81 Fascinating Baby Girl Names That Start With F

81 Fascinating Baby Girl Names That Start With F

Baby girl names that start with F are fast favorites, and we’re here for it.

F names are filled with fortune and fun, whether you’re going with the Flo or Fawn-ing over Francesca.

We’ve got titles fit for following family folklore, well-known favorites dating back centuries, and familiar frontrunners you love to see.

And as for name meanings, let’s just say F names for girls have a lot to offer.

Find your first-class fit with these fine finalists.

In this article: 📝

  • What girl names start with the letter F?
  • What are unique girl names that start with F?
  • What are old-fashioned baby girl names that start with F?

What girl names start with the letter F?

You’re definitely in the right place!

Fiona, Freya, and Francesca may quickly come to mind but what about forgotten F names like Fayola or Faiza?

Intrigued? Wait until you see their meanings:

  1. Faith: Yep, you’ve gotta have it (according to George Michael, at least).
  2. Fernanda: A name of Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian origin, Fernanda means “adventurous”. 🏔️
  3. Fabienne: Related to boy F names Fabio and Fabian, Fabienne has Latin origins and means “bean grower”.
  4. Faiza: This powerful Arabic name means “successful” and “beneficial”. An alternative spelling is Faaizah.
  5. Fallon: An Irish name meaning “superior” for a natural-born leader.
  6. Farrah: Meaning “happiness”.
  7. Fatima: The daughter of the prophet Mohammed, Fatima means “chaste” and “motherly”.
  8. Fayola: This Nigerian name means “honorable” and “fortunate”.
  9. Felicity: From the Latin word felicitas, meaning “luck and good fortune”, Felicity was the name of a popular 90s TV show.
  10. Fereshteh: This popular Persian name means “angel”. 👼🏽
  11. Flora: Meaning “flower”. 1. As the Roman goddess of flowers, this is the OG flower name. 🌻
  12. Fia: Short for Sophia, it means “wisdom.” But short for Fiametta, it means “fiery one”. 🔥 Mix the two together and you’ve quite the trailblazer.
  13. Fifi: Meaning “God increases”, Fifi works well as a short version of Federica, Fiona, and Josephine – but it’s also perfectly complete on its own.
  14. Fiona: This popular Irish name never goes out of style. It is likely of Scottish origin and means “fair” and “pale”.
  15. Fiora: A Gaelic name meaning “little flower”. 🌸
  16. Flavia: This name comes from the Latin word flavus which means “golden”. 💛
  17. Fleur: An Old French word, Fleur means “flower”. 🌺
  18. Francesca: An ever-popular name, Francesca is related to the boys’ name Francis and means “free person.”
  19. Francine: Another female variation of Francis.
  20. Frankie: Use it as a shortened form of Francine or Francesca, or let this sweet name stand boldly on its own.
  21. Frederica: Meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  22. Freya: This Scandinavian name means “noble woman”. It comes from Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and battle. That’s quite a portfolio.

What are unique girl names that start with F?

There’s a whole range of unique baby girl names that start with F, from the playful (Fanta makes the list) to the ancient and mysterious.

F names have cropped in cultural meccas across the globe, each making their mark with the fabulous letter.

Which one will capture your attention?

