Baby Girl Names that Start with J

Baby Girl Names that Start with J

The hardest part of choosing a baby name? Too many wonderful options. Narrowing it down to a letter you love can help make the decision that much easier.
Maybe it’s a family tradition. Maybe you just like the sound of the letter.

Whatever your reasons, refining your choice by letter can make the entire job simpler.

From the letter that brought you the journey itself, here are girl names that start with J.

Our list of J girl names

Here are the best J names for girls.

What is the most popular girl name that starts with J?

Want to know what are the most sought-after girl names that start with J? Here is the top of the list:

  1. Josephine: The feminine version of the name “Joseph,” Josephine means “God increases.” And this name is super versatile. Jo, Josie, Jos—so many pleasing options.

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

And here are some other top J girl names that will please anyone’s ears:

  1. Jade: As in the gemstone. 💎 Jade makes a great first or middle name.
  2. Jasmine: Of Persian origin, Jasmine means “God’s gift.” It’s also a beautifully fragrant flower.
  3. Jemma: “Dove” 🕊️
  4. Jocelyn: A Latin name meaning “joy.”
  5. Joni: An ever-sweet name that means “God is gracious.”
  6. Jordyn: A variation of the name River Jordan, this name means to “flow down.”
  7. Josie: An adorable form of Josephine, Josie means “God will increase.”
  8. Julia: Julia means “youthful.” The name of famous actors and famous cooks, Julia is a name that never goes out of style.
  9. Juliana: A fresh spin on “Julia” and an alternate spelling of “Giuliana.”
  10. Juliette: This one means “little Julia.”

And here are some other great options:

  1. Jacqueline: With a host of variations from Jacqui to Jackie to Jaclyn, Jacqueline means “may God protect.”
  2. Jada: A certain Pinkett Smith made this name famous. It’s Hebrew for “he knows” and tips its hat to the gemstone jade.
  3. Jadwiga: A Polish name meaning “battle,” this was the name of a 14th-century queen.
  4. Jaelyn: A version of “Jacqueline,” Jaelyn means “God will protect.”
  5. Jaime: A sweet form of the name “James,” Jaime is also the French for “I love.” 💌
  6. Jamila: An Arabic name meaning “beauty.”
  7. Jana: “God is gracious.”
  8. Jane: This popular middle and first name will have you swinging through trees just like Tarzan’s lady.
  9. Janet: A name of Scottish origin, Janet is basically “little Jane.”
  10. Jazelle: A variation of “Giselle,” Jazelle means “very generous.”
  11. Jean: A popular French and English name from the same source as Joan.
  12. Jeanette: Little Jean
  13. Jemma: This name is a gem.
  14. Jemima: “Dove” 🕊️
  15. Jenevieve: This name is of Celtic origin. We’re not totally sure of the meaning, but some possibilities include “from the race of women” and “pure.”
  16. Jenna: Of English and Welsh origin, Jenna means “white wave.”
  17. Jennifer: This name means “blessed spirit.”
  18. Jessalyn: Of Hebrew origin, Jessalyn means “God sees.”
  19. Jessie: “God has been gracious.”
  20. Jessica: From the biblical name “Iscah,” Jessica is all about foresight.
  21. Jewel: ✨✨✨
  22. Jillian: A name meaning “youthful,” Jillian has so many cute variations—Jilly and Jill are the most common.
  23. Jimena: A name meaning “he has heard,” Jimena is of Spanish origin.
  24. Ji-woo: This name of Korean origin has a beautifully complex meaning. “Ji” means “wisdom” and “purpose” and “woo” means “rain,” “house” or “universe.”
  25. Joan: “God is gracious.”
  26. Jodi: Meaning “God is increasing,” this name was made famous by the actress Jodie Foster.
  27. Jojo: For fans of the young internet sensation Jojo Siwa.
  28. Jordana: “To flow down”
  29. Judy: A Hebrew name meaning “she will be praised.”
  30. Joelle: This French name means “God is willing.”
  31. Joey: A sweet name meaning “God increases.” (It’s also a baby kangaroo. 🦘)
  32. Jolene: Meaning “pretty” and “God is gracious,” Dolly Parton made this one famous.
  33. Joy: Pure happiness
  34. Joyce: This timeless name means “Lord.”
  35. Judith: A woman from Judea, Judith means “she will be praised.”
  36. Judi: A short form of “Judith,” it’s hard not to think of this name without considering Ms. Dench.
  37. Jui-Yu: This sweet name of Indian origin means “flower.” 🌼
  38. June: This name comes from Roman goddess Juno. She was in charge of love and marriage.
  39. Justine: “Fair and just”

What is a unique name for a girl?

Here are some unique girl names that start with J.

  1. Jael: “Mountain goat” 🐐
  2. Jacey: “Happy” 🎉
  3. Jacynthia: A Spanish name for the flower hyacinth.
  4. Jadida: A name of Arabic origin, Jadida means “fresh.”
  5. Jadira: A British name meaning “precious stone”
  6. Jakayla: “A crown of laurels”
  7. Jalissa:Noble
  8. Jaliya: A Swahili name meaning “gift”
  9. Jamila: An Arabic name meaning “beauty”
  10. Janae: “God is gracious”
  11. Janelle: Of Greek and Hebrew origins, Janelle means “God is merciful.”
  12. Janiya: An Arabic name meaning “beloved”
  13. Jaya:Victory” 🏆
  14. Jayden: A Hebrew name meaning “thankful.”
  15. Jaleah: “God’s gift”
  16. Jalen: A contemporary name that may be from the Greek name Galen meaning “healer.”
  17. Jazlyn: “Fragrant flower” 💮
  18. Jeniqua: “God is merciful”
  19. Jensis: Of Greek origin, this name means “birth.”
  20. Jerilene: “Warrior queen”
  21. Jersey: A region in England, Jersey means “Geirr’s island.”
  22. Jerusha: A Hebrew name meaning “married”
  23. Jessa: “God sees”
  24. Jeweldene: “Delight”
  25. Jianna: “God is gracious”
  26. Jinger: Of Latin origin, Jinjer means “maiden.”
  27. Jirachi: A name meaning “fortune,” Jirachi is a particular hit with Pokemon fans.
  28. Jocasta: “Shining moon” 🌕
  29. Johnsie: A version of “John,” Johnsie means “graced by God.”
  30. Jolanka: Of Greek origin, Jolanka means “purple flower.” 🌷
  31. Jolie: “Pretty”—and made famous by a certain Angelina.
  32. Jondrea: “God is merciful.”
  33. Journey: 🧳
  34. Jovie: “Joyful” 🤗
  35. Joyetta: A cute, modern version of the classic “Joy.”
  36. Juana: A Mexican name meaning “God is gracious.”
  37. Jubilee: A special celebration 🎉
  38. Julian: Meaning “youthful,” Julian is becoming more popular as a girl’s name.
  39. Julissa: A cute combo of Julia and Lisa, Julissa means “promise of the supreme God.”
  40. Julitta: “Love’s child”
  41. Jumana: This Arabic name means “silver pearl.” 🦪
  42. Jumoke: A name of Egyptian origin, Jumoke means “loved by all.”
  43. Juni: A Scandinavian name meaning “born in June,” Juni also means “desired.”
  44. Junko: A Japanese name meaning “pure child.”
  45. Jutta: The German form of “Judith,” Jutta means “descendent.”
  46. Jyoti: This Indian name means “divine light.” 🌟
  47. Jyotsna: In Sanskrit, Jyotsna means “moonlight.” 🌙

All the best choosing the perfect name.

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