Top 49 Names That Mean Angel

Top 49 Names That Mean Angel

Find the perfect baby name meaning “angel” for your little cherub.
Angels are revered in many cultures and traditions as divine beings or messengers from God.

Sometimes they’re portrayed as mighty warriors at the head of a celestial army. Other times they’re seen as gentle guardians watching over us.

But they’re also a great source of names for the little cherub about to enter your life.

Here, we’ve got a selection of beautiful names that mean “angel”.

Plus, the names of actual angels from religious tradition and mythology provide unique and unusual angel baby names for you to consider.

In this article: 📝

  • What is the most angelic name?
  • What are some boy names that mean angel?
  • More male angel names
  • What girl name means angel?
  • More female angel names

What is the most angelic name?

Surely the most angelic name of all has to be:

  1. Angel. Beautifully simple, it’s a name of Greek origin that means “messenger of God” ✉️(and that’s exactly what an angel is in many cultures). While it’s a great name for a boy or a girl, Angel was a more popular name for boys in 2020 (according to the US Social Security Administration).

What are some boy names that mean angel?

And here are eight more beautiful boy names that mean angel:

  1. Agnolo. This melodious Italian name is a variant of Angelo (see below).
  2. Angelico. Another Italian name, meaning “angelic”.
  3. Angelo. Also of Italian origin, Angelo simply means “angel”.
  4. Deangelo. A variation on Angelo, this Italian name means “from the angel”.
  5. Engelbert. Of German origin, Engelbert has a lovely meaning: “bright angel” ☀️. And it can be shortened to Bertie!
  6. Malachi. From the Hebrew, meaning “messenger”. Malachi is also a biblical prophet.
  7. Malak. An Arabic name, meaning “angel”.
  8. Michelangelo. Here we have an Italian name that’s doubly angelic. It combines Angelo (meaning “angel”) and Michael (the name of an archangel in the Bible—more on him later). Michelangelo was also a famous Italian Renaissance sculptor and painter, if you want to inspire your little one’s creative side. 🎨

More male angel names

What could be more special than giving your little boy a name that he would share with an angel?

Here we have 17 names (all of Hebrew origin) belonging to angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition:

  1. Ananiel. The name of an archangel (that is, a super-important angel) venerated in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Ananiel has the refreshing meaning “rain of God” 🌧️.
  2. Azriel. Meaning “angel of God”, Azriel is actually the name of the angel of death in Islam and some Jewish traditions. Could work for you if you’re looking for a more gothic baby name.
  3. Camael. This is thought to be an alternate spelling of the name Hammuel, meaning “wrath of God”. Camael is the archangel of strength and courage in Jewish and Christian mythology.
  4. Cassiel or Castiel. Meaning “angel of Saturday”, Cassiel is an angel from medieval Jewish, Christian, and Islamic mysticism. He’s said to be the protector of Capricorns ♑, so this name is a good choice if you’re looking for names that mean guardian angel—especially for a baby born in December or January!
  5. Gabriel. A famous archangel in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition, Gabriel means “God is my strength”. Arabic versions of the name include Jibrail and Jibril.
  6. Haniel. Meaning “joy of God”, this upbeat name belongs to an archangel in Jewish mythology.
  7. Israfil. This means “angel who will blow the trumpet”. Israfil is an archangel in Islamic tradition and often considered the angel of music. 🎺
  8. Jophiel. The archangel of wisdom and understanding in Jewish and Christian mythology. His name means “God is my beauty”.
  9. Michael. In the New Testament, Michael is the archangel who leads the heavenly armies. But in Islamic tradition, where he’s known as Mikael, he is the angel of mercy who brings rain to the Earth. His name means “who is like God?”.
  10. Raguel. Meaning “friend of God”, Raguel is the name of an archangel in Jewish and Christian tradition.
  11. Raphael. One of the most famous archangels, along with Gabriel and Michael. The name means “God heals”.
  12. Raziel. Meaning “God is my mystery”. Raziel is venerated as an angel in Jewish mysticism.
  13. Remiel. Another archangel in Jewish and Christian tradition. This powerful name means “thunder of God”. 🌩️
  14. Suriel. An archangel venerated in the Coptic Orthodox Church. His name has a royal flavor: “Prince of God”. 👑
  15. Uriel. This archangel has a radiant name meaning “Light of God”.
  16. Zadkiel. Meaning “God is my righteousness”, this is the name of an archangel in Jewish mystical tradition. He is associated with freedom, benevolence, and mercy – not a bad role model!
  17. Zedekiel. Another archangel celebrated in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Zedekiel means “grace of God”.

