60 Refreshing Baby Names That Mean Air

60 Refreshing Baby Names That Mean Air

Got a little one on the way and looking to the sky for inspiration for your baby’s name? We’ve got you covered with our list of baby names that mean air.
Names that mean air offer a whole spectrum of options when searching for a baby name.

They can be light and ethereal, brisk and breezy, or strong and powerful.

And they don’t only have to mean “air” but can also be air-related.

Think of wind, clouds, sky.

From the obvious ones like Sky and Storm, to more subtle names like Zephyr and Neil, we’ve got you covered with our list of baby names that mean air.

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What name means air for a boy?

Here are 20 of our favorite boy names that mean air.

  1. Abel: This name, meaning “breath,” has its origins in Hebrew. Ancient Hebrews believed that wind was the breath of the gods.
  2. Akash: This name has its origin in India and means “sky” or “wide open space.”
  3. Anan: This name, meaning “cloud,” has its roots in Hebrew. It’s also a name from Ghana and the Ivory Coast, meaning fourth-born child.
  4. Caelus: Meaning “sky,” Caelus is a Roman name. It’s also linked to the Latin word caelum, meaning “heavens, sky, the abode of the gods.”
  5. Celestine: This name, meaning “of the sky,” has English origins.
  6. Ermir: This Albanian name means “good wind.”
  7. Guthrie: With its origins in Scotland, this name means “windy spot.”
  8. Ilmari: This Scandinavian name, meaning “the air,” is a shortened version of Ilmarinen, the creator of the sky in Finnish mythology.
  9. Keanu: Keanu, meaning “cool breeze,” is a Hawaiian name.
  10. Moe: This simple but lovely Burmese name means “sky, rain.”
  11. Myrsky: This Finnish name means “sky.”
  12. Neil: Although the meaning is disputed, it’s often understood to mean “cloud.” Neil is the English version of the Gaelic name Niall.
  13. Neven: This Breton name means “sky.” In Slavic countries, it means marigold.
  14. Nigel: Nigel is meant to mean “cloud,” although there’s been some debate as to whether it also means black.
  15. Samir: With Indian origin, this name means “air, wind.”
  16. Sepher: This Persian name means “sky.”
  17. Sky: This English word means, you guessed it, “sky.” When used as a name it’s often spelled Skye. It works well for boys or girls.
  18. Storm: This popular name has many different forms, depending on the origin. Stormur is the Icelandic version. Sturm in Germany. Torm in Estonia. And don’t forget the Old Norse version Styrmir.
  19. Van: This Chinese-Burmese name means “heaven” or “sky.”
  20. Zeus: Zeus is one of the most widely known Greek gods. The name means “sky” or “shine.”

Girl names that mean air

  1. Aella: This Greek name means “whirlwind.” It’s perfect if you’re looking for a strong name for your daughter.
  2. Ahana: Ahana is a Japanese name meaning “sky flower.”
  3. Alizée: This French name means “trade wind.”
  4. Araceli: This Spanish name means “altar of the sky.”
  5. Aura: With English origins, Aura means “breeze, breath, or wind.” The Italian version is Auretta.
  6. Azure: Meaning “blue sky,” Azure is an English name. A common meaning of azure as a color is “bright blue like a cloudless sky.”
  7. Celeste: This popular Italian name means “of the sky; heavenly.”
  8. Cielo: This name, meaning “sky” or “heaven,” is both an Italian and Spanish name.
  9. Haneul: Meaning “heaven” or “sky,” this Korean name is actually gender-neutral but is more popular as a girl’s name.
  10. Ilma: This Scandinavian name means “air.”
  11. Iris: This name has two meanings. It’s commonly known as the English name for the flower. But it also means “rainbow” in Greek.
  12. Kapheira/Capheira: Another name with its roots in Greece, Kapheira means “stormy-breath.”
  13. Lulani: This Hawaiian name means “sky” or “highest heaven.”
  14. Miku: This Japanese name means “beautiful sky.”
  15. Nasima: With Arabic roots, Nasima means “breeze” or “fresh air.”
  16. Rakia: Meaning “sky” or “heaven,” this name has its origins in Hebrew.
  17. Samira: In Hindi, this name means “air,” “wind” or “breeze.” In Arabic, Samira means “entertaining companion.”
  18. Tadita: This Native American name means “to the wind.”
  19. Tsisana: This name, from Georgia, means “of the sky.” In Georgia, the flowers known in English as forget-me-nots are called Tsisama. Probably because of the flower’s blue sky-like color.
  20. Zerua: This Basque name means “sky, heavens.”

What name means wind?

Whether a soft breeze or a strong gale, the wind has been an inspiration for countless names.

Some of the names we’ve already listed refer to wind, but here are another 20 windy names to inspire you.

Boy names that mean wind

  1. Aeolus: In Greek, Aeolus means “quick-moving” or “nimble.” The Greek god Aillos (a variation on the spelling Aeolus) was the keeper of the winds.
  2. Anore: Anore means “wind” and is from Greenland. Anore is also a Japanese girl’s name with the same meaning.
  3. Avel: Avel means “wind” in the Breton language. It’s considered a localized version of the Hebrew name Abel, which means breath.
  4. Bayu: This name has Indonesian roots and means “the wind.”
  5. Boreas: Boreas, which has Greek origin, means “north wind.”
  6. Erjon: This Albanian name means “our wind.”
  7. Esen: Meaning “the wind,” this Turkish name is soft but strong.
  8. Naseem: This gender-neutral name is Arabic and means “breeze.”
  9. Notus: This Greek name means “south wind.” Notus was a Greek god of wind.
  10. Wayra: This Native American name means “wind.”
  11. Zephyr: This is the Anglicized version of the Greek name Zephyros, meaning “west wind.”

Girl names that mean wind

  1. Anemone: This name, meaning “wind,” comes from the Greek word anemos.
  2. Anila: Anila, an Indian name meaning “wind,” is the feminine version of Anil, a god of wind in Hindu mythology.
  3. Auretta: This Italian name means “light breeze.”
  4. Coro: This Native American name means “wind.”
  5. Era: Also meaning “wind,” Era has its roots in Albania.
  6. Haizea: This Basque name means “wind.”
  7. Sefarina: This Spanish name means “west wind.”
  8. Tuuli/Tuulikki: Tuuli is a Finnish name meaning “wind.” Another version of this is Tuulikki, meaning “little wind.”
  9. Zephyrine: Meaning “west wind,” this Greek name is the feminine of Zephyr.

Choosing a name for someone is a big decision, but whatever you go for, it’ll be perfect for your little one.

And if you’re looking for other nature-inspired name lists, have a look at our baby names that mean light, names that mean dawn, or our celestial baby names list.

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