85 Baby Girl Names That Start With B

85 Baby Girl Names That Start With B

To B or not to B—that is the question.

And after exploring the beautiful baby girl names that start with B, you may just have the answer.

From the bubbly Bobby to the botanical Blossom and the badass Blaise, B names offer so many brilliant bets for your bouncing baby.

Whether you’re looking for more classic options or something more unique, there’s a bunch of breathtaking girl names that start with B for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a good girl name that starts with B?
  • What are unique girl names that start with B?

What is a good girl name that starts with B?

  1. Babette. This sweet French name means “God is my oath.” And because it comes with the shortened form Babs, it’s a two-for-one deal.
  2. Barbara. A popular name in many parts of the world, it comes from the Greek word babaros, and means “foreigner.” You can opt for Barbie for short—a name that comes with a delightfully playful connotation.
  3. Beatrice. Or Bea, for short. This popular name means “bringer of happiness.”
  4. Beatrix. From its Latin roots, Beatrix means both “traveler” and “blessed.” Also, for lovers of Peter Rabbit, it’s the name of a famous Potter. 🐇
  5. Becky. A shortened form of Rebecca, Becky means “to tie firmly.” Other forms? Bex and Becca.
  6. Belle. This name is simply “beautiful” in French—and for fans of Disney heroines, a real must.
  7. Bella. Short for Isabella, bella is the word for “beautiful” in a few languages of Latin roots.
  8. Belinda. This one’s got a few different possibilities. It may be from Italian meaning “beautiful one,” or from Old German meaning “serpent” or “linden tree.”
  9. Benita. “Blessed”.
  10. Berenice. “Bringer of victory”.
  11. Bernadette. As the feminine form of Bernard, Bernadette means “strong, brave bear.” 🐻
  12. Bertha. “Bright one”. 🌟
  13. Bessie. A shortened form of a few different names, including Elizabeth and Beatrice, Bessie could mean “promise to God” or “bringer of joy.”
  14. Bethany. A place referred to in the Bible, Bethany means “house of figs.”
  15. Betsy. Short for Elizabeth, Betsy means “God is my promise.” It’s also a tip of the hat to the fun fashionista Betsy Johnson.
  16. Bettina. Depending on its origin, Bettina could mean “blessed” (from the Italian Benedict) or “God is my promise” (from Elizabeth or the Hebrew Elisheba).
  17. Beverley. A name for someone who lives near the beaver meadow.
  18. Bianca. Of Italian origins, Bianca means “white” and “pure.”
  19. Billie. A certain Eilish has made this name popular lately. And for fans of a certain Holiday, you can’t go wrong.
  20. Blaire. This one’s of Scottish and Gaelic origins and refers to a field or plain.
  21. Blaise. A French name meaning “to stutter.” Or a blaze of glory. You decide.
  22. Blake. Ok. The meaning of this one is interesting. From old English, it means both “black” and “white.” And may also mean to “shine brightly.” Yep, the name of a particularly Lively person seems to have a lot going for it.
  23. Blanche. “White”.
  24. Blossom. “To bloom”. 🌼
  25. Blythe. “Happy”.
  26. Bobbie. There are many possible origins of Bobbie. As a nickname for Roberta, it means “bright fame.” As a nickname for Barbara, it means “foreigner.” You can also make it into a double-barreled name like Bobbie-Jean or Bobbie-Jo.
  27. Bonnie. A sweet Scottish name meaning “attractive”.
  28. Bonita. A combo deal of “pretty” and “lively” .
  29. Brandy. Technically the name for a distilled wine, this name is a late 1970s classic.
  30. Brenda. A powerful name of Old Norse origin, Brenda means “sword.”
  31. Brianna.Noble and exalted”.
  32. Briar. A bush of wild roses, Briar Rose is one name of Sleeping Beauty. 🌹
  33. Bridget. This classic Gaelic name means “power” and “virtue.”
  34. Brie. Yes, it’s a delicious cheese—but it’s also got some other meanings. From its Latin roots, it means “marshland” and may also mean “powerful.”
  35. Britney. Meaning “a person from Great Britain,” it’s hard not to attach this name to a famous Spears.
  36. Bronwyn. “Fair breast”.
  37. Brooklyn. From Dutch meaning “broken land”—and the trendier than trendy borough in NYC.
  38. Brynhilda. An old German name, Brynhilda means “ready for battle.”
  39. Bryonie. “A climbing plant”.

