86 Baby Girl Names that Start with Z (and Their Meanings)

86 Baby Girl Names that Start with Z (and Their Meanings)

Think there are only a handful of girls’ names that start with Z? Think again!

We’re here to show you what the last letter of the alphabet is all about.

Loving the intriguing sound a dynamo Z-word makes?

There’s something about Z girl names that feel edgy and effortlessly cool – with the right amount of relatability.

We’re talking major Zendaya vibes. ✨

In any case, Z names are pretty badass and unique, covering goddesses to America’s first flapper.

Considering your search for your head-turning, door-opening, ground-breaking baby name over.

In this article: 📝

  • What are popular names that start with Z?
  • What are unique names that start with Z?
  • What is the prettiest girl name that starts with Z?
  • What are Arabic and Hebrew girls’ names that start with Z?
  • What are cute girl names that start with Z?

What are popular names that start with Z?

These 10 beautiful, bright Z girl names are sure to make your newest addition the talk of the town:

  1. Zoey: Greek for “life”, Zoey can also be spelled Zoe, Zoë, Zoi or Zoie.
  2. Zara: An Arabic name that means “radiance”. 🌟
  3. Zia: Meaning “light” or “splendor” in Arabic.
  4. Zaria: This Slavic name means “princess”. It’s also a variant of the Hebrew name Sarah. 👸🏽
  5. Zora: In Arabic, Zora means “light” or “dawn”. It can also be spelled Zorah.
  6. Zahra: Zahra is the Arabic word for “white” or “flower”.
  7. Zoya: This name, of Russian origin, means “life”.
  8. Zuri: This Swahili name means “beautiful”.
  9. Zelda: In Old German, Zelda means “dark battle”. And nintendo superfans aside, Zelda was the name of F Scott Fitzgearlds inspiring wife who he dubbed the first American flapper. How’s that for an iconic Z name?
  10. Zola: Italian for “lump of earth”.

What are unique names that start with Z?

Girl Z names are already pretty exclusive bunch, but there’s plenty of unusual choices to be found.

If you want a truly distinguishing title for your daughter, how about:

  1. Zahava: Gold names are in and they’re going nowhere fast. This is a standout Z name that means “gilded” in Hebrew. ⚜️
  2. Zdenka: Of Czech and Latin origin, Zdenka means “woman from Sidon”.
  3. Zeba: Like Zena, this name is also related to Zeus. It means “life of Zeus” in Greek. ⚡️
  4. Zaviera: This name means “bright”, “splendid” and “new house”. It is of Arabic and Basque origin.
  5. Zhane: An American name, Zhane means “gift from God”.
  6. Zolia: Meaning “lump of earth”. This girls’ name is mainly used in Spain and is related to the name Zoe.
  7. Zorica: This Latin name means “dawn” and is a variant of Aurora. That’s one way of sneaking in your Disney princess name…
  8. Zofia: Related to the Greek Sophia, this name means “wisdom”.
  9. Zamora: Meaning wild olive” or “praised”.
  10. Zaïre: Meaning “the river that swallows all rivers”. Originally a boy’s African name, we think it makes a bold choice for a future trailblazer – no matter their gender.

What is the prettiest girl name that starts with Z?

There’s something about the way a Z name flows.

Z girl names have a comfortable ease and an unsual beauty that’s hard to resist.

Just look at these rare jewels:

  1. Zendaya: We couldn’t not but this Z name trailblazer in the running. Zimbabwe in origin, it means “give thanks”.
  2. Zalia: “Born to royalty” in Hebrew. 👑
  3. Zelie: A short form of the French name Azélie which means “noble type”.
  4. Zabrina: Meaning “legendary princess”, this Celtic name offers a different spelling for Sabrina.
  5. Zehari: Meaning brilliantly” or “gold”.
  6. Zaynab: Meaning “a fragrant flower”. Related to the Muslin name Zainab, known best as the eldest daughter of Muhammad.
  7. Zerlina: Meaning “beautiful dawn”. Spanish in origin.
  8. Zenda: Meaning “sacred”, “soul”, or “life”.
  9. Zelina: A girl’s name of Latin and Greek origin meaning “heaven” and “the moon”. 🌙
  10. Ziska: Meaning “free”. In Yiddish, Ziska also means “little sweet one”.

What are Arabic and Hebrew girls’ names that start with Z?

Using Z as the start of a girls’ name is so common in Arabic and Hebrew that we’ve pooled some options together for you.