What girl name means angel?

Okay, time to emerge from the heavenly host of angelic boys’ names. How about some girl names that mean angel? Here are 15 to give you inspiration:

  1. Abhinoor. A name of Indian origin meaning “angel” 😇. It could be shortened to “Abi”.
  2. Agnola. Meaning “angel” in Greek and “pure” in Italian.
  3. Anahera. This is a Māori name meaning “angel”.
  4. Angela. Of Latin origin, this angel name was the 250th most popular baby name in the US in 2020. As we’re about to see, different countries have their own versions of this well-loved name.
  5. Angelene. A Greek version of Angela.
  6. Angelica. A sweet version of Angela that’s popular in Italy, Poland, and Russia.
  7. Angelina. This time we’ve got a Spanish, Greek, Italian, and Russian version of Angela. Of course, Angelina has risen in popularity thanks to American actress Angelina Jolie. It was the 290th most popular baby name in the US in 2020.
  8. Angelique. Très belle! A French version of Angela.
  9. Angeni. This Native American name means “spirit” or “angel”.
  10. Aniela. Of Polish origin, meaning “angel”.
  11. Arella. A name of Hebrew origin, meaning “messenger from God” ✉️ or “angel”.
  12. Atchara. This angelic name heralds from Thailand.
  13. Evangeline. Although it has “angel” at its center, this Greek name actually means “good news”. It comes from the Greek words “eu” (“good”) and “angelma” (“news” or “tidings”). Perfect to celebrate the good news of your baby’s arrival.
  14. Lieke. A cute Dutch name that’s a short form of Angelique.
  15. Malaikah. Of Arabic origin, meaning “angel”.

More female angel names

Most of the well-known angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition have masculine names (though there’s no reason not to use one of them for your baby girl if you want to).

But there are some feminine versions of these angel names that are beautiful, too:

  1. Gabriella. An Italian feminine version of the Hebrew name Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength”. In Christian tradition, Gabriel is the archangel who visits Mary to tell her that she will give birth to Jesus—so this could be a lovely name for a Christmas baby. 🎄
  2. Gabrielle. Another feminine version of Gabriel, but this time of French origin.
  3. Michaela. A feminine version of the Hebrew name Michael, meaning “who is like God?”. In Christianity, he’s the leader of the heavenly armies, but in Islam, he’s the archangel of mercy.
  4. Michelle. This is a French feminine version of Michael. You can also spell it with one “l” to make “Michele” if you prefer.
  5. Rabia. A life-filled Arabic name, meaning “spring” 🌱. Rabia is also thought to be one of the angels who accompany the sun on its journey from dawn to dusk.
  6. Rafaela. This is a Spanish or Portuguese version of Raphaela (see below).
  7. Raphaela. A feminine version of the Hebrew name Raphael, meaning “God heals”. Raphael is another archangel in Jewish and Christian tradition.
  8. Seraphina. Taken from the Hebrew word “Seraphim”, referring to the highest-ranking angels in Christian tradition. These impressive beings each have six wings and hang out above God’s throne. But, that aside, Seraphina makes a very poetic name.

We hope you found some of these baby names meaning “angel” truly heavenly.

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