56 Creative Baby Names That Mean Gift

56 Creative Baby Names That Mean Gift

Names that mean gift are a great way to celebrate how much your little one means to you. Our list of 56 ideas will help you make the perfect choice.
Having a baby can feel like the most precious blessing you’ve ever received.

So why not honor your little one with a name that reflects those feelings?

We’ve brought together a list of creative names that mean gift to do just that.

The ideas here come from every corner of the globe.

So whether you’re looking for something new or traditional, mama, we’ve got you covered!

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  • What’s a name that means gift?
  • What names mean precious gift?
  • What name means God’s precious gift?
  • What name means gift or blessing?

What’s a name that means gift?

There are great names that mean gift for both boys and girls. Here are some of our favorites.

Girl names that mean gift

  1. Adora: This melodic name has roots in Greek, Latin, and Old English and means “a gift” or “beloved.”
  2. Aldora: This lovely Greek name is the perfect choice for little angels! It means “winged gift.”
  3. Anjali: Another exotic choice, Anjali comes from Sanskrit and means simply “gift.”
  4. Beatrice: Beatrice means “she who brings happiness.” It can also be spelled Beatris if you’re looking for something more unusual.
  5. Darina: This sweet Slavic name simply means “gift.”
  6. Dora: Dora comes from Greek origins, and it literally means “gift.”
  7. Hadiya: An Arabic name meaning “gift.”
  8. Isadora: The mystical Isadora means “gift from Isis,” the ancient Egyptian goddess. The older spelling is Isidora.
  9. Pandora: Pandora is a famous character in Greek mythology. The name is usually taken to mean “all-gifted.” But some classical scholars translate it as “all-giving” instead.

Boy names that mean gift

  1. Ata: This Arabic name can also be spelled Ataa, and means ”gift.” It’s also a Turkish name meaning “ancestor.”
  2. Ayaan: A Hindu name, Aayan can mean both “God’s gift” and “one who is religious.”
  3. Darion: The masculine form of Dora, Darion comes from the Greek and means “gift.”
  4. Ihab: Another Arabic name, this too means “gift.”
  5. Niaz: Another example that means simply “gift,” this is a Farsi name from Persia.
  6. Sachar: A variant of the Hebrew Yesachar, Sachar also means “gift.”
  7. Shai: Similar to Sachar, Shai has the same meaning and comes from Aramaic.
  8. Suday: Another Hindu name, Sunday means “gift.”
  9. Upayan: This name meaning “gift” has Bengali roots.

What names mean precious gift?

Want to emphasize how important your little peanut is to you?

These lovely names all underline how precious they are.

  1. Azizi: This unusual name is Swahili and means “precious treasure.”
  2. Callidora: This beautiful name comes from Greece and means “gift of beauty.”
  3. Carwyn: A Welsh name usually used for boys, Carwyn means “love,” “blessed,” and “gift” all in one.
  4. Daimana: This lyrical Hawaiian name means “diamond.”
  5. Gemma: This girl’s name means “precious stone.”
  6. Kito: A Swahili name that means “precious jewel.”
  7. Lulu: Often used as an affectionate nickname for Louise, Lulu is also a name in its own right. It has Hawaiian and Tanzanian roots and means “precious,” “pearl,” and “protected.”
  8. Nadirah: An Arabic girl’s name that means “precious and rare.”
  9. Precious: Why not keep things simple? Precious is often used as a girl’s name.
  10. Talei: This name is used by the Torres Strait Islanders and means “precious one.”

What name means God’s precious gift?

These lovely names reflect religious beliefs through the ages, from classical Greek gods to Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism.

  1. Aanshi: This pretty name comes from India and means “she who is a gift from God.”
  2. Apollina: A Greek girl’s name, Apollina means “gift from Apollo.”
  3. Apikai: This name comes from Hawaii and means “gift of God.”
  4. Bogdan: A Slavic boy’s name that means “God has given.”
  5. Daivik: This Hindu boy’s name means “gift from God.”
  6. Dervash: Another Hindu name usually used for boys, Dervash means “God’s gift.”
  7. Dorothy: This classic name is an English take on the Greek Dora and means “God’s Gift.” Dorothea is an elegant alternative.
  8. Ecrin: This Turkish name can be used for girls or boys. It means “gift of God.”
  9. Fyodor: A Russian take on Theodore, which means “God’s gift.”
  10. Jesse: Although it’s more usually used for boys, Jesse makes a lovely girl’s name too. It comes from Hebrew and means “God’s gift.”
  11. Jon: Means “God is gracious” or “gift of Jehovah.”
  12. Joan: The feminine version of Jon. Other variants include Joanne, Joanna, and Johanna.
  13. Keona: Keona is a Hawaiian name that’s usually used for girls. It means “God’s gracious gift.”
  14. Matana: Another name that means “God’s gift,” Matana is the feminine version of the Hebrew name Matthew.
  15. Matthew: And speaking of Matthew, this was the name of one of Jesus’s apostles. It means “the gift of Yahweh,” the Aramaic name for God.
  16. Nathan: The Biblical Nathan was one of the sons of King David. The name means “gift of God” or “God has given.”
  17. Theodore: Famously the name of a former US president, Theodore means “gift from God.” And for little ones, Teddy is a cute abbreviation.
  18. Theodora: This beautiful name is the feminine version of Theodore.
  19. Tudor: The Welsh equivalent of Theodore.

What name means gift or blessing?

Looking for a name that’s more spiritual than religious?

These ideas could be perfect.

  1. Barack: Another name made famous by a former President of the United States, Barack is a Swahili name and means “blessing.”
  2. Benedict: Nowadays found amongst the English upper classes, this name comes from Latin and also means “blessing.”
  3. Bennett: Another boy’s name and a variation on Benedict.
  4. Benedicta: The feminine form of Benedict. Benedetta is the poetic Italian variant.
  5. Delyth: A girl’s name from Wales, Delyth means both “blessed” and “pretty.”
  6. Eliodoro: This Spanish name is typically used for boys and means “gift of the sun.”
  7. Gwen: This Welsh girl’s name means “blessed” and comes in variants, including Gwenda and Guinivere.
  8. Leilani: This Hawaiian name means “heavenly child.”
  9. Megumi: A Japanese girl’s name that means simply “blessing.”

Names that mean gift or blessing are a wonderful way to express your gratitude for your little one.

We hope some of the options here have made your shortlist!

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