95 Baby Names That Mean Healer

95 Baby Names That Mean Healer

Names that mean healer evoke ideas of care, compassion, and gentleness.

Whether you want to inspire your child to become a healer of the body or of hearts and minds, these names can be a powerful beginning for their journey.

For an unusual name, you might want to pick the name of a god or goddess renowned for their healing powers.

Or maybe you want to opt for a more classic name that belonged to a famous doctor or nurse.

Whatever your preference, we hope you find a name that’s a perfect fit for your little one.

In this article: 📝

  • What boy names mean healer?
  • What is a female name for healer?
  • Gender-neutral names that mean healer

What boy names mean healer?

Let’s start with some beautiful boy names that mean healer or are associated with healing:

  1. Josiah: This name of Hebrew origin means “God supports, heals”. It belongs to a righteous king of Judah in the Bible. Another famous bearer of the name was Josiah Bartlett, an American Founding Father and—appropriately—a physician.
  2. Josias: A Latin variation of Josiah.
  3. Kaison: Meaning “warrior” and “healer”.
  4. Raphael: The name of an archangel (and patron of doctors) in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic tradition, Raphael is of Hebrew origin and means “God heals”. The Spanish spelling is Rafael.
  5. Bhesaj: Meaning “Lord Vishnu; The Healer”. This Indian boy’s name honors the Hindu deity’s restorative role in the face of chaos and destructive forces.

What Greek boy name means healer?

We’ve the ancient Greeks to thank for the concept of a “healthy body, healthy mind”.

So, if you’re thinking Greek boy names must include a wealth of names that mean healer, you’re not wrong.

It just may not include Hippocrates (that one means “horse power”).

6 Galen: Galen of Pergamon was a second-century Greek physician and philosopher in the Roman Empire. His ideas influenced medical science in the West for more than 1000 years. Plus, his name means “calm” or “healer”.

7. Asclepius: He’s the son of Apollo and a god of medicine and healing. His daughters, the Asclepiades, were also associated with healing and health in different ways. (You’ll meet some of them in the girls’ name section below!) Asclepius’ snake-entwined staff, the rod of Asclepius, is still used as a symbol of medicine today. ⚕️

8. Jason: A Greek name that means “to heal”. In Greek myth, Jason was the leader of the group of heroes called the Argonauts, who went on a quest for the Golden Fleece. 🐏

More boy names that mean healer

So these boy names don’t strictly mean “healer” but they do signal and celebrate symbols the act of healing in all its forms.

From healing ancient deities to historic figures devoted to providing ease and relief, here are the very best male healer names:

  1. Akasi: A Filipino god of health.
  2. Alaunus: A Celtic god of healing and the sun. ☀️
  3. Apollo: In Greek mythology, Apollo is the son of Zeus and the god of medicine, music, and poetry. The name also has an interesting link to space exploration through NASA’s Apollo program. 🛰
  4. Asa is a Hebrew name meaning “healer” or “born in the morning” (in Japanese).
  5. Atepomarus: A Celtic-Gaulish god of healing.
  6. Borvo: A Celtic god of healing, linked to spring water.
  7. Camillus: A 16th-century Italian saint and patron saint of hospitals and nurses. Camillus overcame a gambling addiction and devoted the rest of his life to caring for the sick. The name is of Latin origin, meaning “attendant at a religious ceremony”.
  8. Chiron: In Greek mythology, he’s a centaur famous for his skill with medicine and healing. His name means “hand”.
  9. Damien: Meaning “tame” to “subdue”, Demien gets its strong healing associations from the 19th-century missionary Father Damien. Described as a “martyr of charity,” Father Damien is venerated as a saint for his dedication to providing medical and emotional support to people with leprosy.
  10. Edward: After Edward Jenner, the 18th-century British physician. Jenner is often called “the father of immunology” because he created the world’s first vaccine—for smallpox. Edward is an English name meaning “wealthy guardian”.
  11. Eshmun: The Phoenician god of healing, he’s often associated with Asclepius.
  12. Glanis: A Celtic god of healing linked to the town of Glanum, in France, known for its healing spring.
  13. Grannus: Celtic god of healing spas.
  14. Hippocrates: One of the most well-known physicians in history. His name means “horse power”.
  15. Iovantucarus: Celtic god of healing and youth.
  16. Ixtlilton: The Aztec god of medicine.
  17. Joseph: After Joseph Lister. He was a 19th-century British surgeon and scientist who saved many lives by promoting sterile surgery, leading to fewer infections in patients. Joseph is another Hebrew name, meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  18. Lenus: A Celtic god worshipped at various healing springs in eastern Gaul. He was closely associated with the Roman god Mars.
  19. Lugh: Pagan god of healing and art.
  20. Luke: One of the four Gospel writers, Luke the Evangelist is also the patron saint of physicians and surgeons. Luke is a Greek name meaning “man from Lucania.”
  21. Maponus: The name of an ancient Celtic god of youth and youthfulness, Maponus means “Great Son”. In Roman Britain, he was linked with Apollo.
  22. Maximón: A Mayan deity and folk saint who is the patron of health.
  23. Patecatl: The Aztec god of healing.
  24. Rafe: This is a popular name in England and means “wolf-counsel”. But it would also make a great short form of Raphael.
  25. Sukunahikona: Japanese god of medicine.
  26. Talanganay: A Filipino god-spirit said to heal by entering the bodies of healers.
  27. Vejovis: Roman god of healing.

