn. This Norse messenger goddess is the Teutonic goddess of love.
  15. Vashti. With Persian roots, this ancient name means “love,” “beauty,” and “goodness.”
  16. Venus. The Roman goddess of love and beauty herself. And a remarkable tennis player.
  17. Živa. Živa is the Slavic goddess of love and fertility.

What name means gift of love?

These baby girl names meaning gift of love are ideal options for your little love:

  1. Amorette. This sweet French name means “little love.” What a gift!
  2. Angharad. A name with Welsh roots, Angharad means “much loved.”
  3. Avila. This unique name of Old German origin means “desired.”
  4. Aziza. With Arabic roots, Aziza not only means “beloved” and “precious,” but also “mighty.” What a combination.
  5. Carwen. This name has Welsh origins and means “love” and “blessed.”
  6. Darlene. As it sounds, Darlene means “darling.”
  7. Esha. This loving Hindi name means “desire.”
  8. Filomena. Also spelled Philomena, this beautiful name means “friend,” “strength,” and “loved one.”
  9. Habibti. This name means “my love” in Arabic.
  10. Haviva. A name of Hebrew origin, Haviva means “well-loved.”
  11. Kalila. With Arabic roots, this lyrical name means “darling” or “sweetness.”
  12. Kealoha. This gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin means “the loved one.”
  13. Kendi. A name of African origin, Kendi means “one who is greatly loved.”
  14. Love. Yep, this one cuts straight to the chase.
  15. Ludmila. This name of Slavic origin means “loved by the people.”
  16. Milada. A name that has Slavic roots, Milada means “love, favor, and grace.”
  17. Myfanwy. This adorable Welsh name means “my lovely little one.”
  18. Nayeli. This adorable name of Zapotec origin means, quite simply, “I love you.”
  19. Suki. A gorgeous name with Japanese roots, Suki means “loved one.”
  20. Tindara. This interesting Greek girls’ name means “willing to love.”
  21. Vida. From its Scottish roots, Vida means “beloved,” and from its Spanish — “life.” It’s the perfect option for your little gift of love and life.
  22. Xaria. A name meaning “gift of love,” Xaria also means “blooming flower.”

What name means forever love?

These girls’ names honor the kind of love that goes on and on and never ends:

  1. Adelpha. With Greek origins, Adelpha means “beloved sister.” The unique love that is felt between sisters runs deep.
  2. Ahava. This name of Hebrew origin means “friendship” and “love” — the kind that lasts forever.
  3. Ahuvati. A name with Hebrew roots, Ahuvati means “my love.”
  4. Amada. This sweet Spanish name means “lovable.”
  5. Amala. This Arabic name has a few different possible meanings — “hope,” “pure,” “bird,” and “beloved.”
  6. Amanda. This ever-popular name means “worthy of love.”
  7. Amandine. A classic name of Latin origin, Amandine means “much-loved.”
  8. Amara. A name popular in various parts of the world, it can mean “grace,” “to love,” and “everlasting.”
  9. Amia. With Latin roots, Amia means “beloved.”
  10. Amica. “Loved friend.”
  11. Amore. This is the Italian word for “love.” Yep, you have full permission to swoon.
  12. Amy. This popular name is “beloved” by many.
  13. Caera. A name with Latin roots, Caera means “beloved.”
  14. Cara. From the Latin word cārus, Cara also means “beloved.”
  15. Caraleigh. This lovely name means “beloved” or “friend.”
  16. Carita. Of Latin origins, this name is also from the root cārus and means “beloved.”
  17. Carys. This is a Welsh name and means “beloved friend” or “precious.”
  18. Cheryl. A name that is popular in various parts of the world, Cheryl means “dear,” “beloved,” and “friend.”
  19. Esmée. With French roots, Esmée means “beloved” or “esteemed.”
  20. Davina. Of both Scottish and Hebrew origin, Davina means “beloved.” Davida is another version of the same name.
  21. Gráinne. A name of Celtic origin, Gráinne means both “love” and “grain.”
  22. Halia. This powerful Hawaiian name means “remembrance of a loved one.”
  23. Idony. A Nordic name that is forever lovely, Idony means “love again” or “renewal.”
  24. Lennan. Simply “sweetheart.”
  25. Liba. From Yiddish roots, Liba means “dear.”
  26. Maitea. With Spanish roots, this beautiful name means “love.”
  27. Marija. This name has Latin roots and means both “beloved” and “drop of the sea.”
  28. Mila. This sweet name has a few different meanings — “miracles,” “dear one,” and “gracious.”
  29. Mina. A delightful name of German origin, Mina means “love.”
  30. Myrna. This one has Gaelic roots and means “beloved.”
  31. Priya. A name with Sanskrit roots, Priya means “beloved.”
  32. Querida. Of Spanish origin, Querida means “beloved” or “darling.”
  33. Thandi. This popular name of Zulu origin means “beloved.”
  34. Tivona. A name with Hebrew roots, Tivona means “love’s nature.”
  35. Valentina. While this name means “healthy” and “strong” from its Latin roots, it’s also the feminine version of Valentine, the Roman patron saint of lovers.

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