58 Baby Names That Mean Hope

58 Baby Names That Mean Hope

Baby names that mean hope can impart strength, optimism, and courage and help you move to the brighter days ahead. These are our favorites.
Hope sustains us through difficult times and tells us that brighter days will come. It is, as the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle told us, a waking dream.

Names like Hope became popular all the way back in the 16th Century when parents wished to pass on virtuous qualities to their children through their names.

Today, virtue names like Grace and Asher still find themselves on the US’s top 100 baby names lists — and it’s not hard to see why.

Names meaning hope will remind your little one that anything is possible and that sunshine always follows the rain.

Ready to explore our favorites? Some of these baby names mean hope, while other names mean hopeful meanings like “hope and strength” and “new beginnings”.

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Names that mean hope

Here are some of our favorites, some have literal meanings of “hope”, while others are a bit more spiritual:

  1. Amal. Perfect for a boy or girl, Amal is a gender-neutral Arabic name that means “hope” or “inspiration.”
  2. Asha/Asher. With many origins — Swahili, Hindi, and Sanskrit — this baby name meaning “hope and life” can be used for a boy or a girl.
  3. Bodhi. This name with Indian origins means “awakening enlightenment” and can be used for both boys and girls.
  4. Deene. With French roots, this beautiful baby name means “hope.”
  5. Kit. This fresh-sounding name comes from the Greek meaning “hope” and “carrier of Christ.”
  6. Jesse. Suiting either a boy or a girl, this baby name means “a gift of hope.”
  7. Lux. Meaning “light,” this hopeful baby name can be given to a baby boy or girl to light their way through the world.
  8. Phoenix. Although this name means “dark red,” the phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from its own ashes and is a symbol of immortality and hope. This cool name can be given to girls and boys.
  9. Tumaini. This name is found in Egypt, Swahili, and Tanzania. It’s used for both boys and girls and means “hope.”
  10. Von. This mid-century name means “hope” and is perfect for boys and girls.

Boys names that mean hope

Wishing for some boys’ names that mean hope? Look no further.

  1. Aaron. A traditional name with Hebrew origins, this boy’s name means “miraculous.”
  2. Arman. This Persian boy’s name means “hope” or “wish.”
  3. Barloc. This unusual American name means “strong and brave warrior with lots of hope” — an excellent choice if you’re looking for a name that embodies strength, hope, and courage.
  4. Benedict. With Latin origins, this boy’s name means “blessed miracle.”
  5. Baruch. A biblical name with Hebrew origins, Baruch means “hope.”
  6. Daijon. An early American name that’s less common these days, this boy’s name means “hope” and “God’s gift.”
  7. Dylan. Coming from Welsh roots, this boy’s name means “ray of hope” and is sometimes spelled with an ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’ as Dillon.
  8. Elpidius. This name from Ancient Greece belonged to a saint who lived in a cave during the fourth century. It means “to hope.”
  9. Elpis. Also with Greek origins, this boy’s name means “hope.”
  10. Haruki. This popular Japanese name means “shining ray of hope.”
  11. Isamu. Another hopeful Japanese name, Isamu means “hope for a better future.”
  12. Kazuki. This interesting Japanese name has multiple meanings — “tree,” “brightness” and “hope of peace.” The names Kazuko, Kazuo, and Kazumi are derivatives with similar meanings
  13. Kibou. This name for baby boys also comes from Japan and means “filled with hope” — a wonderful aspiration for any new being.
  14. Raza. This cool short name for boys means “hope to win,” and is perfect for your little champion.
  15. Spiro. Meaning “hope of life,” this boy’s name has Latin origins.
  16. Speranza. Derived from the Latin word sperare, this Italian boy’s name means “ray of hope.”
  17. Titus. This early Christian name means “hope” and is said to be borne by the peace-makers of the world.
  18. Toivo. With its Finnish roots, Toivo is a less common name these days — so, if you’re looking for something more unique, this could be a perfect choice. It means “hope.”
  19. Umit. This sweet Turkish name means “hope” and is said to belong to people who are loyal, reliable, and friendly.

Girls names that mean hope

Ready for some girls’ names that mean hope now? We think you’ll love these.

  1. Aakansha. Popular in India, this name means “ray of hope.”
  2. Amnati. Coming from the Middle Eastern region of the world, this lovely name means “my hope.”
  3. Aamanee. This hopeful Arabic name for girls means “great desire” or “fruitful blessing.”
  4. Aurora. Another way to view hope is as the coming of a new day. This name of the Roman Goddess of sunrise means “dawn.”
  5. Beatrix. With its Latin origins, this beautiful name is shared with the famous children’s author, Beatrix Potter. It means “miracle and blessed”.
  6. Brayleigh. Sometimes shortened to Bray, this American girl’s name means “ray of hope.”
  7. Chloe. New life is also regarded as a form of hope. This name with Greek origins means “young green shoot.”
  8. Dove. Just like the bird, this girl’s name symbolizes hope and peace.
  9. Elema. With a similar meaning to Amal, this girl’s name comes from Bosnia and means “inspiration” or “hope.”
  10. Esperanza. Effervescent and full of life, this Spanish name is derived from the Latin word sperare which means “hope”.
  11. Evangeline. This Greek name has a hopeful meaning — “bearer of good news.”
  12. Faith. This hopeful name has English origins and needs little explaining.
  13. Femi. From its Egyptian origins, this sweet-sounding name means “love and hope.”
  14. Hachilah. This Israeli name means “my hope in her” and comes from the name of a hill in the region.
  15. Hiwa. Coming from Kurdistan and not often heard outside the region, this girl’s name means “hope.”
  16. Hope. What better way to gift your girl with optimism and resilience than simply naming her Hope?
  17. Iris. What’s more hopeful than a rainbow? With its Greek origins, this girl’s name means exactly that.
  18. Laelynn. Native American in origin, this girl’s name has floral links and means “flower of hope.”
  19. Nadia. Coming from Slavic roots, Nadia translates as “hope.”
  20. Nina. A name that is both Indian and Arabic in origin, this girl’s name means “hope of love.”
  21. Nova. The newness of a day, an idea, or an experience, are all imbued with hope. This girl’s name symbolizes hope and means “new.” It has Latin roots.
  22. Rajwa. This less-common Arabic name means “hope.”
  23. Saki. A beautiful Japanese name for girls, Saki means “hope” or “blossom.”
  24. Tamanna. A beautiful girl’s name with Arabic origins, Tamanna means “hope.”
  25. Tikva. This Hebrew girl’s name is said to impart generosity in those who are given it. It means “hope.”
  26. Unashe. This Georgian name for girls means “hope.”
  27. Violet. With Latin origins, the color violet symbolizes hope — and is a beautiful girl’s name.
  28. Vita. This vibrant girl’s name means “life,” and where there’s life, there’s hope.
  29. Zita. Spanish and reflecting hope, this promising girl’s name means “new hope.”

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