106 Delightful Baby Girl Names That Start With D

106 Delightful Baby Girl Names That Start With D

Girl names that start with D can be short and sweet, classic and elegant, or bold and unique. Will you find some baby name inspiration on our list?
There’s a lot of diversity in D girl names.

From some of the most popular flower names – Daisy, Daffodil, or Dahlia – to something more gothic, like Damienne and Drucilla, you’re sure to find something that matches your taste.

Take a look at our list of girl names that start with D and see what catches your eye.

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  • What are some rare girl names that start with D?
  • What are some unique D names?
  • Cute girl names that start with D
  • What is a badass name for a girl?
  • What are the good names that start with D?

Baby girl names that start with D

Let’s start with some of the most popular girls’ names starting with a D. These names all make the top 1,000 in the U.S. and the U.K.

  1. Daisy: Like the popular flower, this name is short and sweet.
  2. Dakota: You might know it as a pair of Midwestern states, but the name also means “friend”.
  3. Daniela: The feminine form of Daniel, which means “God is my judge”. This can also be spelled with a double L.
  4. Darcy or Darcie: Pride and Prejudice made Mr. Darcy famous, but as a D name for girls, this means “dark-haired”.
  5. Delaney: Meaning “from the alder grove”.
  6. Delilah: In the Old Testament story, Delilah isn’t the best role model, but this is still a beautiful name that means “delicate”.
  7. Demi: A French name literally meaning “half” or “small”.
  8. Destiny: A name meaning “fate” for the little girl you’ve been waiting for. This name is very popular in the U.S.
  9. Dahlia: Another flower name that’s rising in popularity.
  10. Daphne: A daphne is a semi-evergreen plant used in a lot of English gardens, and also a name meaning “bay” or “laurel tree”.

Baby girl names starting with Dee

Looking for a baby girl’s name that starts with Dee?

Whether you like the sound or you have connections to ‘Dee’, here are some D girl names that fit the bill:

  1. Dee: Meaning “dark” in Welsh.
  2. Deea: Meaning “lamp” in Hebrew.
  3. Deeana: Meaning “church” in Latin, an alternative spelling of Diana.
  4. Deeann: Meaning “divine” in English, a version of Diane.
  5. Deeba: Meaning “silk” in Arabic.
  6. Deeksha: Meaning “initiation” in Sanskrit.
  7. Deena: Meaning “divine” in English.
  8. Deenie: This could be a nickname for Gardenia, an English flower.
  9. Deepalea: Meaning “joy” in Sanskrit.
  10. Deepali: Meaning “joy” in Sanskrit.
  11. Deepika: Meaning “lantern” in Sanskrit.
  12. Deesha: Meaning “direction” in Sanskrit.
  13. Deeva: Meaning “divine” in Hindu.

Baby girl names starting with Dhu

Maybe you’re after more Sanskrit-inspired girls’ names that start with D.

So here are some girl names that start with Dhu:

  1. Dhuha: Meaning “morning” in Arabic.
  2. Duhita: Meaning “daughter” in Hindu.
  3. Dhumavathi: Meaning “smoky one” in Hindu, also the name of one of the Hindu goddesses.
  4. Dhuni: Meaning “river” in Sanskrit.
  5. Dhuthi: Meaning “light” in Hindu.
  6. Dhujana: Meaning “rain” in Sanskrit.
  7. Dhurga: Meaning “invincible one” in Hindu, another of the Hindu goddesses.
  8. Dhurita: Meaning “flower” in Hindu.
  9. Dhurka: Meaning “unattainable” in Hindu, a Hindu warrior goddess.
  10. Dhurmika: Meaning “religious” in Sanskrit.
  11. Dhurvika: Meaning “fixed” in Hindu.
  12. Dhushani: Meaning “kindness” in Sanskrit.
  13. Dhushitha: Meaning “brave” in Tamil.
  14. Dhuvaragha: Meaning “Lord Krishna’s city” in Tamil.
  15. Dhuvarahai: Meaning “birthplace of Lord Krishna” in Tamil.

What are some rare girl names that start with D?

If you’re looking for D girl names that are less common, try some of these rare girl names that start with D:

