84 Baby Girl Names That Start With K

84 Baby Girl Names That Start With K

The letter K has named Kardashians and Kennedys alike—and offers some knockout options for first names too. From the more traditional Kate, to the unusual Katura, to the potent Kassandra, there’s a lot on the menu when it comes to girl names that start with K.

Ready to plunge in? K. Let’s get going.

The best girl names starting with K

What is the most popular girl name that starts with K?

  1. Kaylee. As it turns out, Kaylee is the only one of the girl names that start with K to make it onto the US Social Security Administration’s 50 most popular names of the last decade. And why is this name so popular? Perhaps because this modern American name means “crown.”

What are good K names?

Let’s find you the perfect option:

  1. Kamille. This ideal name of Latin origin means both “perfect” and “helper to the priest.” Put that together and you have a perfect little helper on your hands.
  2. Kara. A name used in various parts of the world, it has some pretty spectacular meanings. In Hebrew, it means “to call,” its Egyptian meaning is “the spirit of Ra, the sun god,” and its Greek meaning is “pure.” In Japan, it means “empty” and is the first part of the word “karate.” So yes, a lot going on with this one.
  3. Karina. A Scandinavian name meaning “love.” ❤️
  4. Karol. A version of the masculine name Karl, Karol means “manly” and “warrior.”
  5. Kareemah. This name of Arabic origin means “generous.”
  6. Karen. Okay. This name has got some bad press of late but its origins are pretty sweet. Believed to be from Ancient Greek, it means “pure.”
  7. Karmen. A Hebrew name, Karmen means “garden of God.” 🍃
  8. Karra. This name of Latin origin is believed to mean “beloved” or “friend.” Kary makes an adorable alternative.
  9. Kassidy. With its Irish roots, Kassidy means both “clever” and “curly-haired.”
  10. Katalina. This melodic Spanish version of Katherine means “pure.”
  11. Kate. A timeless classic and also a derivative of Katherine, Kate means “pure” or “clear.”
  12. Katie. Yep, this one’s from Katherine too and is the first name of oh so many sports stars, television personalities and fictional characters.
  13. Kathleen. Okay. The name Katherine goes a really long way, because Kathleen is yet another version of it. It means “pure” here too.
  14. Kathrine. Or Kathryn. Or Katherine. (Or, if you want to steer away from the K names, Catherine.) Yep, this one is the Great name itself.
  15. Kaitlyn. A version of the Irish Caitlyn, Katilyn also descends from Katherine and means “pure.” You might also want to spell it as Katelynn.
  16. Karlee. A feminine version of the name “Carl,” Karlee means “free person.”
  17. Katriana. Dare we say it—another offspring of Katherine, commonly used in Eastern Europe.
  18. Katya. And here we have a Russian version of Katherine. This one is also “pure.”
  19. Kaye. This Greek name means “rejoice.”
  20. Kaycee. Of Irish origin, Kaycee means “alert” and “watchful.”
  21. Kaylah. “Keeper of the keys.” 🔑
  22. Keira. A version of the name Ciara, Keira means “little dark one.”
  23. Keisha. “Great joy.” 🙌🏽
  24. Kelly. Of Irish and Scottish origins, this popular name means both “wood” and “warrior.”
  25. Kelsey. “The ship’s victory.” 🚢 🎉
  26. Keke. This sweet Hawaiian name means “pure.”
  27. Kendall. Of English origin, it refers to the Valley of the River Kent. Plus, it’s the name of a certain Jenner.
  28. Keren. “Glorious dignity.”
  29. Kerry. Of Irish origin, this popular name refers to people of County Kerry.
  30. Khadijah. This Arabic name means “trustworthy” and “respected.”
  31. Khrista. “Follower of Christ.”
  32. Kiarra. “Light” or “clear.”
  33. Kiley. From the Noongar in Australia, Kiley means “returning” or “boomerang.” From its Gaelic origins, it’s “graceful.” A graceful boomerang, perhaps?
  34. Kimberly. “From the meadow of the royal fortress” is its meaning. Kimberleigh and Kimberlee are two of its variants.
  35. Kirsten. This name, belonging to a popular Dunst, means “follower of Christ.”
  36. Kody. “Helpful.”
  37. Kristen. This one also means “follower of Christ” and is worn by a particular Twilight star.
  38. Klara. “Clear” and “bright.”
  39. Krystal. Yep, just like the Crystal with a C, it’s the sparkling glass. 🔮
  40. Kyla. “Victorious.”
  41. Kylie. As in Minogue. And it means both “boomerang” and “graceful.”

What are unique girl names that start with K?

If you’re looking for something a little different, here are some unique girl names that start with K:

  1. Kaira. “Friend.” 💛
  2. Kahle. Of Greek origin, Kahle means “lovely.”
  3. Kahlia. This one’s of Hawaiian origin and, just like Kaylah, means “keeper of the keys.”
  4. Kaija. “Life.”
  5. Kalen. Of Gaelic origin, Kalen means “fair.”
  6. Kamila. A version of the popular Camilla, Kamila is of Slavic origin and refers to a young person who does religious work. Its Arabic meaning? “Perfect.”
  7. Karabo. A SePedi name from Southern Africa, Karabo means “answer.”
  8. Karelyn. A version of Caroline, this popular name means “free person.”
  9. Karlotte. This one’s from Old German, and also means “free person.”
  10. Kashiefa. Of Arabic origin, Kashiefa means “discoverer.”
  11. Kathyanne. Kathy means “pure” and Anne means “grace.” Pure grace.
  12. Katlego. This Tswana name means “success.”
  13. Katinka. A Hungarian version of Katherine, this name means “pure.”
  14. Katiuska. “Pure justice.” ⚖️
  15. Katura. This Hebrew name means “incense.”
  16. Kaya. “Home.” 🏠
  17. Kaydence. A variation of Cadence, it speaks of rhythm and flow. 🎵
  18. Kaylani. “Majestic.”
  19. Kazia. “Acacia tree.”
  20. Keeva. Of Irish origin, Keeva means “noble.”
  21. Kelda. “Spring” or “fountain.” ⛲
  22. Kendra. “Royal” and “powerful.” 👑
  23. Kenzie. “Beautiful one.”
  24. Kerenza. Of Cornish origin, Kerenza means “love.” 💌
  25. Kerryann. “Dark-haired.”
  26. Kesare. Of Latin origin, Kesare refers to someone with a full head of hair.
  27. Kesia. “Favorite.”
  28. Kevina. “Beloved.” 💖
  29. Khandice. A version of the popular Candice, this name means “clarity.”
  30. Kharissa. “Grace” or “beloved.”
  31. Kiana. “Divine.” 💫
  32. Kora. “Maiden.”

What’s a badass name for a girl?

And finally, if you’re looking for baby girl names that start with k and pack a bit of a punch, look no further:

  1. Kade. A strong name meaning “sturdy.”
  2. Kaedee. “Flow” and “pure.”
  3. Kai. With Hawaiian origins, this name refers to the “sea.” And its Japanese meaning? “Shell.” 🐚
  4. Kali. The name of a powerful Hindu goddess, Kali is the master of time.
  5. Kasi. “Thorny tree.”
  6. Karma. What goes around comes around.
  7. Kassandra. This wise Ancient Greek priestess told the truth but was never believed.
  8. Kayce. “Watchful.”
  9. Khaleesi. “Queen.” 👑
  10. Kimora. “Golden meadow.”

Good luck with your choice!

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