60+ Dazzling Baby Girl Names That Mean Sun

60+ Dazzling Baby Girl Names That Mean Sun

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. These radiant baby girl names that mean sun offer some glowing options.
Your little one is going to be the center of your solar system.

So baby girl names that mean sun are no doubt a perfect choice.

The sun sustains life, drives ocean currents, and brings us light.

Plus, it makes possible long summer days of ice cream, beach balls, and endless smiles.

Whether you’re looking for names of sun goddesses, names that mean sun, or names that simply dazzle in the light, we’ve got you covered.

From the gorgeous Sunniva to the bright Eleanor and the brilliant Solana, every new arrival can have their place in the sun.

Let’s kick off with the simply divine.

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  • What is a good name for a sun goddess?
  • What name means daughter of the sun?
  • What name means the sun?
  • What girl name means sun and moon?

What is a good name for a sun goddess?

Choose from one of these names inspired by one of these solar queens of the heavens.

  1. Áine: She’s the Celtic goddess of both wealth and summer, and her name means “radiance.”
  2. Amaterasu: While not a common girl’s name, Amaterasu is certainly power-packed. She is the goddess of the sun in [Japanese]9https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/japanese-baby-names) mythology.
  3. Anpao: From Sioux mythology, Anpao is a spirit with two faces representing the dawn.
  4. Arinnitti: She’s the sun goddess of the Hittite people, an ancient culture from what was then Anatolia and is now Turkey.
  5. Aurora: She makes this list because she was the Roman goddess of the sunrise.
  6. Ēostre: She’s the Norse goddess of spring and rebirth.
  7. Magec: Without a specified gender, Magec was the god of the sun in ancient Berber mythology.
  8. Malina: This beautiful name belongs to the Inuit solar deity.
  9. Mārīcī: Meaning “ray of light” in Sanskrit, Mārīcī is a Buddhist goddess of the sun, heavens, and light.
  10. Nuha: She’s an Arabic goddess of the sun. Her name also means “mind” and “comfort.”
  11. Olwen: A goddess in Welsh mythology, she is said to bring flowers in the springtime. Her name means “white footprint.”
  12. Shemesh: Also called Shapesh, Shemesh was a Canaanite goddess of the sun. Shemesh means “sun” in Hebrew.
  13. Sól: She’s the Norse sun goddess and the sister of the moon, Máni.
  14. Xihe: In Chinese mythology, Xihe is a solar deity.

What name means daughter of the sun?

And here are some shining options for children of the sun.

  1. Apollonia: From Greek roots, this charming name means “belonging to Apollo.” Apollo was the god of sun and light, amongst many other things, including healing and poetry.
  2. Eldora: This beautiful Greek name means “gift of the sun.” From Spanish roots, it means “golden.”
  3. Eliana: Possibly referencing the Greek word “elios,” Eliana means “daughter of the sun.” From its Hebrew roots, it means “God has answered.”
  4. Liane: As a form of Eliana, Liane also means “daughter of the sun.”
  5. Solveig: With Scandinavian roots, Solveig means “daughter of the sun.” It can also mean “strong house.”
  6. Sunniva: This beautiful Norwegian name means “sun gift.”
  7. Tapati: This Hindu goddess is the daughter of the sun god Surya. She is said to bring heat to the earth.

What name means the sun?

These names either mean sun or describe its radiance in some way.

  1. Álfsól: An interesting Icelandic name, Álfsól means “elven sun.”
  2. Akino: This hopeful Japanese name means “rising sun” or “bright.”
  3. Arevik: An Armenian name that means “one who shines like a sun.”
  4. Arunika: This gentle Sanskrit name means “early morning sunlight.”
  5. Cyra: With Persian roots, this name has a few mighty meanings, including “sun” and “throne.”
  6. Eilidh: This Scottish Gaelic name means “shining light.”
  7. Eleanor: From Greek and French roots, Eleanor means “shining light.” Bonus? You can use the adorable Ellie as a shortened form.
  8. Èlia: From its Catalan roots, Èlia means “sun.”
  9. Éliane: This pretty French name means “sun.” From Hebrew roots, it can also mean “God has answered.”
  10. Ellen: This one also means “shining light.”
  11. Grian: From its Irish roots, this interesting name means “the sun.”
  12. Helen: This classic name has stayed popular throughout the ages. It’s of Greek roots and means “shining light.”
  13. Heulwen: From Welsh roots, Heulwen means “sun-blessed.”
  14. Hinata: A delightful Japanese name, Hinata can mean “sunflower,” “towards the sun,” or simply “sun.”
  15. Kalinda: This sweet Sanskrit name means “sun.”
  16. Lucy: This ever-popular name means “of light.”
  17. Oriana: From Latin roots, Oriana means “sunrise.”
  18. Phoebe: This name has belonged to everyone from one of your favorite Friends to a hilarious character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. It’s of ancient Greek roots and means “bright.”
  19. Roxanne: This sunny name means “bright” and “sunlight.” Fans of The Police may be drawn to this one.
  20. Saule: With Lithuanian roots, Saule means “sunlight” or “sun.”
  21. Savita: This one has Sanskrit roots and means “the sun.”
  22. Sienna: This lovely name makes the list because it speaks of the sun’s color — “orange-red.” It’s also the name of an Italian town.
  23. Siria: From its Spanish roots, Siria means “bright like the sun.”
  24. Solana: This one has Spanish origins too and means “sunshine.”
  25. Solbritt: This Nordic name means “strength of the sun.”
  26. Solfrid: With Norwegian roots, Solfrid means “beautiful sun.”
  27. Soleil: From French roots, this sparkling name means “sun.”
  28. Solvita: With Latvian roots, Solvita means “life-giving sun.”
  29. Summer: It’s no secret why this sunny season is on the list.
  30. Sunny: Yep, we had to include this brilliant option.
  31. Tesni: This glowing name means “warmth of the sun.” It has Welsh roots.
  32. Zia: This gorgeous name of Hebrew, Latin, and Arabic roots means “light” and “splendor.”
  33. Zonnestra: An unusual Dutch name that means “sunbeam.”

What girl name means sun and moon?

If you’re looking for a name that holds both of these celestial bodies, here are some great options:

  1. Alba: From its Spanish and Italian roots, Alba means “dawn” — the perfect meeting spot between the sun and the moon. From its Latin roots, it means “white.”
  2. Aruna: From Sanskrit origins, Aruna refers to dawn light, the home of the sun and the moon.
  3. Austra: And this is a Latvian name meaning “dawn.”
  4. Dawn: Enough said.
  5. Gry: This interesting Scandinavian name means “dawn.”
  6. Hesperia: This poetic name refers to the evening star.
  7. Luna: OK, the sun is hiding for this one. It simply means “moon.”

All the best with your choice!

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