  1. Fabeha: This beautiful Arabic name means “lucky”.
  2. Fabiola: Meaning “bean grower”, Fabiola was a Roman saint.
  3. Fable: For those who love a good story, Fable is a great option. The word comes from the Latin word for “tale” or “legend”.
  4. Fadilah: Meaning “virtue”.
  5. Faiga: This Hebrew name means “bird”. 🐦 ​
  6. Faithlynn: A combo of Faith (“trust and devotion”) and Lynn (“from the lake”)
  7. Fajr: Meaning “daybreak” 🌅
  8. Falala: This Ghanaian name means “born into abundance”.
  9. Fanta: Made popular by the soda, Fanta is used in various parts of the world. It can be a shortened form of fantasy or may mean “beautiful day.”
  10. Fantine: Possibly from the French word for “child”. Fans of Les Misérables will love this name.
  11. Fanya: This Slavic name means “free person”.
  12. Farida: This Arabic name is not only unique – it also means “unique”.
  13. Fatiha: An Urdu name, Fatiha could mean “originator”, “conqueror”, or “winner of hearts”.
  14. Fatoumata: An Arabic name, Fatoumata means “someone who abstains”.
  15. Fauna: Meaning “young deer”. 🦌
  16. Favor: Meaning “approval”.
  17. Fawn: Meaning “young deer” 🦌
  18. Fayme: Meaning “held in high regard”.
  19. Feather: Wisdom, power, freedom, peace, spirituality – Feather captures them all. 🪶
  20. February: Yes, the name of the month and then som. From Latin origins, it means “to cleanse.”
  21. Fedella: This Spanish name means “faithful”
  22. Feechi: Meaning “worships God”.
  23. Felina: Could mean “lucky” or “like a cat.” 🐈‍⬛
  24. Felix: Meaning “happy” or “lucky”, Felix is commonly used as a boy’s name but is just as delightful for a girl.
  25. Fenella: A Celtic name meaning “fair shouldered”.
  26. Feodora: This Russian name means “gift from God”.
  27. Ffion: A Welsh name meaning “foxglove” – as in the beautiful plant.
  28. Fiadh: Of Irish origin, this beautifully complex name means “deer”, “respectful”, and “wild”. 🦌
  29. Fiametta: Meaning “little fire”. 🔥
  30. Fifer: Meaning “flute player”.
  31. Finleigh: Meaning “fair-haired hero”.
  32. Finn: A name stemming from Irish folklore, Finn means “white” and “fair”. Historically used for boys but perfect for a baby girl.
  33. Fionnuala: In Irish folklore, Fionnuala was turned into a swan. 🦢 Her name is a combination of “fair” and “shoulder”.
  34. Fiorella: Meaning “flower”. 🌹
  35. Fiza: This soothing Islamic name means “breeze”.
  36. Flann: An Irish name meaning “red” or “red-haired”.
  37. Floribeth: Blended from Flora (which means “flower”) and Beth (which means “God is my promise”.
  38. Flordeliza: This name of Latin origin means “flower of the lily” and is the symbol of French royalty. ⚜️
  39. Flossie: A cute nickname for Florence or Flora, Flossie means “blossoming”.
  40. Forest: A tree baby name true and true.🌲​​🌲🌲
  41. Forever: Meaning “never-ending” or “everlasting”. ♾️
  42. Foster: As a surname or a gender-neutral first name, Foster means “guardian of the forests”.
  43. Fradel: This Yiddish name means “comfort” and “peace of mind”.
  44. Franklyn: Meaning “free person”, Franklyn can be shortened to the cute Frankie. Or go the other way and use the nickname Lyn.
  45. Frauke: This name of German origin means “lady”.
  46. Freddie: An adorable option for boys and girls alike, it means “elf” and “peaceful”.
  47. Freedom: There are several names that mean freedomFrancesca, Saoirse, Charlotte, to name a few – but this one cuts right to the chase.
  48. Frigg: This name may sound sweet, but it’s got some powerful origins. In Norse mythology, Frigg was the wife of Odin, who was associated with marriage and prophecy.
  49. Frost: ❄️❄️❄️
  50. Fukiko: A Japanese name meaning “noble child”.
  51. Furaha: This Swahili name means “delight”.

What are old-fashioned baby girl names that start with F?

And if you’re into some vintage options, try these:

  1. Fanny: A shortened form of either Francesca, meaning “free person”, or Stephanie, meaning “crown”.
  2. Faye: A delightful name meaning “fairy”. 🧚
  3. Felicia: Meaning “lucky” and “fortunate”.
  4. Fern: 🌿 A great one for lovers of Charlotte’s Web.
  5. Filia: Meaning “friendship”.
  6. Florence: This name meaning “flourishing” is given to famous musicians and exquisite cities alike. And then there’s Pugh…
  7. Frances: Or Francis. This classic name means “free person” or “from France”.
  8. Frieda: As in Kahlo. It means “peace”.

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So? Officially a firm fan of girl names that start with F?

They really are a fantastic bunch.

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