What is a female name for healer?

Across cultures, women have long been healers—stretching as far back as ancient times.

As Shamans, midwives, nurses, and even priestesses, women have been using herbal medicines and sharing their secrets to bring ease into the world.

So, best believe there are plenty of girl names that mean healer:

  1. Aceso: In Greek mythology, one of the daughters of the god Asclepius. She’s the goddess of the healing process, and her name actually means “healing”.
  2. Althea: Another Greek mythical figure, Althea was the mother of the hero Meleager, and her name means “with healing power”. Thea would make a cute short form.
  3. Galena: A feminine version of Galen, meaning “healer”.
  4. Iaso: Also a daughter of Asclepius, she’s the goddess of recuperation from illness, and her name means “healing”, “recovering”, and “recuperation”.
  5. Panacea: Yep, another daughter of Asclepius! She’s the goddess of universal remedy, and her name means “a cure for all ills”.
  6. Rafaela: A feminine version of Rafael, meaning “God has healed”.

Who was the Greek female healer?

Sadly, despite being more than capable, women were forbidden from practicing medicine in ancient Greece.

That doesn’t mean you’re without inspiration for Greek healer names for your babe:

  1. Agnodice: Meaning “chaste before justice”, this Greek girl’s name represents the legendary first female physician in Ancient Greece. Disguising herself as a man, Agnodice studied and practiced midwifery in Athens, becoming a popular physician to female patients. Eventually, she was found out but saved from death by the women of Athens—resulting in the changing of the law and women to return to the realms of medicine once more.

More girl names that mean healer

For girl names that mean healer, we’re taking our cue from goddesses, saints, and pioneering medical women from history:

