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50 Baby Names That Mean Fire

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Nature-inspired baby names are timeless, and baby names that mean fire are particularly enchanting.

That’s why we’ve selected our favorite fiery names, perfect for your little boy or girl. We’ve even thrown in some unisex fire baby names for good measure.

Baby Names That Mean Fire

Hopefully, some of these will spark an idea and ignite your imagination!

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  • What baby names mean fire?
  • 20 baby girl names that mean fire
  • 20 baby boy names that mean fire
  • 5 unisex names that mean fire

What baby names mean fire?

You might be surprised to learn that some very popular baby names have fiery roots. The most popular fire names in the US are:

  1. Aiden: This name has Gaelic origins and means “little fire”. It’s consistently been in the top 50 baby boy names for the past two decades and comes in at number 13 among the most popular American boys names in 2021.
  2. Blaze: What name represents fire? If you’re looking for an unmistakably fiery name, Blaze might be it. Originally the name of a Christian saint and martyr (Blaise), Blaze can mean “fiery one”.
  3. Bridget: This name has divine origins—it comes from the Irish goddess of fire, Briga. There are variations of the spelling, such as Bridgit, Briget, or Brigid, and the name is also associated with strength and vigor.
  4. Ember: Meaning “spark” or “burning low”, the name Ember has a delightful warmth. It also invokes the image of a piece of coal glowing on a fire. It can be shortened to the very cute Em.
  5. Hugo: This name comes from “Hugh” or the Gaelic “Aodh”, which means, you guessed it, fire.

20 baby girl names that mean fire

What girl name means flame? Here are our 20 favorite baby girl names that mean fire, in alphabetical order:

  1. Adeen: Similar to its masculine form (Aiden), this name means “little fire” or “flame”.
  2. Anala: This elegant-sounding name comes from the Hindi word for fire.
  3. Azula: This Spanish name means “blue fire” and is one of the main characters in Avatar, The Last Airbender.
  4. Bedelia: This name means strength and is associated with the Irish goddess of fire.
  5. Britt: A name with Scandinavian roots, this is another name linked to a fire goddess.
  6. Calida: A Latin name that means “heated” or “fiery”.
  7. Cyra: This name means “sun” or “born in the light” in Persian.
  8. Eilidh: A popular Scottish baby girl’s name, Eilidh means “sun” or “radiant one”.
  9. Eliane: Sharing Hebrew, Greek, and Latin origins, this name also means “sun”.
  10. Enya: Popularised by the Irish singer, this name is steeped in Celtic tradition. Much like her music, if you’re looking for a calming, peaceful name, Enya is an excellent choice.
  11. Fiamma: This sizzling name means “fiery one” and originates from the Italian word for flame.
  12. Hestia: A name with mythological origins, Hestia was the Greek goddess of the hearth and home.
  13. Idalia: This lyrical Italian name means “behold the sun”.
  14. McKenna: Originally a surname, McKenna is said to have originated from the Celtic god of fire. It can be shortened to Kenna.
  15. Oriane: This elegant name conjures a happy image of the sunrise, which is what it means in French. Lovely.
  16. Seraphina: This enchanting name means “fiery” or “burning”.
  17. Solveig: A bright and cheerful name, this Scandinavian first name (pronounced Soul-vay) means “daughter of the sun”.
  18. Tana: This Greek name means “fire” or “star goddess”.
  19. Tanwen: This name has Welsh roots and means “white” or “holy” fire.
  20. Vesta: Another goddess of the hearth, Vesta is the Roman version.

20 baby boy names that mean fire

Check out our top 20 boys names that mean fire:

  1. Adan: The Spanish version of Adam, this name also shares roots in the Hebrew word “adamah”, which means fire or earth.
  2. Agni: A name that owes its legacy to the Hindu god of fire of the same name.
  3. Apollo: One of the most famous gods in Greek mythology, Apollo is a strong name that means “Sun god”.
  4. Brandr: An ancient name that means “fire” or “sword blade” in Old Norse.
  5. Brenton: This name originates from the Old English word for fire, Bryne.
  6. Cole: You guessed it, this name comes from the charcoal or “coal” needed to keep a fire burning.
  7. Cyrus: This wholesome boy’s name means “one who cares or is friendly and warm”.
  8. Drake: This mighty name is a nod to fire-breathing folklore as it means “dragon”.
  9. Egan: Of Irish origin, this name literally means “fire”.
  10. Fintan: The option to shorten this name to Finn makes it a cute, cool name for a little boy. Of Irish origin, it means “white fire”.
  11. Flint: Another quite literal name. Flint can be used to create a spark to start a fire.
  12. Helios: This regal name comes from the Greek Sun god, who was pulled across the sky by a chariot and four horses.
  13. Ignatius: A Latin name that means “fiery one”.
  14. Kai: In some cultures, this name means sea, but in Scottish lore, it means “fire”.
  15. Kenneth: This name can be shortened to Ken and means “handsome” or “fire-born”.
  16. Loki: More recently, a popular Marvel villain, Loki was the Norse god of mischief, closely associated with fire and magic. The Old Norse “Logi” literally means “fire”.
  17. Rhys: The name Rhys originates from the old Welsh Ris, which means “dragon” or “fiery warrior”.
  18. Tanguy: A name with Breton and French origins, Tanguy means “firedog” or “fire warrior”.
  19. Uri: A passionate name that means “my fire, my flame”.
  20. Vulcan: The name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan means “to flash”. Nowadays, it’s more commonly associated with the pointy-eared humanoids on Star Trek.

5 unisex names that mean fire

  1. Phoenix: The immortal bird from Greek and Egyptian mythology, this name is associated with resilience, strength, and rebirth.
  2. Ash: Originating from the English “ash tree”, this natural name is a great unisex option.
  3. Hayden: A top 200 boy’s name in the USA, this name would also suit a little girl. Actress Hayden Panettiere and actor Hayden Christensen are notable namesakes.
  4. Sol: Meaning “sun”, this centuries-old name has been given to little boys and girls alike.
  5. Keegan: This cheerful name means “son of the fiery one”. While it was traditionally a male name, it has slowly grown in popularity as a girl’s name, too.

Found a fire baby name you like? Share it with the mamas of Peanut.

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