  1. Dalary: Meaning “of the air” in Spanish.
  2. Dale: Meaning “valley” English.
  3. Dallas: We associate this name with Texas, but it’s originally the name of a small village in Scotland. It means “meadow”.
  4. Damienne: The female version of Damian, meaning “master”.
  5. Dana: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  6. Danae: The mother of Perseus in Greek mythology.
  7. Danika: Meaning “morning star” in Scandinavian.
  8. Dara: A name that’s popular all over the world. It can mean either “rich”, “oak tree”, or “pearl of wisdom”, depending on the language of the country you’re in.
  9. Daria: Meaning “God’s gift”.
  10. Dariana: Meaning “looks after possessions” in Greek.
  11. Dasha: Like Daria, this is a Greek name that means “God’s gift”.
  12. Davina: This name means “beloved”. It’s originally Scottish but is used all over the UK.
  13. Dawn: Great for a little girl who was born at sunrise. This name is a simple but beautiful female name that starts with D.
  14. Dawson: This name literally means “son of David”.
  15. Dayana: Meaning “divine” in Old English.
  16. Dayanara: Dayanara might be perfect for your strong little girl as it means “forceful”.
  17. Dayla: Meaning “branch” in Hebrew.
  18. Daylin: Meaning “blacksmith” in Old English.
  19. Dayra: Meaning “oak tree” in Hebrew.
  20. Deanna: This name refers to the Roman goddess of fertility and hunting.
  21. Deasia: Meaning “myrtle tree” in Hebrew.
  22. Debora or Deborah: Debora was a character in the Old Testament. The name means “bee”, and we think Debbie is a nickname that’s going to work for all ages.
  23. Deja: Meaning “remembrance” in French and Spanish.
  24. Delainey: Meaning “from the elder grove” in Irish.
  25. Delia: A German name meaning “noble” and “pleasant”.
  26. Della: This name is related to Delia.
  27. Delphine: This name is Latin. It’s a shortened form of Delphinia, which was taken from the famous Temple at Delphi.
  28. Delta: The mouth of a river or the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.
  29. Denali: Meaning “the high one” in Inuit.
  30. Denise: This name has connections with Dionysus, who was the Greek God of wine and good times.
  31. Desiree: Meaning “desire”.
  32. Denver: Meaning “green valley” in Old English.
  33. Dierdre: This name doesn’t have the happiest meaning (“sorrowful”) but it is timeless.
  34. Dina: In English, it means from the “valley”. In Hebrew, it means “judged”.
  35. Dior: Meaning “golden” in French.
  36. Divine: Meaning “heavenly” in English.
  37. Doja: Meaning “marijuana” in US slang. Also the stage name of the amazing Doja Cat.
  38. Dominique: This is the feminine form of Dominic, a male name that means “belonging to God”.
  39. Donna: An Italian name meaning “lady”, or a shorter form of Belladonna.
  40. Dora: A shortened form of Theodora or Dorothy, which both mean “God’s gift”.
  41. Doris: Also meaning “gift”.
  42. Dorothy: A vintage name that’s making a comeback.
  43. Drew: A shortened form of Andrew that also works for a girl.
  44. Dylan: Meaning “of the sea”.

What are some unique D names?

This list has some of our favorite D girl names.

You might never have heard some of these before, but we think that once you hear them, at least one or two will stick in your head.

So here are our favorite unique baby girl names starting with D:

  1. Daffodil: A flower name that’s popular in the Netherlands
  2. Daenerys: From the fantasy series Game of Thrones, Daenerys (or Dani, for short), can mean “lady of hope” in Welsh.
  3. Davida: David is rising in the naming charts, why not the girl’s equivalent?
  4. Deandra: Meaning “divine” or “defender of mankind”.
  5. Demetra: Relating to Demeter, the goddess of farming and harvests.
  6. Denim: Meaning “strong cloth”.
  7. Derby: Meaning “park with deer” in English.
  8. Devorah: Meaning “bee” in Hebrew.
  9. Dextra: A feminine version of Dexter, which can mean “fortunate”.
  10. Diamond: Why not name your daughter after the most precious stone?
  11. Dielle: A French name meaning “worships God”.
  12. Draya: Meaning “protector of men” in Greek.
  13. Dream: For the one you’ve been dreaming of.
  14. Drucilla: Meaning “fruitful”.

Cute girl names that start with D

How about some positively delightful adorable D girl names for your little cutie?

We love these cute girl names that start with D for their sound and their meanings:

  1. Daleyza: Meaning “delightful” in Spanish.
  2. Damaris: Meaning “gentle” in Greek.
  3. Dani: A shortened form of Danielle, Daniela, or (if you’re looking for popular girl’s names from the 2010s) Daenerys.
  4. Darla: An elegant name with a musical feel that means “darling”.
  5. Darlene: Meaning “dear little one” in Old English.
  6. Dia: A Spanish name meaning “day”.
  7. Dixie: This literally means “tenth born”, but it works even for your first baby.
  8. Diya: Meaning “lamp” in Sanskrit.
  9. Dolly: Meaning “gift of God”.
  10. Dulce: A short and sweet name with an even sweeter meaning.

What is a badass name for a girl?

What’s the baddest girl name you could give your daughter?

It really depends on your definition.

Many parents want their little girl to grow up to smash glass ceilings, break new ground, and make her mark by doing good in the world.

So are there any strong D girl names that might help her to do that?

You could name your daughter after an amazing woman from the world of sport, science, or history.

Dorothy, after Dorothy Hodgkin, the Nobel Prize-winning chemist whose work paved the way for lots of scientific discoveries in the second half of the 20th century.

Or Dara, after the swimmer Dara Torres, a 12-time Olympic medallist.

But we think there’s an argument to be made that Diana is the most badass girl’s name of all.

Diana was a Roman goddess who was never seen without her bow and arrow.

And just look at the women who’ve been given her name:

  • Diana Spencer, aka Diana, Princess of Wales
  • Diana Nyad, the first person to swim from Florida to Cuba (and she did it without a shark cage).
  • Diana Ross, musical icon
  • Diana Prince, who is Wonder Woman herself

What are the good names that start with D?

So now you’ve read through our D girl names, which one is the best?

Well, that’s entirely up to you, mama.

While one mom might love a timeless classic like Doris, another might prefer something more modern, like Dylan.

But that’s it for our mega-list of girl names that start with D!

If you haven’t found your dream D girl name, don’t fret.

You can always ask our mamas and moms-to-be of Peanut what they think.

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