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What to Know About Baby Headphones and Ear Protection

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Are noise canceling headphones suitable for newborns? We answer your most pressing questions and explore the best baby headphones on the market.

baby headphones

If you and your little one are heading somewhere noisy — a festival, fireworks party, or long flight — you’ll want to invest in a pair of baby headphones.

The good news is baby noise canceling headphones are fabulous for protecting your little one’s delicate ears.

They give you peace of mind too, so the whole family can get on and enjoy the party!

To help your decision-making, here are some of the most asked questions and our picks of the best baby headphones on the market.

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  • Why do babies need noise canceling headphones?
  • Do newborns need ear protection?
  • When should babies wear headphones?
  • Can babies sleep with noise canceling headphones?
  • Should babies wear noise canceling headphones on a plane?
  • Is it OK to put headphones on a baby?
  • Can a baby listen to music on headphones?
  • What are the best noise canceling headphones for babies?

Why do babies need noise canceling headphones?

According to the World Health Organization, noise exposure is currently putting 1.1 billion children at risk of hearing damage.

Of course, newborns are expanding all their senses day by day.

When they’re under two years old, their hearing is only starting to develop.

It’s a delicate time!

You might also appreciate noise canceling headphones if your baby seems very sensitive to loud noises.

Donning a pair at a busy party might help your baby nap in an otherwise hectic situation.

Do newborns need ear protection?

Buying noise canceling headphones for your baby is a smart idea if you’re attending any loud events.

This is because newborns are incredibly sensitive to sound.

A baby’s ear canal is so much smaller than ours.

So, it makes sense that the sound pressure generated in their ears is much greater.

When should babies wear headphones?

Noise canceling headphones can be very useful for babies.

It gives them a sense of comfort and safety in loud and uncertain environments.

Baby ear protection isn’t needed all the time, though.

It’s all about letting their ears develop normally.

So limit noise canceling headphones to noisy events and activities.

And what counts as noisy?

Well, “loud” noises are ones topping 100 decibels.

For reference, a normal conversation is around 60 decibels, a motorcycle is around 100, and a rock concert is about 130.

Can babies sleep with noise canceling headphones?

It’s best not to put headphones on babies for prolonged periods.

When shopping for noise canceling headphones for babies, each brand has detailed instructions on when to use them.

Some (specifically designed) baby headphones can help babies relax though.

With supervision, they can also protect a sleeping baby from disruption, which can be a lifesaver.

Should babies wear noise canceling headphones on a plane?

As any new parent will tell you, flying with a baby is challenging.

It’s a stimulating environment, which isn’t ideal for baby relaxation to say the least.

There are loads of unavoidable loud noises, which can harm a baby’s developing ear canals.

So, baby headphones for plane journeys are a worthwhile investment.

They’ll protect your baby’s ears and make them feel safer.

Is it OK to put headphones on a baby?

If you’re putting headphones on your baby, they must be designed for their age.

Using adult ear protection, wired headphones or earplugs isn’t safe.

When buying headphones for your little one, focus on fit and comfort.

Your baby should be able to move about without the headphones slipping off.

They also shouldn’t put too much pressure on their heads.

Can a baby listen to music on headphones?

While you can use baby headphones for music, exercising caution and limiting the volume is best.

Even if you’ve invested in baby-safe headphones, it’s a good idea to limit use to short periods.

Your little one’s little ears need a break too!

What are the best noise canceling headphones for babies?

If you’re searching for noise canceling headphones, here are our picks for the best baby ear protection:

Best baby headphones for newborns

baby headphones

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection

The colorful headband is more than a style statement; it’s specially designed to take the pressure off your newborn’s tender head.

This award-winning design is also made with soft padding and foam for great closure and is anti-slip too.

They come in a range of colors and can be easily packed up when traveling.

Price: $29.99

Best baby headphones for popular choice

baby headphones

BANZ Earmuffs

These hip headphones are perfect for babies and toddlers, adjusting all the up through 24 months.

Their design is super slick, with loads of fun options available (including a 60s-inspired groovy set).

And don’t be fooled by their look; these headphones are lightweight and can be easily carried into any big event.

Price: $30.00

Best baby headphones for cute designs

baby headphones

Snug Kids Ear Protection

From unicorns to lamas, these cute baby headphones come in a wide range of designs.

And it’s not all looks.

They’re great for children on the autism spectrum.

Their lightweight, comfy feel can sit snuggly on infants as young as 6 months old – even parents can borrow them if in need of quiet time.

Price: $21.99

[Buy it here]

Best lightweight baby headphones

baby headphones

Lysian Baby Ear Muffs

These anti-pollution baby headphones are beyond adorable.

They’re specially designed for infants between 3 months to 36 and have an adjustable elastic band that can fit different head sizes.

If you’re looking for baby to sleep through fireworks, parties, and even festivals, these lightweight headphones are up for the task.

Price: $21.99

Best baby headphones for comfort

baby headphones

BBTKCARE Noise Canceling Headphones

Super sleek, these headphones are ergonomically designed to keep sound and pressure to the minimum.

The padded arch band manages to stay close to your baby’s delicate head without adding pressure, making them a great choice if naptime is needed.

Price: $29.99

There you have it, mama!

Bring on the fireworks, family festivals, and long-haul flights – baby will be equipped to handle it all.

And if you need support along this journey, know that your Peanut community is here for you.

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