68 Blissful Baby Names That Mean Joy

68 Blissful Baby Names That Mean Joy

Looking for name inspiration? Here are 68 baby names that mean joy and happiness so you can give your child the ultimate gift of love and laughter.
Every parent wants their child to grow up happy and fulfilled — so why not remind them of your love and support every day with one of these baby names that mean joy?

If you’re searching for name inspiration, we’ve got you covered with these 68 beautiful baby names that mean joy, love, happiness, and laughter.

Let the good times roll.

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What girl name means joyful?

In cultures all over the world, we rightly rejoice at the wonder that a new life brings.

And these names that mean joy are the perfect way to celebrate!

Here are our favorites.

Girl names that mean joy

  1. Alaia: A Basque name meaning “happy and joyful.”
  2. Alanis: Or Alanna. This is the feminine form of Alan and is associated with beauty and good cheer.
  3. Bliss: A lovely single-word name that’s both sweet and uplifting.
  4. Chara: A Greek name meaning “joy.” Possible variation of Sarah or Charlotte.
  5. Euroa: An Aboriginal Australian name meaning “joyful.”
  6. Joy: A traditional English name that cuts straight to the chase!
  7. Kalea: A name with Hawaiian origins meaning “joy or happiness.”
  8. Lettie: An English name with Latin roots, this sweet name is short for Letitia and means “joy” or “gladness.”
  9. Preeda: This pretty Thai girl’s name literally means “joyful.”
  10. Rena: A musical Hebrew name meaning “joyful melody.”

What boy name means joyful?

Want to celebrate your elation at the birth of a baby boy?

Well, here are a few ideas to help.

From ancient Greece and Rome to Medieval England to the present-day USA, there are plenty of boy names that mean joy.

Boy names that mean joy

  1. Alan: A name of Irish origin meaning “handsome or cheerful.”
  2. Anit: An Indian name meaning “eternal joy.”
  3. Ayo: A name with Yoruba roots, Ayo means “great joy.”
  4. Caius: A classical Roman name meaning “rejoice.”
  5. Fane: This stylish English name from the medieval period was originally used as a nickname for someone with a cheerful personality.
  6. Festus: An unusual Latin name popular across Africa, meaning “joyous” or “festive.”
  7. Gaius: A Latin name linked to Caius, meaning “rejoice.”
  8. Issac: A name evolving from the Hebrew word for “laugh,” Isaac was the long-awaited son of the elderly Sarah and Abraham in the Bible.
  9. Jubal: A unique Latin name with a rather jubilant feel. In the biblical book of Genesis, Jubal invented the lyre, harp, flute, and organ — great for musical families.
  10. Naim: A beautifully natural name with Scottish and Arabic roots, meaning “river with alder trees” or simply “happy.”
  11. Revel: This gender-neutral modern American name comes from the English word which means “to celebrate” or “rejoice.”

What name means bringer of joy?

Dynamite — and joy — come in small packages.

To show the delight your new arrival brings, here are some unusual yet elegant names that mean “unexpected joy.”

Baby names that mean unexpected joy

  1. Abigail: A Hebrew name meaning “my father is joyful.”
  2. Bayo: With Yoruba roots, Bayo means “the crown meets joy.”
  3. Beatrice: Of Latin origin, meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  4. Dayo: A form of the Yoruba boy’s name Ayo, meaning “joy arrives.”
  5. Eda: From the medieval English Edith meaning “blessed riches,” or Turkish for “well mannered.”
  6. Edwin: A cute boy’s name with Germanic roots meaning “happy friend.”
  7. Farai: This Shona name popular in Zimbabwe means “rejoice.”
  8. Ike: A cool boy’s name with Hebrew roots meaning “one who brings laughter.”
  9. Kiki: A name common in both Japan and France. With energy and sparkle, it means “double happiness.”
  10. Noemi: A Spanish and Italian variation of Naomi meaning “my delight.”
  11. Radomir: A boy’s name with Slavic origins meaning “happy world.”
  12. Trixie: Linked to the names Beatrice and Beatrix, meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  13. Ülo: An Estonian boy’s name derived from the Finnish Ilo, Ülo means joy and nobility.

