100+ Baby Girl Names That Start With E

100+ Baby Girl Names That Start With E

If you’re looking for a baby girl name that starts with E, you’ve come to the right place.
Lots of the names on this list have Greek or Hebrew origins, with the prefix El- in these languages linking to God and light.

We’ve also found some vintage E girls’ names we’d love to see revived, and some names with a truly modern vibe.

Let’s take a look.

Baby girl names that start with E

Over the last 100 years, the most popular girls’ name by far has been Mary.

But there are also a handful of E names for girls on this list. These A-listers (or should we say E-listers) are:

  1. Emily
  2. Emma
  3. Evelyn

And this year in the U.K., E names for girls are looking very popular. All of these make it into the top 100:

  1. Eden
  2. Eleanor
  3. Ella
  4. Ellie
  5. Eliana
  6. Eliza
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Elodie
  9. Elsie
  10. Erin
  11. Esme
  12. Eva
  13. Evie

More female names that start with E

E girl names have a classic, timeless feel that will suit a baby girl, a teenager, and an adult who’s grown up to run the show. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Earla: A name fit for a noblewoman or princess.
  2. Earvette: An old English name meaning “sea friend”.
  3. Ebba: Meaning “brave”, this is a vintage Scandinavian name.
  4. Eberta: Meaning “bright”.
  5. Ebony: After the dark wood.
  6. Edie: Meaning “wealth” and “fortune”.
  7. Edith: After the success of Downton Abbey, we’re surprised that this name isn’t heard in the playground more often.
  8. Edna: Another vintage name that’s worth revisiting.
  9. Effie: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  10. Eileen: A name with Celtic roots.
  11. Elanna: The first of many Greek names on this list. Like many of the others, it has connections to rays of sun and light.
  12. Eldoris: A Spanish name meaning “gold”.
  13. Eleana or Eleanna: Meaning “God has answered”.
  14. Electra or Elektra: Another Greek name, this time with superhero vibes, it means “shining”, “bright”, or “radiant”.
  15. Elene: Another name meaning “sunray”, this could be great for a spring or summer baby.
  16. Elenora: Meaning “shining light”.
  17. Eleora: A beautiful girl’s name that starts with E and means “God is my light”.
  18. Elesia: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  19. Elethea: Meaning “truth”.
  20. Elfie: A magical Irish name.
  21. Elfreda or Elfrieda: A sprightly name from old German legends.
  22. Elga: Meaning “holy”.
  23. Eli: Did someone say future C.E.O? This name means “smart woman”.
  24. Elia: Meaning “God has answered”.
  25. Eliese or Eliesse: Meaning “God’s promise”.
  26. Elina: Another one of those sunshine names that stems from Greek.
  27. Elisha: Meaning “God is salvation”.
  28. Elis: A variation on the boy’s name Elijah.
  29. Elisabeth or Elizabeth: “God is my oath”. Beth is an excellent nickname, though we hear the Queen herself uses Lillibet.
  30. Elisia or Elisse: A Latin name that’s fairly rare but has still been consistently used for the last 50 years.
  31. Eliza: A nickname for Elizabeth that stands on its own. Could Hamilton be related to its recent rise in popularity?
  32. Elka or Elke: A German name meaning “noble”.
  33. Elkana: A girl’s name that starts with E and means “God has made”.
  34. Ellen: The original Greek name that many of the others on this list are related to. It’s connected to Helen of Troy.
  35. Elma: Related to the German “Helm”, which means “helmet”, or “protection”.
  36. Elmeena: A longer form of Elma.
  37. Elmeera or Elmeeria: An Arabic name meaning “princess”.
  38. Elodea: A flower that grows in the marshlands of Greece.
  39. Elosia: From the German meaning “famous warrior”.
  40. Elsa: Like Elizabeth, this name means “God is my oath”. There’s a high chance your daughter might be given this name if she’s going to be a younger sister to a sibling who loves Frozen.
  41. Elspeth: A Scottish short form of Elizabeth.
  42. Elthea: A healing herb that goes back to ancient Greece.
  43. Elva: An Irish name meaning “white” and “bright”.
  44. Elvira: Meaning “foreign” and “true”.
  45. Emaleen or Emaline: Meaning “peaceful home”.
  46. Emani: An old Persian name meaning “faith” and “believer”.
  47. Emanuella or Emanuelle: Often seen as a boy’s name, this means “God is with us” and is just as beautiful for a girl.
  48. Emblyn: Another name meaning “peaceful home”.
  49. Emelda: This name has similar roots to Emily and means “rival”, “laborious”, and “eager”.
  50. Emer: An Irish name meaning “swift”.
  51. Emerald: After the precious green stone
  52. Emerson: Great for a boy or a girl.
  53. Emery: a shorter form of Emerson.
  54. Emilia: A variation on Amelia, meaning “strength”.
  55. Enid: Meaning “soul” or “life”, this name is originally Welsh.
  56. Ennis: An Irish name.
  57. Enya: Made famous by the singer, this is an Irish name meaning “kernel”.
  58. Eolande: A Spanish name for a purple flower
  59. Epiphania: Another Spanish name connected to the Epiphany, the celebration of the end of Christmas.
  60. Eponine: This name has a strong connection to the musical Les Miserables where things don’t end well for Eponine. It’s still a gorgeous French name.
  61. Erica: A strong name meaning “forever” and “ruler”.
  62. Esmerelda: A name connected to emeralds in Spanish.
  63. Esperanza: Meaning “hope”.
  64. Essie: From Persian, this name means “star”.
  65. Estefania: Meaning “crown”.
  66. Estelle: Another star name, this time from Latin.
  67. Esther: And yet another starry name from Hebrew.
  68. Ethel: An English name meaning “noble”.
  69. Etta: A musical name.
  70. Eugenia or Eugenie: Famously given to a princess in the U.K., this name means “nobility” and “excellence”.
  71. Eva: Meaning “life”.
  72. Evana: Meaning “beautiful bird”.
  73. Evangeline: Meaning “good news”.
  74. Eve: Like the variation Eva, this name means “life”.
  75. Everleigh or Everley: An old English name.
  76. Evita: The third name on this list with connections to musical theatre. Evita means “living one”.
  77. Evonne: Meaning “yew tree”.
  78. Ezra: This name, meaning “helper”, is used as a male name in the Bible, but we think it’s great for either gender.

What are rare girl names that start with E?

If you’re looking for E names for girls that really stand out, look no further:

  1. Eadaoin
  2. Eartha
  3. Easter
  4. Elegance
  5. Eluthera
  6. Elvena
  7. Eowyn
  8. Enaida
  9. Envy
  10. Euphemia
  11. Euna

What is a unique name that starts with E?
What is a unique name for a girl? For a name that you’re not going to hear anywhere else, what about:

  1. Ember

Ember is a beautiful and unique girl’s name starting with E. It was hardly heard at all until recently, but we think this is going to change soon.

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