  1. Zaccaria: Meaning “the Lord Recalled” in Hebrew. A gender-neutral name.
  2. Zadie: Meaning “prosperous” or “fortunate” in Arabic. Zada, Zaida, and Zayda have the same meaning.
  3. Zahara: Meaning “flowering” or “shining” in Hebrew.
  4. Zaharira: Meaning “light” or “splendor” in Hebrew.
  5. Zaheera: Meaning “brilliant” or “shining” in Arabic. Other spellings include Zahira or Zahirah.
  6. Zakia: Meaning “pure” in Hebrew. Alternative spellings include Zakiah, Zakiya, or Zakiyya.
  7. Zannie: Meaning “lily” in Hebrew.
  8. Zariah: Meaning “radiance” in Arabic. Related to the name Zara.
  9. Zarita: Meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  10. Zein: Meaning “fragrant or beautiful plant” in Arabic.
  11. Zeta: Meaning “olive” in Hebrew.
  12. Zilla: Meaning “shadow” in Hebrew.
  13. Zipporah: Meaning “bird” in Hebrew. It can also be spelled with one “p”: Zioporah, or without an “h”: Zipora. 🦚
  14. Ziva: Meaning “radiance” or “light of God” in Hebrew. It can also be spelled with an “h”: Zivah.
  15. Zohra: Meaning “blossom” in Arabic. 🌸
  16. Zshakira: Meaning “grateful” in Arabic.
  17. Zuleica: Meaning “brilliant” and “lovely” in Arabic.
  18. Zulema: Meaning “peace” in Arabic. It can also be spelled Zuleyma.
  19. Zylia: Meaning “shadow”.
  20. Zylpha: Meaning “sprinkling” in Hebrew.

What are cute girl names that start with Z?

Of course, there are plenty of other z girl names options from other parts of the world.

Take a look at these French, Greek and Latin alternatives:

  1. Zacqueline: A French alternative for Jacqueline meaning “supplanter”.
  2. Zahna: This name is Greek for “God is gracious”.
  3. Zailie: A French name that means “solemn”.
  4. Zandra: This Spanish name is another spelling of Sandra, short for Alexandra. It means “protector of humanity”. 🛡
  5. Zania: Meaning “sail in the wilderness”. A contraction of the East African country of Tanzania.
  6. Zanita: This Spanish name means “God is gracious”.
  7. Zarina: Persian for “golden”. It can also be spelled Zareen.
  8. Zaynah: Like Zahna and Zanita, this Greek name also means “God is gracious”.
  9. Zehra: Meaning “flower”, this Arabic name is of Swahili origin.
  10. Zelene: Of English origin, Zelene means “sunshine”. ☀️
  11. Zelia: Meaning “zealous”.
  12. Zelima: A name of German origin, Zelima means “helmet of God”.
  13. Zella: This name of Yiddish origin means “happy” or “blessed”.
  14. Zena: A Greek and Russian name that means “belonging to Zeus”.
  15. Zenaida: Meaning “life of Zeus”.
  16. Zenia: Greek for “guest” or “stranger”. It can also be spelled Zeenia.
  17. Zenobia or Zenovia: Meaning “life of Zeus”.
  18. Zephyr: A unisex name that means the “west wind” in Greek. 🌬
  19. Zina: Meaning “welcoming” or “hospitable”.
  20. Zinnia or Zinia: A Latin name that refers to “flowers from the Aster family”.
  21. Zita: From the Italian word zitta meaning “little girl”. Zita’s strong Greek origin reveal the badass meaning of “hunter”. Looks can be deceiving with this one.
  22. Zizi: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  23. Zlata: Zlata means “golden”, and has Czech and Slavic origins.
  24. Zoanne: Meaning “life”. Related to Zoe.
  25. Zoelie or Zoelle: Another alternative for Zoe which means “life”.
  26. Zoia: Meaning “alive”.
  27. Zonia: Zonia is a Latin name for “girdle”.
  28. Zorana: This Slavic name means “dawn”.
  29. Zosia: Meaning “wisdom”.
  30. Zsazsa: A Hungarian name derived from the Hebrew name Elizabeth, Zsazsa means “God’s promise”.
  31. Zuwena: This Swahili name means “good”.
  32. Zuzanna: Related to the Biblical name Soshana, this name means “lily”. It can also be spelled with one “n”: Zuzana.
  33. Zylina: A Greek name for “woodland” or “wood-dweller”. 🏕
  34. Zylvia: This Latin tree name means “woods” or “forest”. 🌳🌳🌳
  35. Zyna: Meaning “guest” or “stranger”.
  36. Zyta: Zyta means “seeker” in Greek.

Still looking for options?

The Peanut community know a thing or two about quality baby names.

And if there’s other letters that take your fancy, we’ve got plenty more girl baby name lists to cover X, Y, and V.

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