  1. Airmed: In Irish mythology, she was a goddess renowned for healing injured warriors. All the healing herbs of the world are said to have sprung from the earth when it was watered by her tears.
  2. Anahit: The Armenian goddess of healing and fertility, linked to water.
  3. Anandi: Anandi Gopal Joshi was the first Indian female doctor of Western medicine after graduating from the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1886. Her name means “bringer of joy”.
  4. Angitia: Roman goddess of magic and healing.
  5. Aušrinė: A Baltic god of health and medicine.
  6. Brigid: Another goddess from Irish mythology, Brigid was associated with healing, wisdom, and protection. The name means “exalted one” in Old Irish. You could also choose a variation of the name, such as Bridget or Brigitte.
  7. Cabuyaran: A Filipino goddess of healing.
  8. Cardea: Roman goddess of health.
  9. Catherine: After St Catherine of Siena, patron saint of nurses. Catherine lived in the 14th century and dedicated her life to caring for the sick. Her name is of Greek origin, meaning “pure”.
  10. Elizabeth: After St Elizabeth of Hungary, patron saint of nurses and caregivers. Although born into royalty in the 13th century, she chose to live simply and tend to the poor and sick. And there’s also Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in the US to become a medical doctor. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “pledged to God”.
  11. Emşi: Meaning “healer” in Kazakh.
  12. Feronia: The Roman goddess of fertility, nature, health, and abundance. Feronia is a Latin name meaning “untamed” or “of the field”.
  13. Florence: After Florence Nightingale, famous for caring for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War and nicknamed “The Lady with the Lamp” for her night-time rounds. Of Latin origin, Florence means “flourishing” or “prosperous”.
  14. Hera: Queen of the Greek gods on Mount Olympus, Hera was revered as the protector of women during childbirth.
  15. Ianuaria: A Celtic goddess revered at a healing spring in Burgundy.
  16. Isis: Egyptian goddess of healing, magic, and marriage.
  17. Jane: After Dr. Jane Cooke Wright, the first woman president of the New York Cancer Society who undertook pioneering research into chemotherapy. Jane is a name of English origin, meaning “God is gracious”.
  18. Mariamman: Hindu goddess of medicine, rain, and plagues.
  19. Mary: After Mary Eliza Mahoney, the first African American nurse in history to graduate from an American nursing school and one of the first black members of what became the American Nurses Association. Mary is a Hebrew name that may mean “drop of the sea”, “bitter”, or “beloved”.
  20. Menalam: A Filipino goddess-spirit said to heal by using the body of healers.
  21. Ragana: A Baltic deity known for protecting healers.
  22. Sekhmet: The Egyptian goddess of healing and medicine, often depicted as a lioness.
  23. Sendagilea: Meaning “healer” in Basque.
  24. Serket: Another Egyptian goddess, she’s in charge of fertility, medicine, nature, and the healing of venomous stings and bites (very specific!).
  25. Shauska: The most important goddess in the ancient Hurrian religion, she’s associated with love, war, and healing.
  26. Sirona: A Celtic goddess associated with healing springs, her name means “star”.
  27. Valetudo: The Roman goddess of health and cleanliness.
  28. Vaidya: Meaning “healer” in Kannada.
  29. Ziva: This is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “life”. But it also belongs to a Slavic goddess of life and fertility.
  30. Żywie: Slavic goddess of healing and health.

Gender-neutral names that mean healer

After some gender-neutral healer names to work for boys, girls, and they-bies? We’ve got you covered:

  1. Aja: A Yoruba forest spirit known to heal using herbs.
  2. Chilyoja: Meaning “healer” in Korean.
  3. Curandero: Meaning “healer” in Catalan.
  4. Daktari: This name of Swahili origin means “doctor” or “healer”.
  5. Dhanvantari: Hindi healer of the gods.
  6. Eir: In Norse mythology, a goddess associated with medical skill and healing. Her name means “protection”, “help”, or “mercy”.
  7. Fewashi: Meaning “healer” in Amharic.
  8. Haoma: Persian god of health.
  9. Heka: A god of magic and medicine in ancient Egypt. His name is the Egyptian word for “magic”. ✨
  10. Helem: Of Arabic origin, meaning “dreaming” or “healing”.
  11. James: After the doctor James McCune Smith. Born in 19th-century New York, Smith was the first African American doctor to have his own practice in the US. He also devoted much of his life to working to abolish slavery. James is a Hebrew name meaning “supplanter”.
  12. Jengu: After the African water spirits said to cure disease.
  13. Kadaklan: A Filipino deity who taught people how to heal themselves.
  14. Kaiwhakaora: Meaning “healer” in Māori.
  15. Leighis: Meaning “healer” in Irish.
  16. Loco: The Yoruba patron of healers.
  17. Ninurta: An ancient Mesopotamian god associated with healing, farming, and hunting. Ninurta is a Sumerian name that may mean “Lord of Barley”.
  18. Shërimi: Meaning “healing” in Albanian.
  19. Sonzwaphi: The Zulu god of healing.
  20. Swnw: Pronounced “soo-noo”, this is the ancient Egyptian word for “healer”.

What Japanese name means healer?

Wish to honor your heritage and Japan’s historic healing practices?

Why not try:

  1. Hīrā: This sweet Japanese name means “healer”.
  2. Iyashi: Meaning “healing”.
  3. Koju: A Japanese boy’s name meaning “heal” or “peace”.

Does Lee mean healer?

A unisex name of English origin, Lee (or Leigh) means “pasture, meadow”.

But the green, grassy feel of the name certainly reminds us of the healing power of nature.

We hope you find the perfect name for your little one from our list of baby names that mean healer.

If you want a second opinion, feel free to ask your Peanut community. We think you’ll fit right in.

Happy choosing!

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