58 Girl Names That Start With S

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Girls are known to be full of sugar and spice and everything nice, so why not choose a beautiful name that starts with the letter S?

Girl Names That Start With S

Female names that start with S might be long or short, modern or traditional, popular or totally unique. Whichever one you choose, your daughter will be strong, sassy, smart, and completely special.

Get your pen and paper ready, here are the best of the best when it comes to S girl names.

Girl names that start with S

Let’s dive right in. Get ready for the whole spectrum of names that start with S for girls…

  1. Sabrina: Means “from the border” in Latin, but also popular thanks to the teenage witch!
  2. Sadie: Started as a nickname derived from Sarah, now a gorgeous name in its own right.
  3. Sally: Another derivative of Sarah.
  4. Samantha: Has various meanings, but the most accurate is “God heard” in Hebrew.
  5. Sandy: Means “protector” in Greek.
  6. Sarah: Means “princess” in Hebrew.
  7. Sasha: Of Greek origin, meaning “protector” or “defender of man”.
  8. Saskia: A name of German and Dutch origin, meaning “Saxon”.
  9. Savannah: A wild, treeless plain—a great name if you love the great outdoors.
  10. Scarlett: Originating as an occupational surname, Scarlett referred to someone who sold luxurious dyed cloths in Medieval times.
  11. Selah: Another name of Hebrew origin, meaning “to praise”.
  12. Selma: Meaning “divinely protected” in Scandinavian, or “beautiful view” in Celtic.
  13. Shakira: Arabic for “grateful”.
  14. Serena: Of Latin origin, meaning “calm, tranquil, serene”.
  15. Shannon: An Irish name, meaning “old river”.
  16. Sheila: Famous for being the Australian slang for “woman”, Sheila means “blind” in Latin.
  17. Shelley: Translated from Old English meanings, your baby could be the “dweller on the clearing near the ledge”. Sounds like a character from a fairytale — magical!
  18. Sia: Derived from the Old Norse word sigr, meaning “victory”.
  19. Sian: A Welsh name, meaning “God’s greatest gift”.
  20. Sienna: Can reference the reddish-brown color, a town in Tuscany, Italy, or the meaning “delicate”.
  21. Sigrid: Norse origin, meaning “fair victory”.
  22. Simone: A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “to hear” or “the one who listens”.
  23. Skylar: Of Dutch origin, meaning “scholar”, this unisex name might inspire a life of study.
  24. Sophia: “Wisdom” in Greek. Can also be spelled Sofia.
  25. Sophie: The French form of Sophia.
  26. Sonia: The English variant of Sophia, also popular in northern Europe where it’s usually spelled Sonja or Sonya.
  27. Stacey: “Resurrection” in Greek.
  28. Stella: “Star”.
  29. Stephanie: Of Greek origin, meaning “crown” or “garland”.
  30. Summer: Simply referencing the season, this English name has been used since the 1970s.
  31. Suri: Meaning “princess” in Persian.
  32. Sybil: This is an English form of the Greek name Isabel.
  33. Sylvie: Of French origin, meaning “from the forest”.

What are unique girl names that start with S?

There are plenty of unique S girls names that are great if you’ve got your heart set on an S name but want something unusual. These are our favorites!

  1. Sage: “Wise” in Latin.
  2. Saoirse: An Irish name meaning “liberty.” Pronounced “Sur-shuh”.
  3. Saylor: Perhaps obviously, this name references sailors or rope makers.
  4. Scout: A literal name meaning “first explorer”.
  5. Seraphina: Hebrew for “fiery”.
  6. Sevin: A Turkish name meaning “Rejoice”!
  7. Shelby: Traditionally a surname, this is derived from the Old English place name meaning “a place where willows grow”.
  8. Shiloh: A biblical place name, meaning “tranquil” in Hebrew.
  9. Sissy: An American diminutive form of the name Cecilia.
  10. Sloane: Derived from Slone, which means “warrior” in Celtic.
  11. Soleil: French for “Sun”.
  12. Star: A bold choice if you dream of your little one having a life on the stage.
  13. Sunday: “Day of the Sun”. A unique choice for a baby born in the Summer months.
  14. Sunny: Sunny by name, sunny by nature. Perfect for a happy baby.
  15. Sydney: A place name from Australia, but also meaning “wide island” in Old English.

What are the top 10 prettiest girl names?

If you’re looking for baby girls’ names that start with S, with a pretty meaning too, why not choose one of these?

  1. Sapphira: Means “the pretty one” in Hebrew. Perfect!
  2. Saloni: Means “beautiful” in Indian.
  3. Selena: The name of the beautiful Greek moon goddess.
  4. Sena: An unusual name, Sena has various origins, and means “this world’s beauty”.
  5. Seren: The Welsh name meaning “star”. What’s prettier than the night sky?
  6. Shana: Means “beautiful” in Hebrew.
  7. Shayna: Means “beautiful one” in Yiddish.
  8. Shoshana: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “rose”.
  9. Solange: A French name, meaning “a rare jewel”. Precious!
  10. Sonali: A Sanskrit name meaning “beautiful color” or “golden”. How pretty!

Good luck making this tough decision!

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