80 Baby Girl Names That Start With W

80 Baby Girl Names That Start With W

There’s a wide choice of baby girl names that start with W.
Whether you want to opt for the more traditional Wendy or Wanda, or contemporary names like Winter and Wave, W girl names offer a world of wonder. What winners, we say.

But be warned — with all the wonderful girl names that start with W, it might be tough to pick just one…

What are cute names that start with W?

From the whimsical to the warm to the worldly-wise, here are our favorite girl names starting with W.

  1. Waheeda. This one-of-a-kind Arabic name means “unique.”
  2. Wahiba. Also an Arabic name, Wahiba means “generous giver.”
  3. Wafaa. This one’s of Arabic origins, too, and means “loyalty.”
  4. Wakanda. Fans of Marvel’s Black Panther may be particularly drawn to this powerful name. It has Sioux origins and means “magical powers.”
  5. Waki. A sweet name of Native American origin, Waki means “shelter.”
  6. Walda. Of German origin, Walda means “ruler” — the perfect name for the new boss of your household.
  7. Waleria. A version of the popular name Valeria, it comes from Latin roots and means “strong, brave and healthy.”
  8. Waleska. Similar to the name Valeska, Waleska means “brave.”
  9. Walker. Traditionally a surname, Walker means “fuller of cloth.” That’s the person who was responsible for cleaning, shrinking, and otherwise preparing fabric. The perfect name for a designer-to-be?
  10. Wallace. Of Scottish origins, this well-known surname means “stranger.” It works well as a first name for boys and girls alike, and is the perfect option for a little adventurer looking to explore new terrain.
  11. Wamika. Wamika is another name for the Goddess Durga, a major Hindu deity.
  12. Wamil. Of Hindu origin, Wamil means “beautiful.”
  13. Wand. This magical name has Old German origins. It means “weaver.”
  14. Wanda. The name of a legendary Polish princess, Wanda sounds a lot like it’s meaning — “wanderer.”
  15. Wandy. A sweet variation of Wanda, Wandy is also of Slavic origins and means, you guessed it, “wanderer.”
  16. Wanetta. “Pale skinned.”
  17. Wangari. Of Kikuyu origin, Wangari means “leopard.” 🐆 And with a role model like Wangari Maathai, your little one will be off to an inspiring start.
  18. Wanika. This exquisite Hawaiian name means “God is gracious.”
  19. Waniya. This Islamic name has a few different possible meanings — “gift of God,” “pearl” and “soft, gentle breeze.”
  20. Warda. A name of German origin, Warda means “guardian.”
  21. Warnah. “Fighting defender.”
  22. Warsan. With its Arabic origins, Warsan means “wonderful news.” Lovers of the poet Warsan Shire might find this name particularly appealing.
  23. Water. A refreshing find, this name is the perfect tribute to one of our most basic needs.
  24. Waltraud. This German name has a few possible meanings — “rule,” “foreigner” and “strength.”
  25. Wave. 🌊
  26. Waverley. A name with a poetic meaning, Waverley refers to a “meadow of shivering Aspen trees.”
  27. Wayna. From its Quechua roots, Wayna means “young.”
  28. Waynoka. This one’s of Cheyenne origin and means “sweet water.”
  29. Weatherly. “From the sheep meadow.” 🐑
  30. Wednesday. A favorite with lovers of The Addams Family, it means “Woden’s Day.” Woden was the chief Anglo-Saxon god.
  31. Wei. Of Chinese origin, Wei means “brilliant and valuable.”
  32. Welcome. More than just a warm greeting, this Old English name is made up of well meaning “spring” and cumb meaning “valley.”
  33. Wellesley. “The farm amongst the willows.”
  34. Wendla. This rebellious name from Old High German means “vandal.”
  35. Wendolyn. “Fair browed.”
  36. Wendy. This popular name has belonged to everyone from famous television personalities to Peter Pan characters. And, with its charming meaning of “friend,” it’s not surprising it’s such a hit.
  37. Wentliana. A name of Welsh origin, Wentliana means “fair.”
  38. Wesley. This Old English name works for any gender and means “western field.” Try Weslee or Wesleigh for alternative spellings.
  39. West. Point your compass towards this sweet and short name.
  40. Westlynne. This beautiful hybrid name is a combination of west, as in the direction, and Lynne, which means “pretty,” “lake” or “pool.”
  41. Whim. This name could be a perfect impulse choice.
  42. Whisper. It’s no secret that this gentle name could be an ideal choice for your little one.
  43. Whitley. “White meadow.”
  44. Whitney. The name of the famous singer Whitney Houston, this English name means “from the white island.”
  45. Wicahpi. “Star.” 🌟
  46. Wicket. “A small gate.”
  47. Wilder. Meaning “untamed,” this is a great choice for a tiny wild child.
  48. Wilderness. This is an adventurous name for your little wanderer.
  49. Wilhelmina. A feminine version of the Germanic name Wilhelm, Wilhelmina means “a desire to protect.”
  50. Willa. Or Wylla if you prefer. This name means “protection.”
  51. Willa-Joy. Add a little joy on the end, and the protection this name brings becomes filled with happiness.
  52. Willette. This unique Will version also means “determined protector.”
  53. William. Traditionally a boy’s name, William is rising in popularity as a girl’s name. Like its variations, it means “a desire to protect.”
  54. Willodean. This name combines Willo — either “protection” or “the willow tree” — and dean, which means a “valley.”
  55. Willow. As in the exquisite tree.
  56. Wilma. For Flintstones fans, this name certainly rocks. It means “determined protector.”
  57. Wilona. “Longed for.”
  58. Wind. This breezy nature name may just blow you away.
  59. Windflower. An anemone is a windflower. Its petals are blown open by the wind. 💮
  60. Windsor. This very royal surname works well as a first name too. It means “bend in the river.”
  61. Wing. 🧚🏻
  62. Winifred. “Peace.” 🕊️
  63. Winner. A first prize option, this name. 🥇
  64. Winnie. The name of the world’s most lovable bear, Winnie means “fair,” “soft” and “pure.”
  65. Winona. Worn by the famous Ryder, Winona means “firstborn daughter.”
  66. Winslet. It’s Kate’s surname and works just as well as a first name. It means “friend’s stream.”
  67. Winslow. From its Old English roots, Win means “friend” and slow means “hill.”
  68. Winstella. Put Win and Stella together, and you get “friendly star.” 🌟
  69. Winter. A name to cozy up to, this could be a great option for your little snow angel. ❄️
  70. Winterose. This elegant flower blooms all year round. 🌹
  71. Wiola. “Violet.”
  72. Wisdom. 🦉
  73. Wisteria. This beautiful flower is a symbol of devotion.
  74. Wonder. Magic. Awe.
  75. Wren. A sweet little songbird. 🐦
  76. Wrigley. “Clearing by the river bend.”
  77. Wyatt. A popular gender-neutral name, Wyatt means “brave in battle.”
  78. Wylda. “Untamed.”
  79. Wylie. This is an ideal name for a clever little one.
  80. Wynne. “Blessed.” 💖

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