42 Righteous Baby Names that Mean Justice

42 Righteous Baby Names that Mean Justice

Respecting others, acting fairly, and standing up for equality—baby names that mean justice encompass all these important qualities.

Let’s explore the host of options that exist from all over the world so that you can make the right choice for your new arrival.

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  • How to pick a name for your little one

What name represents justice?

The classic option for a name that means justice is the popular name:

  1. Justin: It comes from the Latin term iustus, which can mean “just” or “lawful”.

There are different variations of Justin, too, and you might just find the right fit among them.

Why not try one of these options from different parts of the world?

  1. Jestin: This Welsh baby name is a unique spin on the name Justin. It has a long history, used by judicial officers in Medieval Britain and originating as a family name in Perthshire in Scotland.
  2. Joost: This is a Dutch name for boys, also meaning “justice” or “just”. It’s pronounced with a soft J, so Yoost. As an alternative, you could also spell it Joos.
  3. Justinian: A derivative of Justin, history buffs will recognize this name as belonging to one of the most formidable of all Byzantine emperors, Justinian the Great.

What female name means justice?

The obvious one is, of course:

  1. Justine: We think this French girl’s name name is just lovely. It’s surprisingly a name that has waned in popularity. But we think it’s most certainly ready to make a comeback.

And there’s another derivative of a name we’ve already seen:

  1. Jestina: This is the feminine version of Jestin, the Welsh form of Justin.

Boy names that mean justice

Alongside the options above, there is a whole host of other boys’ names that mean justice.

We’ve compiled a list of options for you to explore:

  1. Acim: This can also be spelled as Ahim or Achim. A Hebrew name that translates as “God will judge”.
  2. Adil: This Arabic boy’s name deriving from the root adl means “justice” or “fairness”.
  3. Chinh: Vietnamese in origin, this name can be translated as “just man” or “righteous man”. Variations include Chin, Chaine, or Chean.
  4. Domevlo: Originating in Ghana, this African boy’s name means “don’t judge others at face value”. We can think of few more important lessons for little ones to learn in life!
  5. Ejiofor: Pronounced edge-e-oh-four, this name comes from the Igbo language in Nigeria. There, it’s a popular name that means “justice”.
  6. Faysal: Also written as Faisal, this Arabic name means “judge”.
  7. Jeshurun: A Hebrew boy’s name meaning “righteous” or “upright.”
  8. Jung: A Korean name meaning “just” or “righteous”, it can also be spelled as Jeong.
  9. Lamont: For a more practical spin on justice, perhaps you could consider this charming name. It has Old Norse origins and means “lawman”.
  10. Nemesio: This name has an interesting history. Technically, it’s Spanish in origin and means “justice”. But it’s derived from the ancient Greek goddess of justice and vengeance, who was called Nemesis.
  11. Ramiro: Another Spanish boy’s name, this means “supreme judge”.
  12. Rashne: A Persian boy’s name meaning “judge”.

Girl names that mean justice

We’ve already come across two girls’ names that mean justice: Justine and Jestina.

But, there are a bunch of other options out there. Let’s take a look:

  1. Adalet: A gorgeous name of Turkish origin, it means “justice”.
  2. Adila: This Arabic girl’s name means “righteous” or “fair”.
  3. Aibueku: Originating in Benin in western Africa, this African girl’s name means “justice”.
  4. Astraia: This name can also be spelled as Astrea or Astria. And it derives from an ancient Greek goddess of justice and purity.
  5. Elishaphat: A Hebrew and Biblical name, Elishaphat means “God has judged”.
  6. Eurydice: This is another name that originates in ancient Greece and means “wide justice”.
  7. Giustina: The Italian version of Justine is just as pretty.
  8. Hadiya: Arabic in origin, this name means “guide to righteousness”.
  9. Leya: A Spanish girl’s name meaning “the law” or “law-abiding”, it can also be written as Leja or Leia.
  10. Kenzie or Mackenzie: Kenzie means “the fair one”, and it is Scottish in origin. The variation—Mackenzie—means “child of the fair leader”, just in case you want people to know that your little one is a chip off the ol’ block.
  11. Noriko: A Japanese girl’s name meaning “justice”, it can also be understood as “law and order”.
  12. Siddiqa: This Arabic name means “supporter of truth” or “the truthful one”.
  13. Themis: Back to ancient Greece again, this is the name of the goddess of justice, fairness, law, and custom. It means “divine law” or “divine justice”.

Gender-neutral names meaning justice

The most obvious one we can think of is the one that’s been staring us in the face from the start:

  1. Justice! Although we might think of Lady Justice presiding over courts in the US, the name works just as well for any gender.

Different cultures offer us gender-neutral options for you to explore.

Some of these are more common, and you’ve probably heard them before; others are much more unique.

Take a look at the options below for some inspiration:

  1. Ambriel: Of Hebrew origin, Ambriel was an angel who sought justice, warded off evil people, and wanted nothing more than to help people achieve peace. Now that’s some serious inspiration.
  2. Bailey: A name that works for both boys and girls, Bailey derives from the Old French word ballif. These were the legal officers in the medieval world.
  3. Chun-hee: This Korean name works for boys or girls, and it means “gracious justice”.
  4. Matoya: This Japanese name means “arrow and justice”.
  5. Minkah: This cute Ghanaian name simply means “justice”.
  6. Nashah: This Persian name can mean “justice” or “judge”, as well as “person who treats others with fairness”.
  7. Prama: Coming from the Hindi language, this name means “one who loves justice”.
  8. Zaccai: A Hebrew name that means “just and fair”, it can also be understood to refer to purity.
  9. Zheng: This Chinese name means “justice”.
  10. Zidkijah: A Hebrew name with fairly strong religious overtones, Zidkijah means “justice of the Lord”. There are alternative spellings, including Tsidqiyah.

How to pick a name for your little one

There are literally thousands of names to choose from when it comes to naming your little one.

So, yep, picking a name can be a bit overwhelming.

Choosing a quality important to you can often be a good way to whittle down your options.

You might want to go for a choice that expresses the love you feel for your baby, a name that means brave, or one that means light.

Or, of course, one that speaks to justice and fairness.

If you want to discuss your choice, the Peanut community of mamas and moms-to-be is on hand to share their experiences with you.

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