56 Harmonious Baby Names That Mean Balance

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

Looking for a name that will give your little one a strong footing in life? We’ve got you covered. Read on for these inspiring baby names that mean balance.

Baby Names That Mean Balance

A sense of balance can mean all sorts of things.


It can help you feel grounded and secure, see both sides of the picture, and find an inner fortitude to get you through rough times.

These names that mean balance speak to all of these qualities.

From names like to, we’ll do what we can to help you balance your name books.

In this article 📝

  • What name means balance?
  • What names mean peacemaker?
  • What name means duality?
  • What names stand for strength?

What name means balance?

We’ve divided our list into boys’ names and girls ‘names, but many of these options can work just as well for any gender.

If you find a name you like, it’s yours!

Girl names that mean balance

  1. Atlanta: As well as being Georgia’s capital city and a mythical Ancient Greek character who held up the heavens, Atlanta also means “unyielding” and “secure.”
  2. Cosima: This name is the female version of Cosmo. From Greek origins, it means “order” and “decency.”
  3. Justine: Justine, or its variant Justina, means “fair and just.”
  4. Libra: This one makes the list because it’s the zodiac sign represented by the scales. (Psst. If you’re looking for a host of Libra names to choose from, head here.)
  5. Samta: This girl’s name has Sanskrit origins and means “equality.”

Boy names that mean balance

  1. Adel: With Old German origins, this name has many other meanings, including “righteous,” “sincere,” “noble,” and “upright.”
  2. Adeel: This name has Arabic origins, meaning “one who acts with justness and fairness.”
  3. Cosmo: This otherworldly name also means “beauty” and “order.” It has Greek origins.
  4. Hitoshi: Meaning “level” and “even-tempered,” the name has Japanese origins.
  5. Isocrates: From Ancient Greek origins, this classic name means “equal power.”
  6. Justin: While waning slightly in popularity, this name never goes out of style. Like the feminine Justin, it means “fair” or “righteous.”
  7. Mik: This Hebrew boy’s name means “one who can stand equal to God.”
  8. Nadidah: This striking name has Arabic origins and means “equal respect for all.”
  9. Shiva: From its Sanskrit roots, Shiva means “gracious” and “kind.” It’s a particularly important entry on this list because Shiva is the source of yogic traditions.

What names mean peacemaker?

Someone who is a peacemaker has a deep desire to maintain harmony in whatever they do.

These baby names embody this sense of order and goodwill.

Girl names that mean peacemaker

  1. Amani: This name has different meanings depending on its origins. From Swahili roots, it means “peace.” And from Arabic origins, it means “wishes.”
  2. Concordia: This melodious Latin name means “peace” and “harmony.”
  3. Galene or Galena: The name means “tranquil” or “quiet,” derived from the Ancient Greek word, Galênê. Galene personifies the calm sea in Greek mythology.
  4. Harmonia: In Greek mythology, Harmonia was the goddess of concord and harmony.
  5. Honoka: This Japanese name has a few different meanings. One possibility is that it’s a combination of “harmony” and “flower.”
  6. Irina or Irene: With Ancient Greek origins, this girl’s name means “woman of peace.” In Greek mythology, the goddess Eirene is the personification of peace.
  7. Serenity: This girl’s name is taken from the English word serenity, meaning “peaceful.”
  8. Sheehan: An Anglicization of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Síodhacháin, Sheehan means “the peaceful one.”
  9. Vevila: This cute girl’s name has Irish origins and means “harmony.”
  10. Wakana: The girl’s name has Japanese origins and means “harmony,” “music,” and “complete.”
  11. Winifred: Meaning “peaceful friend,” this name has Welsh and English origins.

Boy names that mean peacemaker

  1. Alawn: This lovely name has Welsh origins and means “harmony.”
  2. Axl or Axel: The name has Scandinavian and Hebrew origins, meaning “my father is peace.”
  3. Callum: A name of Scottish Gaelic origins, Callum means “white dove,” the universal sign of peace.
  4. Galen: This name is the male version of Galene and means “tranquil” or “quiet.”
  5. Kazumi: From its Japanese roots, this name means “beautiful peace.”
  6. Irie: With Patois and Caribbean origins, this name means “cool” and “positive” or “peace and harmony.”
  7. Jonah: This name comes from the Hebrew word Yonah, meaning “dove.”
  8. Levi: Another Hebrew baby name, Levi means “joined in harmony.”
  9. Solomon: This name has Hebrew origins too and means “man of peace.

What name means duality?

If you’re looking for a name that’s about embracing both sides of the story and finding the balance between, read on.

  1. Ayodeji: From its Yoruba roots, Ayodeji means “double joy.” Now that’s one cheerful way to take to heart one’s duality.
  2. Dvita: An exquisite name of Indian origin, Dvita means “doubleness” or “duality,” and refers to a being that exists in two forms.
  3. Genji: With its Japanese roots, this boy’s name has a few different meanings depending on the kanji used. One of them? Two beginnings.
  4. Janus: From Latin roots, this name belonged to the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, doorways, and — yes — duality.
  5. Oladmeji: This rich name has Yoruba roots and means “wealth has become two.”

What names stand for strength?

Check out these mighty names that speak to the power in feeling balanced.

Girl names that stand for strength

  1. Adira: Don’t be fooled by the cute sound of this name — Adira means “powerful” and “strong.” It has Hebrew origins.
  2. Alsie: With Greek origins, Alsie means “strong-willed.”
  3. Andrea: This is the feminine version of Andrew and means “strong and masculine.”
  4. Bridget: From Irish origins, Bridget means “power,” “strength,” and “virtue.” Another possible meaning is “exalted one.”
  5. Briella: This Hebrew name means “God is my strength.”
  6. Etana: This unique girl’s name has Hebrew origins too and means “strength of purpose.”
  7. Isa: This girl’s name has German origins, meaning “strong-willed.”
  8. Karleen: With German origins, this name directly translates to “womanly strength.”
  9. Mildred: With its Old English origins, Mildred means “gentle strength.”
  10. Valentina: This sweet-sounding name means “healthy” and “strong” and has Latin roots.

Boy names that stand for strength

  1. Aaron: This name has Hebrew origins and means “mountain of strength.”
  2. Andrew: This popular name has Greek origins and means “strong and manly.”
  3. Arsenio: From its Spanish roots, Arsenio means “virile” and “strong.”
  4. Brian: With Irish origins, this common has a few possible meanings — “might,” “high,” and “noble.”
  5. Kano: From its Japanese roots, Kano means “masculine power.”
  6. Liam: This baby boy’s name means “strong-willed warrior” and has Irish origins.
  7. Oz: This unique name has Hebrew roots and means “strength” and “courage.”

We wish you all the best with your choice. 💖

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