70+ Precious Baby Names That Mean Gold

70+ Precious Baby Names That Mean Gold

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? You might just mine a match from these gorgeous baby names that mean gold.
Hailing from all corners of the globe, these exquisite names that mean gold reflect this magnificent metal’s beauty, resilience, and luxury.

Gold is a precious metal with all sorts of applications, from purely aesthetic to incredibly useful.

It’s not hard to see why people from all over the world have used it to adorn their bodies and their homes.

But its uses don’t stop with the gawk-worthiness of its glorious glisten.

Because of its sheer strength—yep, it doesn’t corrode or tarnish—it’s used in various technological devices and electronics.

And names that mean gold bring with them this mighty combination of strength and beauty.

Choose from one of the many classical names like Aurelia and Chrysanthos.

Or opt for names that mean “golden flower,” like Millaray or Nubit.

Or perhaps you’d like to go for a name that reflects the beauty of the golden dawn, like Aurum.

Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to explore? Let’s go for gold.

In this article 📝

  • Our favorite names meaning gold
  • What names are related to gold?
  • What are girl names that mean gold?
  • What boy name means gold?
  • What gender-neutral names mean gold?

Our favorite names meaning gold

These names either mean gold or are gold inspired.

From names that are born right from the precious metal itself to those that praise the golden color that paints dusk and dawn, these golden names offer choices for everyone.

What name means golden one?

  1. Aurelia. A classical name with Latin roots, Aurelia means “the golden one.”
  2. Aurelius. Also from Latin roots, Aurelius is the masculine version of Aurelia and means “the golden one.” If you’ve found wisdom in the Meditations of Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius, this name might be the perfect tip of the hat.
  3. Golding. This sweet and shiny British name means “little golden one.”

What names are related to gold?

We’ve divided our list into girl names, boy names, and gender-neutral names to show their most popular uses.

But this is your journey.

If you find a name that feels like the perfect fit, then may we say, you’ve struck gold.

What are girl names that mean gold?

Here’s a selection of 24 Karat names for your baby girl.

  1. Aouregan. “One with a golden face”
  2. Aranka. This Hungarian name simply means “gold.”
  3. Aurea. With its Latin root, Aurea means “golden.”
  4. Auriel. This one has Latin roots too and means “gold.”
  5. Chrysanthi. Like its masculine counterpart, Chrysanthos, Chrystanthi means “golden flower.”
  6. Gilda. The sweet name either means “golden” or “gilded.” And for fans of comedian and actor Gilda Radner, this one might be an ideal fit.
  7. Golda. This one has gold right in its core. Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir is a famous example.
  8. Goldie. Award-winning actor Goldie Hawn is one owner of this sparkling name.
  9. Hema. With its Hindi roots, Hema means “golden” or “beautiful.”
  10. Kanchana. From Sanskrit roots, Kanchana means “golden.”
  11. Millaray. This name comes from the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina. It means “golden flower.”
  12. Nubia. From Egyptian roots, Nubia means “gold.”
  13. Nubit. “Golden flower”
  14. Ofira or Ophira. With its Hebrew origins, these unique names mean—you guessed it— “gold.”
  15. Orabelle. “Gold beauty”
  16. Oralie. From Latin roots, this French name means “golden.”
  17. Orlaith. This one’s of Irish origins and means “golden princess.”
  18. Paziah. With its Hebrew origins, Paziah means “the gold of Jehovah.”
  19. Peta. From the Blackfoot of North America, Peta means “golden eagle.”
  20. Rezarta. “Golden ray”
  21. Rosaura. “Golden rose
  22. Rukmini. “Adorned with gold”
  23. Sona. This Sanskrit name means “golden.”
  24. Sonal. This Indian name means both “golden” and “soft hearted.”
  25. Sovanna. This Cambodian name means “golden” or “dream.”
  26. Urrea. “Gold”
  27. Vosgedzam. This Armenian name means “golden hair.”
  28. Vosgi. Another Armenian option, Vosgi means “gold.”
  29. Worknesh. This Amharic name means “you are like gold.”
  30. Yari. With its Caribbean roots, Yari means “gold.”
  31. Zareen. “Golden”
  32. Zarbanu. “Golden lady”
  33. Zarina. With its Persian roots, Zarina means “golden.”
  34. Zlata. This name has Slavic roots and means “golden.”
  35. Zlota. From Yiddish roots, Zlota also means “golden.”

What boy name means gold?

And these are our top picks for boy names that mean gold:

  1. Abrik. “As precious as gold”
  2. Abriz. This Arabic name means “pure gold.”
  3. Afwerki. With its Eritrean and Ethiopian roots, Afwerki means “mouth of gold.”
  4. Ardit. This Albanian name means “gold-day.”
  5. Aureliano. If you’re looking for a golden Spanish option, this one could be it.
  6. Auryn. This one has Celtic roots and also means “gold.”
  7. Chrysanthos. With its Greek roots, Chrysanthos means “golden flower.” This name has belonged to saints, priests, artists, and generals.
  8. Chryses. A Trojan priest of Apollo, Chryses has a name meaning “golden.”
  9. Eurig. This one has Welsh roots and, yep, means “gold.”
  10. Flavius. This Ancient Roman name means “golden” or “blonde.”
  11. Okropir. With its Georgian roots, Okropir means “gold mouth.”
  12. Oriol. From Catalan origins, Oriol means “golden.”
  13. Orlando. Meaning “land of gold,” Orlando is the name of one of the leads in Shakespeare’s As You Like It.
  14. Oro. This sweet and simple Spanish name means “gold.”
  15. Orville. From French roots, Orville means “golden town.” If this sounds familiar to you, it might be because of Orville Redenbacher popcorn.
  16. Rezart. With its Albanian origins, Rezart means “golden ray.”
  17. Urre. This Basque name means “gold.”
  18. Workneh. Like the feminine version Worknesh, Workneh is of Albanian roots and means “you are gold.”
  19. Zahavi. This one has Hebrew roots and means “gold.”
  20. Zarathustra. From Persian origins, Zarathustra means “golden camel.”
  21. Zlatan. With Slavic roots, Zlatan means “golden.”

What gender-neutral names mean gold?

Finally, if you’re looking for a name that is used in a gender-neutral way, try one of these beauties:

  1. Aurum. The Latin word for “gold,” Aurum also means “golden dawn.”
  2. Jinhua. This Chinese name means “brilliance of gold.”
  3. Jinyu. “Precious gold.”
  4. Kanok. From Thai roots, Kanok means “gold.”
  5. Kulta. This one has Finnish origins and means “gold.”
  6. Lipaz. From Hebrew roots, this one means “my gold.”
  7. Olaedo. This lovely Igbo name means “gold” or “precious.”
  8. Souvankham. This Lao name means “precious gold.”
  9. Souvanna. This one’s also of Lao origin and means “gold.”
  10. Swarna. From its Sanskrit roots, Swarna means “golden color.”
  11. Vanna. With its Cambodian roots, Vanna means “golden.”
  12. Voski. This Armenian name simply means “gold.”
  13. Yari. “Gold”

Whatever name you choose, your baby is sure to shine. Good luck, mama!

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