What are unique girl names that start with B?

  1. Bader. An Arabic name meaning “full moon”.
  2. Baha. “Brilliant, magnificent”.
  3. Bailee. From Old English, this name means “bailiff.”
  4. Baji. This Hindu name means “joyful.”
  5. Bambi. Bambi comes from the Italian “bambino,” meaning “child.” And she’s a classic Disney deer. 🦌
  6. Banksy. The pseudonym of the ever-elusive artist, it recently found a spot on the charts when Hilary Duff chose it as the nickname for her baby, Banks.
  7. Bansari. Of Hindu origin, this name refers to the flute played by Lord Krishna.
  8. Baria. Of Hindu and Arabic origins, Baria means “excelling” and “creator.”
  9. Basia. A Polish name meaning “foreigner”.
  10. Basima. “Smiling”. 😄
  11. Barkley. “A valley of birch trees”.
  12. Batsheva. “Daughter of oath”.
  13. Baylor. “Horse trainer”.
  14. Belen. This is the Spanish name for the town of Bethlehem.
  15. Bellamy. “Beautiful friend”.
  16. Belmira. “Beautiful woman”.
  17. Bennett. “Blessed”.
  18. Berkley. A Scottish name meaning “a meadow of birch trees,” pop an extra “e” after the “k” and it’s the name of a California city that houses a prestigious university.
  19. Beryl. A semi-precious green stone.
  20. Bethel. “House of God”.
  21. Beulah. From Hebrew origins, Beulah means “married.”
  22. Bexleigh. “Woodland clearing”.
  23. Biddy. With its Irish origins, Biddy means “strength” and “power.”
  24. Bina. This Hebrew name means “knowledge and insight.”
  25. Bindi. From the Noongar people of Western Australia, Bindi means “butterfly.” 🦋
  26. Birdie. Meaning “little bird,” it’s sometimes used as a form of Bertha, meaning “bright one.”
  27. Birkita. Of Gaelic origins, Birkita means “exalted one.”
  28. Birta. This Swedish name means “to rescue.” It is also an alternative to Bertha, meaning “bright one.”
  29. Bjork. Meaning “birch,” it’s hard not to associate it with the inimitable Icelandic musician.
  30. Blanca. “White”.
  31. Blessing. A gift from the heavens.
  32. Bliss. Sheer joy.
  33. Bo. From its Mandarin origins, it means “wave” and from the Old Norse, “to live.”
  34. Bokang. “Praise and rejoice”.
  35. Boipelo. This name of Tswana origin means “proud.”
  36. Bowie. A girl’s name meaning “blonde”—and the name of a certain musical legend.
  37. Bracha. “A blessing”.
  38. Bradley. Gaining popularity as a girl’s name, Bradley means “broad clearing.”
  39. Breeze. “A gentle wind”.
  40. Briella. A shortened form of Gabriella, this Hebrew name means “devoted to God.”
  41. Brisa. The Spanish word for “breeze.”
  42. Bronia. “Protector of glory”.
  43. Bryce. “Freckled”.
  44. Brynleigh. “Burned meadow”.
  45. Buena. A Spanish name, Buena means “excellent.”
  46. Buthayna. An Arabic name meaning “beautiful woman”.

Good luck on your search for the perfect name for your little one - we hope these baby girl names that start with B are one step closer to your little peanut’s meant-to-be moniker.

Happy choosing.

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