50 Mysterious Baby Names That Mean Dark

50 Mysterious Baby Names That Mean Dark

The night and its shadows have much magic and mystery to offer. Baby names that mean dark capture this essence. Read on for our favorites.
Searching for a name representing the dark night that set the scene for your little one’s birth?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a bit of Gothic inspiration for your tiny mysterious beauty?

Or maybe you’re after a name that perfectly captures your baby’s gorgeous dark skin, hair, or eyes.

Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered with our list of 50 names that mean dark.

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  • What names mean dark?
  • What are some dark names?
  • Dark names for boys
  • What names mean night or dark?
  • What names mean dark and evil?
  • What name means dark angel?
  • What name means dark moon?
  • What Japanese name means dark?
  • What names mean dark beauty?

What names mean dark?

There are a surprising number of names meaning dark.

Many of these may be familiar to you — Kiera, Colton, Adrien, and Melanie, for example.

But you may not have known their meanings.

Some names literally translate to the word “dark,” whereas others are names related to it.

There’s so much that the word “dark” has to offer.

We talk about dark in relation to:

  • The amount of light
  • A color that is wholly or partially black
  • Something evil
  • A gloomy perspective
  • Something mysterious

With so many interpretations of the word, there’s much to choose from when it comes to dark names.

Whether you’re after dark girl names or dark boy names, we’ve got you covered.

Read on.

What are some dark names?

Dark names for girls

  1. Adriane or Adriene: This Latin name means “dark one.” Some beautiful variations of the name are Adria and Adriana.
  2. Blakesley: Of English origin, this name means “she who comes from the clearing of dark wolves.” We love the gothic drama of this name.
  3. Brunhild or Brunhilda: If you’re looking for a strong name meaning dark, this is it. With Old Norse and German origins, Brunhild means “dark,” “noble,” and “like battle armor.”
  4. Cierra: This Spanish name means “black, the darkest color of all.”
  5. Darcy: With Irish and French roots, this lovely name means “dark one” or “from the fortress.”
  6. Delaney: Of Irish origin, this name means “dark challenger.”
  7. Ebony: This nature name, of English origin, comes from a tree whose wood is dark and dense.
  8. Kerry: Meaning “dark” or “dark-haired,” Kerry is an Irish name.
  9. Kiera or Keira: Meaning “little dark one,” this Irish name has gained popularity in the US.
  10. Melanie or Melaney: This name has Greek origins and means “black,” “dark,” or “dark-skinned.”
  11. Zelda: Meaning “dark battle,” Zelda is an Old German name.
  12. Zilla: This Hebrew name means “shadow.”

Dark names for boys

  1. Adrian or Adrien: With its Latin origins, this name means “dark one.”
  2. Bellinor: This French name means “beautiful and dark person.”
  3. Cole: A classic English name, Cole means “swarthy, black coal.”
  4. Colby: This English name means “one who hails from a dark farm, where there is no form of light.” How’s that for gothic inspo?
  5. Donovan: This Irish Gaelic name means “dark.”
  6. Duncan: A classic Scottish name, Duncan means “dark warrior.”
  7. Kieran or Ciaran: This Irish name means “little dark one.” It’s a unisex name but generally more popular as a name for boys rather than girls.
  8. Moritz: This German name means “a person with a dark complexion.”
  9. Nigel: Of Irish origin, Nigel means “dark, black-haired.”
  10. Perran: This Cornish name means “little dark one.”
  11. Sullivan: Meaning “black-eyed one,” Sullivan is a name derived from an Irish surname.
  12. Tynan: This Irish Gaelic name means “dark and dusty.”

What names mean night or dark?

  1. Laylah: This Arabian name is perfect for girls born at night because one meaning of it is “night.” Another meaning is “dark beauty.” Other variations of the name are Lila, Leila, and Layla.
  2. Rajani: This Sanskrit name for girls means “dark” or “of the night.”
  3. Orpheus: This boy’s name comes from Greek mythology and means “the darkness of the night.”
  4. Nox: This Latin unisex name means “night.”

What names mean dark and evil?

  1. Ammit: This Ancient Egyptian name for girls means “devourer of the dead.”
  2. Keres: This female name of Greek origin means “destruction of the dead.” In Greek mythology, Keres were female death spirits who would feed on the bodies of the dead.
  3. Persephone: This ancient Greek name for girls means “bringer of death.” And while that might sound like it falls a little too far on the dark side, she’s also the goddess of spring and nature.
  4. Birsha: This is a Hebrew name for boys and means “evil” or “son of wickedness.”
  5. Náli: This Old Norse name for boys means “dead person.”
  6. Ubel: This boy’s name from Germany means “evil.”

What name means dark angel?

These are names that mean dark angels or belong to fallen angels.

  1. Abaddon: This Hebrew name means “destroyer.” In the Christian faith, Abaddon is said to be one of the chief demons.
  2. Akutenshi: This Japanese name means “evil angels.”
  3. Dabria: This English name for girls means “an angel of death.”
  4. Kimaris: This is the name of a demon who is a fearless warrior on a black horse.

What name means dark moon?

Here are some names that mean dark moon or new moon, the phase which brings the darkest skies.

  1. Esmeray: Meaning “dark moon,” this Turkish name can also be shortened to Esme.
  2. Neoma: This lovely name comes from the Greek word for “new moon.”
  3. Taini: This Omaha name means “returning moon.”

What Japanese name means dark?

There are many Japanese names that mean dark.

  1. Chi: This name for both boys and girls means “black.” It’s often used in reference to the darkness of the soul.
  2. Kai: Another unisex name, two of the meanings for Kai are “black” and “mystery.”
  3. Kuro: This girl’s name means “black.”
  4. Yami: Like Kai, Yami is a unisex name and means “darkness.”

What names mean dark beauty?

Got yourself a dark-haired, dark-eyed, or dark-skinned little girl?

Here are a few names that mean dark beauty.

  1. Adrielle / Adriel: With Latin roots, this name refers to women from Hadria, the Adriatic sea region. And it also means “dark one.”
  2. Dee: With its origins in Ireland, Dee means “dark and sacred Goddess.”
  3. Duvessa: This Irish name has a number of variations like Dubheasa, Duvesa, Duvesah and Duvessah.
  4. Fascienne: This Latin name means “a woman of dark beauty.”
  5. Sauda: This name has Swahili origins and is pronounced sah-OO-dah.

And that’s it — our list of dark names for your baby boy or girl.

If you need more inspiration, check out our list of baby names that mean night or baby names that mean moon.

And what about using a name meaning dark as a second name to a name meaning light?

The perfect balance.

All the best with our choice!

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