85 Baby Girl Names That Start With N

85 Baby Girl Names That Start With N

Finding the perfect name for your new arrival can be tough — so we’re here to help. These baby girl names that start with N are some of the nicest names around.
But take note: with so many great options on the menu, you may be left feeling spoiled for choice. From Nadia to Nyla to Nova, narrowing it down may be the hardest part of the quest.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

What are baby names that begin with N?

So what are some girl names that start with N? Natural? Noble? Niche? Let’s take a look.

  1. Nadia. This popular name, from the Russian Nadya, means “hope.” And there are many variations on the table — its Ukrainian spelling is Nadiya, the Belarusian version is Nadzeya, and then there’s the Polish option of Nadzieja.
  2. Nadine. Here’s the French version of Nadia. It also means “hope.”
  3. Naima. A beautiful name of Arabic origin, Naima means “delight and tranquillity.” Alternative spellings include Naeema and Naimah.
  4. Nairobi. The name of the vibrant Kenyan capital, the name Nairobi comes from the Maasai Enkare Nairobi, meaning “cool water.” 🌊
  5. Nala. In Swahili, this name means “gift.” 🎁 From its Arabic roots, it means “first drink of water.” And of course, this one will be a hit with fans of The Lion King.
  6. Naomi. A popular name in various parts of the world, Naomi means “pleasantness” from its Hebrew roots, and “honest beauty” from its Japanese origins.
  7. Narita. This beautiful Islamic name means “Princess of the Sea.”👑 🌊
  8. Nariya. “Bright light.” ✨
  9. Natalie. From Latin origins, Natalie is the perfect name for a Christmas baby, as it means “Christmas”! 🎄
  10. Natalia. This one also refers to Christmas Day and is particularly popular in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, and Slavic families.
  11. Natasha. Yep, this well-loved name refers to Christmas too.
  12. Nautica. “Of the sea.” 🌊
  13. Navdeep. This beautiful gender-neutral name of Indian origin means “new light.” 🌅
  14. Navy. It could be a fleet of ships. It could be a deep blue color. It could be a short form of Navdeep. You get to decide.
  15. Navya. Of Indian origin, this cheerful name means “young.”
  16. Nawal. A name of Arabic origin, Nawal means “gift from God,” or “grace, kindness, and charity.”
  17. Nayeli. This one comes from Zapotec roots and simply means “I love you.” ❤️
  18. Nayla. A name that stems from various roots, Nayla could mean “successful one” (Arabic), “I love you” (Mexican), “fulfilled” (Northern African), or “girl from paradise” (Hawaiian).
  19. Nazareth. This biblical name means “crowned” or “chosen.” It shortens to the sweet Naz.
  20. Nebula. You know those clouds that form around stars? Those are nebulae. This celestial name is of Latin origin and means “mist.”
  21. Nechama. “Comfort.”
  22. Necia. “Fiery.” 🔥
  23. Neela. From both Indian and African origins, this name refers to the color of sapphire blue. Other variants? Neala and Neila.
  24. Nefertiti. This powerful name belonged to the mighty queen of Ancient Egypt. And its meaning? “Beautiful woman has come.”
  25. Neko. Stemming from the name Nicholas, Neko has Greek origins and means “victory of the people.” For fans of the musician Neko Case, this one is sure to be a hit.
  26. Nell. “Shining light.” 🌟
  27. Nellie. This sweet variation also means “shining light.” Nelly is an alternative.
  28. Nephele. Nephele was a cloud nymph from ancient Greek mythology.
  29. Nerea. Of Basque origin, Nerea simply means “mine.”
  30. Nerine. “Sea nymph.” 🌊
  31. Nerissa. Of Greek origin, this refreshing name also means “sea nymph.” And for Shakespeare fans, she is Portia’s merry supporter in The Merchant of Venice.
  32. Netta. Possibly a shortened form of the names Antoinette, Jeanette, or Annette, Netta can mean “priceless” or “flower.”
