82 Baby Girls Names That Start With O

82 Baby Girls Names That Start With O

If you’re looking for the perfect O girl names, you’re in good company. Baby girl names that start with O are ever so popular. In fact, according to the US Social Security Administration, Olivia made it to the top of the 2020 charts and has been in the top 10 for the last 20 years!
But it doesn’t end there. From every corner of the globe, girl names that start with O offer options from the old-fashioned to the out-of-this-world.

From the majestic Ocean to the classic Olga to the romantic Octavia, you’ll find something on this list for every o-ccasion.

So what are baby names that start with O? Let’s take a look.

What are girl names that start with the letter O?

Here are our favorite O girl names.

  1. Oakley. This sweet gender-neutral name means “meadow of oak trees.” 🌳​​🌳🌳
  2. Ocean. This is the perfect name for seafarers and beach walkers alike. Try Oceana for a musical alternative. 🌊
  3. Octavia. An ancient name of Latin origin, Octavia means “eighth.”
  4. October. And this one is the eighth month when, depending on which hemisphere you call home, autumnal leaves are turning or springtime buds are sprouting. 🍂🌱
  5. Odelia. A Hebrew name, Odelia means “praise God.”
  6. Odette. This popular German name means “wealth.” For ballet fans, Odette is the swan in Swan Lake who turns into a maiden at night. 🦢
  7. Odetta. If you’re looking to add another syllable to Odette, Odetta means “wealth.”
  8. Ofira. This Hebrew name means “gold.” 💛
  9. Oksana. This Russian name means “praise God.”
  10. Ola. An Arabic girls’ name meaning “arise” and “high,” Ola is also used as a boy’s name in various parts of the world, including Nigeria, Norway, and Sweden.
  11. Oleda. “Little winged one” 🧚
  12. Olena. A Ukrainian variant of the classic name Helen, Olena means “shining light.” ✨
  13. Olethea. “Truth”
  14. Olga. Of Russian and Scandinavian origins, Olga is related to the Old Norse name Helga. It means “holy” and “blessed. ” For Chekhov fans, Olga was one of his Three Sisters.
  15. Olinda. “Wild fig”
  16. Olivette. “Olive tree”
  17. Olivia. Yep, this is still a hot favorite. Meaning “olive tree,” there are famous Olivias all over the place—from [Shakespeare’s](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/shakespeare-baby-names0 Twelfth Night to actress Olive Newton-John.
  18. Oliviarose. If you’re looking to combine two of your favorite living things, the peace of the olive tree and beauty of the rose bush might just be the perfect combo. 🌹
  19. Olya. This name of both Russian and Germanic origin means “holy.”
  20. Olympia. As in the Mountain of the Gods, this name is the very definition of a powerhouse.
  21. Oma. An Arabic name meaning “leader” and “giver of life.”
  22. Omega. This is the final letter in the Greek alphabet. Warning: if you do choose this name for your baby, it may be hard to get the last word in. Ω
  23. Onawa. Of Native American origin, Onawa means “wide awake.”
  24. Ondine. This one’s of Latin origin and means “little wave.” 🌊
  25. Ondrea. “Strong” and “full or courage,” Ondrea is of Czech origins.
  26. Onora. From its Latin roots, Onora means “honor.”
  27. Oni. A name used in various parts of the world, it means both “child born on holy ground” and “shelter.”
  28. Onyx. An exquisite black gemstone.
  29. Oola. A variant of the Irish Ula, Oola means “sea jewel.” 💎
  30. Oona. Of Scottish and Irish origin, Oona means “lamb.” Fun facts? Oona is a popular name in Finland and was the name of Charlie Chaplin’s wife.
  31. Opal. A precious jewel.
  32. Ophelia. This Shakespearean name is of Greek origin and means “to help or benefit.”
  33. Ora. Of Latin origin, Ora means “pray.” 🙏🏽
  34. Oracle. Meaning “prophecy,” with this name, your little one will come with all the answers.
  35. Oralee. A Hebrew name meaning “my light.”
  36. Orazia. This Italian name means “keeper of time.” ⌛
  37. Orchid. As in the extraordinary flower.
  38. Orelia. “Golden”
  39. Orenda. This powerful Iroquois name is given to a great invisible power that surrounds us and is in us.
  40. Oreta. “Excellence”
  41. Orfea. A feminine version of the Greek Orpheus, Orfea is a name for a poet and musician with a beautiful voice. 🎵
  42. Orilla. This Latin name means “announcement from the Gods.”
  43. Orina. “Peace” 🕊️
  44. Oriole. The name of a beautiful bird, oriole means “the golden one.”
  45. Orlanda. “Famous in the land”
  46. Orlene. This French name means “golden.” 🌟
  47. Orly. “Light”
  48. Ornella. “Flowering ash tree”
  49. Ortensia. “Of the garden”
  50. Orthia. This name of Greek origin means “straight”
  51. Orva. “Brave friend”
  52. Osaka. A vibrant city in Japan.
  53. Osanna. Of Greek and Hebrew origins, Osanna means “praise the Lord.”
  54. Otthilda. “Fortunate”
  55. Owen. This gender-neutral name of Welsh origin means “young warrior.”

Unusual girl names that start with O

If you’re looking for even more offbeat girl names with O, here are some good choices:

  1. Oanez. A Celtic name meaning “lamb.” 🐑
  2. Obelia. Of Greek origin, Obelia means “needle” or “pointed pillar.”
  3. Odeletta. This French baby’s name means “little spring.”
  4. Odell. This vintage name means “from the woad hill.” (A woad is a plant belonging to the cabbage family that has yellow flowers.)
  5. Odera. “Plow”
  6. Ofra. This one means “young deer” and is also of Hebrew origin. 🦌
  7. Ogenya. A Hebrew name, Ogenya means “God provides assistance.”
  8. Ohana. As an Armenian name, Ohana means “God’s grace.” It’s also a Hawaiian word meaning “extended family.”
  9. Oihane. This fresh Spanish name means “from the forest.”
  10. Ojai. A name of Chumash origin, Ojai means “moon.” 🌕
  11. Okalani. A divine Hawaiian name, Okalani means “heaven.”
  12. Okapi. An okapi is an almost mythical-looking creature found in Africa. It’s also called the forest giraffe.
  13. Olathe. Just “lovely.”
  14. Olayinka. This popular Nigerian name means “riches surround me.”
  15. Olesya. This one’s of Russian origins and means “a girl from the forest.”
  16. Oluremi. A name of Yoruba origins, Oluremi means “God brings comfort.”
  17. Oluwatamilore. This Yoruba name means “gift from God.”
  18. Olwen. Meaning “white footprint,” Olwen was a powerful heroine in Welsh mythology and the daughter of a giant.
  19. Omaira. This Arabic name means “long life.”
  20. Orit. “Light”
  21. Orpa. Meaning “young deer,” Orpa is of Hebrew origin. 🦌
  22. Orsola. Related to the name Ursula, Orsola means “little bear.” 🧸
  23. Oshun. This powerful Yoruba name belongs to a Nigerian river goddess.
  24. Ostara. “Dawn”
  25. Osvalda. “Divine power”
  26. Ottoline. “Prospers in battle”
  27. Ozara. “Treasure”

Good luck with your choice.

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