Baby Girl Names that Start with M

Baby Girl Names that Start with M

Marvelous. Mastery. Magnetic.

Looking for options of baby girl names that start with M? Here’s a list of our favorites.

Your guide to M girl names

M names for girls. Let’s go.

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

Here is the top of our list for M names.

  1. Macie: “A gift to the lord”
  2. Madeline: A Biblical name meaning “tower.” And for lovers of the sweet children’s series of the same name, you can’t go wrong.
  3. Maeve: “Intoxicating”
  4. Makayla: This timeless name is of Hebrew origins and means “who resembles God.”
  5. Maleah: This beautiful Hawaiian name means “calm waters.”
  6. Manuelita: A feminine version of the name “Manuel,” this Spanish name means “God is with us.”
  7. Marbella: This name means “star of the sea” and can be abbreviated to the ever-sweet Ella.
  8. Matilda: Meaning “battle strength,” Matilda is the perfect combo of pretty and powerful. Plus, if you want a future bookworm on your hands, this may just be the perfect name.
  9. Mia: Meaning “mine,” this popular name is also a shortened form of Maria.
  10. Milana: Of Czech roots, this beautiful name means “favored.”

What are popular names that start with M?

  1. Margaret: This name never goes out of style and means “pearl.” Plus, Maggie for short? Adorable.
  2. Maria: A Biblical name with a host of meanings. “Beloved,” “of the sea,” and “bitter.” This name has so many variations, including the classic “Mary.”
  3. Marina: “Of the sea.” 🌊 (Head here for more water names.)
  4. Marley: This sweet name is Old English for “pleasant wood.”
  5. Martha: A name that has a classic charm, Martha means “the lady.”
  6. Maya: The Greek version means “good mother,” and the Hebrew version means “water.”
  7. Megan: With its Greek roots, this name means “mighty.” Its Welsh meaning is “pearl.” So you may just have a mighty jewel on your hands.
  8. Melissa: The Greek word for “bee,” the name Melissa has been bestowed on many of the greats, from actors to musicians to writers to politicians.
  9. Michelle: This version of the name Michael means “Who is like God?”
  10. Miley: “Dear” and “pleasant.” And of course the name of a famous Cyrus.
  11. Molly: A charming version of the classic “Margaret”

What are unique girl names that start with M?

And now for some unique girl names that start with M.

  1. Maaja: An Arabic name meaning “splendid”
  2. Malaysia: This geographical name possibly means “mountain” or “mountain town” in Sanskrit.
  3. Malia: Brought to recent fame by a young Obama, Malia is a form of Maria, meaning “rebelliousness.”
  4. Mabel: This adorable name means “loveable.”
  5. Marisol: Of Spanish origin, this name means “Mary of Solitude.”
  6. Marwa: This name, meaning “white stone,” is of Arabic origins.
  7. Mavis: Songbird. 🐦
  8. Madison: Meaning “son of Matthew” (yes, it’s originally a boy’s name!), this name carries the shine of a famous NYC avenue—and can be shortened to the adorable “Maddie.”
  9. Mae: A Roman version of “May,” this name means “mother.”
  10. Magnolia: As in the exquisite flower 💮
  11. Maisie: A Scottish form of “Margaret,” Maisie means “pearl.”
  12. Malana: A Hawaiian name meaning “light”
  13. Malva: “Delicate”
  14. Malitta: “Sweet as honey” 🍯
  15. Maluhia: A Hawaiian name meaning “serenity”
  16. Manda: An interesting variation on the more common Mandy, Manda is Old English for “loveable.”
  17. Mandolin: As in the instrument
  18. Manette: “Star of the sea”
  19. Marigold: “Magnificent Mary.” And a magnificent flower.
  20. Margo: “Pearl”
  21. Marlowe: This gender-neutral name means “driftwood.”
  22. Maurella: A magical name meaning “dark” or “elfin”
  23. Maysun: “Beautiful face” 😊
  24. Mayu: Of Japanese roots, Mayu means “true” and “generous.”
  25. Mckenna: Of Celtic origins, this name demands respect.
  26. Meadow: A dreamy name that’s exactly what it says it is.
  27. Medb: Of Irish origin, this name means “intoxicating.”
  28. Melody: 🎶🎶🎶
  29. Meradee: This one means “happy song.”
  30. Meredith: Meaning “great lord,” this name was made famous by a certain TV doctor.
  31. Mila:Miracles
  32. Milena: Of Slavic origin, Milena means “gracious.”
  33. Miracle: Nuff said.
  34. Missa: “Honeybee” 🐝
  35. Miyu: A Japanese name meaning “gentle beauty.”
  36. Mizuki: “Beautiful moon” 🌙
  37. Moana: Now a Disney classic, this Hawaiian name means “ocean.”
  38. Moesha: “Drawn out of the water”
  39. Moibeal: A Gaelic name meaning “lovable”
  40. Moireach: This Scottish name means “lady.”
  41. Moise: A Hebrew name meaning “savior”
  42. Momoka: This Japanese name has a few possible meanings—”peach tree,” “perfume” and “flower.”
  43. Morwen: “Maiden”
  44. Mugisa: A Ugandan name meaning “blessing”
  45. Mulan: As in the powerful warrior. The name Mulan means “wood orchid.”
  46. Musoke: This African name means “rainbow.”
  47. Myla: A French name meaning “soldier.”
  48. Myma: An Irish name with a sweet sound, Myma means “beloved.”
  49. Mystery: We can’t reveal the meaning of this one.
  50. Mythri: Of Indian origin, Mythri means “friendship.”

What’s a badass name for a girl?

Here are some baby girl names that start with M and pack a feisty punch.

  1. Mab: Of Welsh origin, this name means “hilarity” and “joy.” For fans of Shakespeare, Mab is the famous “fairies’ midwife.”
  2. Maci: Don’t be deceived by the sweetness of its sound. This name is a force—it means “weapon.”
  3. Mackenzie: A Gaelic name meaning “child of the wise leader”
  4. Mara: “Strength” 💪
  5. Marquashia: From the French “marquis,” this is a name for a leader.
  6. Maxine: This name means “the greatest.” And when the pressure of that gets too great, shorten to the sweet “Max.”
  7. Melany: Meaning “darkness” in Greek, this name is a perfect combination of depth and beauty.
  8. Merida: As in the badass Disney princess. (Keen for some more Disney names? Head here.)
  9. Meztli: Of Aztec origin, Meztli means “the moon.” 🌙
  10. Midnight: 🌃
  11. Millie: “Gentle strength” or “industrious”
  12. Mimir: “The wise one”
  13. Mimis: Of Hebrew origin, Mimis was the Goddess of the Harvest.
  14. Mina: A name of Indian origin meaning “joyful.”
  15. Moa: It means “mother” and what could be more powerful than that?
  16. Monifa: Of Arabic origins, Monifa means “lucky.”
  17. Monkaushka: Of Sioux origin, this powerful name means “earthquake.”
  18. Morgan: “Sea protector.” Now that’s one badass name.
  19. Morgana: King Arthur’s sister
  20. Morowa: A Ghanain name meaning “queen” 👑
  21. Mutia: Of Arabic origin, Mutia means “generous.”
  22. Myla: “Soldier”

Congratulations on your arrival. We wish you all the best with your choice. 💚

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