Which name means happiness?

Happiness is a softer, quieter feeling than joy.

Joy is all about extreme bliss.

Happiness is contentment and satisfaction.

To cultivate love and cheerfulness in your child, here are some happy names for both girls and boys.

Girls names that mean happiness

  1. Alisa: A Hebrew name meaning “great happiness.”
  2. Arcadia: Often shortened to Cady, a Greek name meaning “region of peace and contentment.”
  3. Bonnie: A beautiful Scottish name from the French word bonne meaning “good,” Bonnie means pretty and cheerful.
  4. Delicia: Latin for “delight.” A yummier version of Alicia or Felicia.
  5. Eden: A biblical name meaning “place of pleasure and delight.”
  6. Farah: A soft and beautiful Arabic girl’s name, meaning “happiness.”
  7. Felicity: A Latin girl’s name meaning “of good fortune” or “happy.”
  8. Gwyneth: A traditional Welsh name meaning “blessed” or “happy.”
  9. Hana: This lovely name means “grace,” “glow,” “flower,” or “work” and has links to Hebrew, Hawaiian, Japanese and Maori cultures.
  10. Ilaria: An Italian version of Hilary meaning “cheerful or happy.”
  11. Keiko: A classic Japanese girl’s name meaning “happy child.”
  12. Makenna: A gender-neutral name with Eastern African roots meaning “happy one.”
  13. Naomi: A Hebrew girl’s name meaning “pleasant.”

Boys names that mean happiness

  1. Bayram: A happy and uplifting Turkish name meaning “festival.”
  2. Dechen: A name with Tibetan origins meaning “great happiness.”
  3. Gil: A boy’s name with Hebrew origins (pronounced zheel) simply meaning “happiness.”
  4. Nara: With Celtic origins, Nara means “happy.” It’s also the name of a Hindu God and translates as “man” in Hindi.
  5. Onni: A popular Finnish boy’s name meaning “happiness and luck.”
  6. Parvaiz: An elegant Persian boy’s name meaning “fortunate and happy.”
  7. Saeed: Or Sa’id, an Arabic name meaning “lucky” or “happy.”
  8. Simcha: A celebratory Hebrew boy’s name meaning “gladness” or “festivity.”
  9. Zelig: A Yiddish variation of Selig meaning “blessed” or “happy.”
  10. Ziven: A great name of Slavic origin, meaning “happy, vigorous and lively.”
  11. Zorion: A Basque boy’s name meaning “happiness.”

What name means happiness and joy?

Who says you can’t be joyous and happy at the same time!?

Here are our picks for modern names that mean joy and happiness, all suitable for both girls and boys.

Baby names that mean joy and happiness

  1. Anand: Or Ananda, a strong, beautiful Sanskrit name meaning “happiness” or “bliss.”
  2. Asher: Of Hebrew origin (and one of Jacob’s twelve sons in the Bible) meaning “blessed, fortunate or happy one.”
  3. Felix: A Latin name meaning “happy or fortunate” and blessed with luck from the gods.
  4. Helier: The patron saint of Jersey. With links to Hilary and Ilario, it’s perfect for cheerful souls.
  5. Joyce: A Latin name meaning “merry or joyous.”
  6. Lowen: A great gender-neutral name from the Cornish word for joy. Lowenna is the feminine version.
  7. Merry: An English name suitable for both genders — thanks to Lord of the Rings hobbit-fame — Merry meaning “lighthearted” or “happy.” Great for Christmas babies.
  8. Rafa: With Arabic roots meaning “happiness” or “prosperity,” it could also be short for Raphael or Rafaela.
  9. Sunny: A fun unisex name that can’t help but make you feel joyous and happy!
  10. Tate: An unusual English name with Norse origins, simply meaning “cheerful.”

All the best with your choice!

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