  33. Neve. “Bright.” 🔆
  34. Neveah. “Heaven.”
  35. Neysa.Pure and holy.”
  36. Ngozi. Of African origin, Ngozi means “blessing.”
  37. Nia. From its Swahili roots, Nia means “purpose” and “brilliance.”
  38. Niamh. This Old Irish name means “bright” or “radiant.” It’s pronounced Neve.
  39. Niana. A name of Arabic roots, Niana means “obedient.”
  40. Niara. With its Sanskrit and Swahili roots, Niara means “utmost purpose.”
  41. Niaz. “Gift.” 🎁
  42. Nicasia. “Victorious.”
  43. Nichelle. “Like God.”
  44. Nicola. Like Nicholas, this popular name of Greek origin means “victory of the people.” 🥇
  45. Nicolasa. And here’s another variation. Its meaning? Yep, this one is victorious too.
  46. Nicole. A name that was particularly popular in the 70s and 80s, Nicole has slowly dropped down the ranks. You might be keen to bring it back into style? It also means “victory of the people.”
  47. Nicolette. This French variation of Nicholas means, you guessed it, “victory of the people.”
  48. Nigella. With its association with a particularly famous cook, Nigella means “black.”
  49. Nightingale. A sweet little bird that sings in the night.
  50. Nihari. Of Sanskrit origin, Nihari means “dew” or “mist.”
  51. Nika. This name of Persian origin means “pure crystal water.”
  52. Nikita. “Victory of the people.”
  53. Nikki. As a shortened version of all the “Nic” names — Nicolette, Nicole, Nikita — it means “victory of the people.” It can also stand just as well on its own.
  54. Nilah. With its Sanskrit origins, it means “blue.” 💙
  55. Nilsa. “Champion.”
  56. Nim. “Hunter.”
  57. Nina. This sweet name has multiple meanings. From its Spanish origins, it means “little girl.” Hebrew? “God is gracious.” Persian? “Nice.” Hindi? “Beautiful.” Swahili? “Mother.” Arabic? “Friend.”
  58. Niobe. From its Greek origins, Niobe means “friend.”
  59. Nisa. This Quranic name means “women, night, dream.”
  60. Nirvana. This heavenly name means “place of eternal bliss.” It’s hard to separate it from the iconic band of the late 80s, early 90s.
  61. Noa. With its Hebrew origins, Noa means “motion.” An alternative spelling is Noah.
  62. Noelle. For a name filled with Christmas cheer, Noelle or Noel is a perfect option. 🎄
  63. Noelani. This beautiful name of Hawaiian origin means “heavenly mist.”
  64. Nola. “White shoulder.”
  65. Nomsa. Of Zulu origin, Nomsa means “hallowed person.”
  66. Nonhlanhla. “Good fortune.”
  67. Nonie. “God is gracious.”
  68. Noora. This Arabic name means “light.”
  69. Nora. This one’s short for the Greek name Eleanora, and also means “light.” It can also be spelled Norah — and belongs to the sweet-voiced singer, Norah Jones.
  70. Norberta. From its German origins, Norberta means “bright heroine.”
  71. Noreen. With its Irish roots, it means “honor,” and with its Arabic origins, it means “shining one.”
  72. Norella. “Woman of honor.”
  73. Noriko. Of Japanese origin, Noriko means “law and order.”
  74. Norma. From its Latin origins, this name sounds like its meaning — “the norm.”
  75. North. For your little guide.
  76. Nour. With its Arabic origins, Nour means “light.” ✨
  77. Nova. “New.”
  78. Novaleigh. Also spelled Novalie, this name is a combination of Nova, meaning “new” and Leigh, meaning “meadow” or “delicate.”
  79. Novalynn. “New friend.”
  80. Novella. Meaning “new” or “young,” a Novella is also a short novel. Oh, the stories that lie ahead!
  81. Ntozake. Meaning either “she who comes with her own things” or “she who walks like a lion,” this name belongs to the award-winning playwright of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf.
  82. Nubia. “Gold.” 💛
  83. Nuri. With its Arabic origins, Nuri means “my light” or “my fire.”
  84. Nyla. “Winner.”
  85. Nyssa. “Goal.”

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