80 Cool Baby Names That Mean Ice

80 Cool Baby Names That Mean Ice

Baby names that mean ice seem to come with a built-in sophistication.

Inspired by mighty deities, crystalline formations that decorate winter landscapes, and the freshness of the feeling of the icy cold on your skin — there’s much to love about this super cool menu.

So, looking for a baby name that’s cool as ice?

We’ve got you. 😎

In this article: 📝

  • What are some cool ice names?
  • What name means Goddess of Ice?
  • What name means God of Ice?
  • What is a boy’s name that means ice?
  • What name means snow girl?
  • Names that mean cold

What are some cool ice names?

On our list, we have included names that mean ice, pay tribute to its power, or are related to the sparkly sub-freeze in some way.

  1. Aneira. This name has Welsh origins, and means “much snow.”
  2. Aspen. This gender-neutral name has English origins, and is famously connected to the Colorada ski resort.
  3. Elsa. With its Hebrew origins, this name has taken on an icy charm because it belongs to the Snow Queen in the Disney movie, Frozen.
  4. Íseldur. This interesting Icelandic name is a perfect coming together of two opposing elements — is meaning “ice,” and eld meaning “fire.”
  5. Isfrid. This sweet name of Nordic roots means “beautiful ice.”
  6. Jack. While this name means “God is gracious,” it definitely has icy connotations. That’s because of Jack Frost, the personification of ice and frost.
  7. North. This glacial name refers to one of Earth’s poles — one of the coldest geographical areas on Earth.
  8. Olwen. This enchanting Welsh name means “white footprint.”
  9. Storm. A powerful name with English origins, it might just be the perfect fit for a little one born in a snowstorm.
  10. Tuarana. A name with Greenlandic roots, this name means “hunter on sea ice.”

What name means Goddess of Ice?

  1. Beira. From Celtic mythology, she’s the Queen of Winter.
  2. Cailleach. And here’s another name for the Celtic Queen of Winter.
  3. Ísdís. This Icelandic name means “ice goddess.”
  4. Ishildur. A name where fire and ice meet, Ishildur is also an Icelandic name. It means “ice battle.”
  5. Isolde. This name from Old German origins means “ice battle,” too.
  6. Isveig. A name with Icelandic roots, Isveig means “ice power.”
  7. Kawisenhawe. This Mohawk name means “she who holds the ice.”
  8. Khione. She’s the goddess of ice and snow from Greek mythology.
  9. Morana. An ancient Slavic goddess, Morana is associated with the end of winter and the rebirth of spring. So yes, this name’s one for breaking the ice.
  10. Poli’ahu. This Hawaiian snow goddess sits on top of Mauna Kea wearing an icy cloak.
  11. Skaði. This Norse goddess is known for all sorts of icy things — skiing, winter, and mountains.

What name means God of Ice?

  1. January. This one’s named after one of our iciest months. Fun fact? January is named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions.
  2. Boreas. In Greek mythology, he’s the god of the north wind, and he brings with him ice and snow.
  3. Ísarr. This name oozes strength and determination. It means “ice warrior” and has Old Norse roots.
  4. Isleif. An Old Norse name that stands the test of time, Isleif means “descendant of the ice.”
  5. Jenara. This one has Latin origins and also refers to the Roman god that gives January its name.
  6. Kuraokami. This legendary Japanese dragon is a deity of ice, snow, and winter.
  7. Ullr. This popular Norse snow god is the stepson of Thor and is associated with skiing.

What is a boy’s name that means ice?

Pick from one of these delightful boy names that mean ice:

  1. Aisi. This charming name has Polynesian roots and means “ice.”
  2. Alaska. Aside from being the largest state in the U.S., Alaska means “great land.” The name has Aleut origins.
  3. Andri. With its Norse origins, Andri means “snowshoe.”
  4. Aubin. This French name means “white” and “bright.”
  5. Blanchard. This name has Germanic origins and means “white,” “shining” and “hardy” — very icy, indeed.
  6. Fannar. With its Nordic origins, Fannar means “snow drift.”
  7. Ghiaccio. “Ice” in Italian.
  8. Isa. From Germanic roots, Isa means “ice” or “iron.”
  9. Isbert. From its Old Germanic roots, Isbert means “bright ice.”
  10. Ísleikr. A name filled with fun, this name with Old Norse roots means “ice game.”
  11. Isolfr. This powerhouse of a name means “ice wolf” and comes from Old Norse roots.
  12. Izotz. With its Basque roots, Izotz means “ice.
  13. Jalid. “Ice” in Arabic.
  14. Jöklar. This Icelandic name means “glacier.”
  15. Kōri. “Ice” in Japanese.
  16. Nevada. With its Spanish origins, the name of this state in the U.S. means “snow-covered.”
  17. Snow. If you’d like to cut to the snowy chase, this name is an excellent gender-neutral option.
  18. Yule. A name with Scottish and English origins, Yule means “winter solstice.”

What name means snow girl?

These are our favorite girl names that mean ice:

  1. Aira. “Snowy” in Irish.
  2. Alba. With its Latin origins, Alba means “white” or “dawn.”
  3. Angel. Snow angels, anyone?
  4. Bianca. With its Italian origins, this popular name means “white.”
  5. Blanche. French for “white.”
  6. Carol. This one has English origins, and a timeless charm to it. It means “free person.” but it’s also a reminder of joyful songs filling the wintry air.
  7. Coco. Okay, this one snuck onto the list because it reminds us of the feeling of wrapping your hands around a hot mug on an icy day.
  8. Crystal. This popular name means “ice” and has Latin roots.
  9. December. This name talks about one of the iciest of winter months.
  10. Gwendolyn. Gwen for short, this name has Welsh origins. It means “blessed” or “white.”
  11. Hale. While this name actually means “someone who lives in a hollow,” it sounds just like those icy pellets.
  12. Hikalik. This Inuit name means “ice house.”
  13. Ísbjört. A name with Icelandic origins, Ísbjört means “bright ice.”
  14. Ísey. An enchanting Icelandic name, Ísey means “ice island.”
  15. Isrun. Shhh! This name means “ice secret.”
  16. Jökla. A name with Icelandic origins, Jökla means “icicle” or “glacier.”
  17. Kagssok. With its Greenlandic roots, Kagssok means “blueish piece of ice” or “floating pan of ice.”
  18. Lumi. This name has Scandinavian roots and means “snow.”
  19. Neve. From its Latin roots, Neve means “snow.”
  20. Nilak. With its Greenlandic roots, Nilak means “a piece of freshwater ice.”
  21. Qinoq. This Greenlandic name means “a mush of snow in the sea.”
  22. Winter. The name of this icy season comes from an old Germanic word that means “time of water.”
  23. Yuki. Japanese for “snow.”

Names that mean cold

Beyond ice, take a peek at these cold names for your cool babe:

  1. Ayaz. “Dry, cold air” in Turkish.
  2. Frediano. “Cold” in Italian.
  3. Fria. “Cold” in Portuguese.
  4. Himá. “Cold” in Indian.
  5. Kalda. “Cold” or “chill” in Norse.
  6. Kylmä. “Cold” in Finnish.
  7. Matao. “Cold” in Maori.
  8. Rin. “Severe cold” in Japanese.
  9. Thanda. “Cold” in Hindi.
  10. Tushar. “Cold” in Sanskrit.
  11. Samui. This Japanese word simply means “cold.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are loads more baby names to inspire you so you can swap your favorites with other moms-to-be on Peanut.

Stay cool, mama.

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