49 Baby Names That Mean King for Your Newest VIP

49 Baby Names That Mean King for Your Newest VIP

Be inspired by these baby names that mean king. Our list features ideas from around the world to give your new arrival the best start in life.

A name is one of your first gifts to your new baby.

And choosing one that shows just how much they’re loved and how important they are to you is more than a little exciting.

Baby names that mean king can be the perfect way to give your little one a powerful start in life.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of choice.

Cultures across the world offer us an array of kingly names to pick from.

And while there are plenty of boy names that mean king or refer to royalty, girls don’t have to miss out.

Many names that mean king or ruler are more commonly used for girls. And some work just as well for any gender.

Here’s a look at our favorites.

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  • What is the Greek name for king?
  • What names mean leader?
  • What is a good king name?
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Which name means king of gods?

When it comes to kingly names, those meaning “king of gods” are pretty much the top of the tree.

India, with its large Hindu and Sikh populations, is a good source of such names. And there are examples from the ancient world too.

  1. Devnath: A Hindu name meaning “king of gods”
  2. Davindar: The Sikh equivalent, also meaning “king of gods”
  3. Devendra: A Hindu and Vedic name that means “chief of the gods”
  4. Zeus: The ancient Greek king of the gods
  5. Cronus: He held the title before Zeus (and Uranus held it before Cronus — but best to steer clear of that one!)

What is the Greek name for king?

The Greeks have a whole host of boy names that mean king.

The most direct translation is Vasilias, which is related to the better-known Basil.

Other variants include Bazeel, Bas, Vasyl, Vasya, and Bazyli.

Greek culture is a great source of names more generally.

Check out our list of 103 Greek Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings for other ideas.

What names mean leader?

The traditional English boy’s name Henry means “estate leader.” If you prefer, the name Harry comes from Henry.

And there are girls’ versions of both names too — Henrietta and Harriet.

Ronald is a Scottish boy’s name meaning leader, while for girls, it’s Rona.

The Irish girl’s name Fallon means either “leader”, or “descended from a leader.”

And the Welsh boy’s name Idris means “fiery leader.”

What is a good king name?

That’s really up to you! Here are our favorites:

Boy names that mean king or royalty

  1. Alfric: An Italian name meaning “king of the elves”
  2. Americo: Also spelled Amerigo, this is an Italian name meaning “ruler”, “prince” or “commander.”
  3. Anax: An ancient Greek name for a tribal leader
  4. Arnold: From old German, this name means “strong ruler.”
  5. Atreo: This name has two roots — Greek and Spanish. In both cases, it simply means “king.”
  6. Basil: One of the many derivatives of the Greek name Vasilias, Basil means “king.”
  7. Brandon: This name is derived from the Irish name Bréanainn, which means “prince.”
  8. Conri: Another Irish name, Conri means “king of wolves” or “king of hounds.”
  9. Cyril: Another Greek variant for “king”
  10. Derek: Derived from the old German name Theodoric, this name means “gifted ruler.”
  11. Emyr: This Welsh name means “king” and is pronounced EM-ear.
  12. Eze: This Igbo name cuts straight to the chase. It means “king”.
  13. Frederick: Meaning “peaceful ruler,” this German name can be shortened to Freddie for a cute alternative.
  14. Gerald: From the Latin, Geraldus, this name means “ruler.”
  15. Gerallt: The Welsh form of Gerald, this name is a great way to practice the pronunciation of the Welsh double “l”.
  16. Kgosi: This Setswana name from Southern Africa means “king” or “chief.”
  17. Leroy: From the French, Leroy means “the king.”
  18. Malik: This Arabic name means “sovereign” or “king.”
  19. Mino: This classical name refers to the mythological king of Crete.
  20. Oba: A name with Yoruba roots, Oba means “king”.
  21. Raj: With its Sanskrit roots, Raj means “king”.
  22. Richard: Another name that comes from old German, Richard translates as “brave ruler.”
  23. Rex: The Latin word for “king”
  24. Rian: An Irish name meaning “little king” or “kingly”
  25. Rory: This Irish name meaning “red king” would be a great choice for baby boys with fiery hair.
  26. Ruaidhri: If you wish to fully embrace your ancient Gaelic roots, what about this Old Irish variation of Rory? It also means “red king.”
  27. Roy: From the French for “king”
  28. Sargon: Meaning “the faithful king” from the Old Testament.
  29. Stephen: While the “ph” is the original spelling, this name can also be written as “Steven”. It means “crown” or “wreath.”

Girl names that mean king or ruler

  1. Anassa: An ancient Greek name for a female tribal leader.
  2. Aubrey: Originally considered a boy’s name, in the US it’s now more commonly used for girls. It means “king of the elves.”
  3. Ebba: This popular Scandinavian name means “queen of riches.”
  4. Erica: Also spelled “Erika” in Scandinavian countries, this name means “eternal ruler.”
  5. Hera: The ancient Greek queen of the gods
  6. Isolde: This lovely Welsh name means “ice ruler.”
  7. Juno: The Roman equivalent of Hera, queen of the gods.
  8. Kendra: This elegant name means “wise ruler.”
  9. Mira: This has many meanings in different languages, but from its Latin roots, it means “female ruler.”
  10. Piper: Although this relates to the occupation of pipe playing, Piper also relates to the story of the Pied Piper — and so to qualities of leadership
  11. Putri: This Indonesian name means “princess” or simply “daughter.”
  12. Rey: This Spanish name means “king”. A great choice for Star Wars fans.
  13. Rhiannon: This Welsh name means “great queen” and is pronounced Ree-ANN-on.
  14. Sarah: Of Hebrew origin, this name means “noblewoman” or “princess.” In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham.
  15. Tia: This pretty Arabic name means “princess” and “crown,” as well as “happiness” and “bird”.

How to choose a baby name

We know, deciding on a name can be hard.

Why not make a shortlist, then choose the name that best suits your baby when they arrive?

There’s no science here — just trust your intuition and see what feels right to you.

And if you don’t feel any of these names quite fit the bill — never fear!

Lots of other names out there carry regal attributes without directly meaning “king.”

Anders, for example, is a Scandinavian boy’s name meaning “strong”.

And Maximilian comes from Latin and means “the greatest”. (We love it in its shortened form of Max, too.)

For girls, how about Valerie, meaning “brave” or “strong and healthy”?

Or Jasira, meaning “bold” or “courageous”?

Check out our lists of 80 Strong Baby Boy Names and 90 Strong Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings for more ideas.

The best baby names that mean king

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best baby names meaning king from across the world.

We know that choosing a name for your little one can feel daunting.

But remember — there’s no such thing as a right or wrong choice.

Go with your heart and choose a name you love.

Then just relax, and look forward to using it for the very first time!

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