77 Baby Names that Mean Leader

77 Baby Names that Mean Leader

If you’re looking for baby names that mean leader, look no further. Peanut has got the 411 on setting your baby up for success. Read on!
Names meaning leader can be an ideal way to set your little one up for success in life.

A leader, by definition, is someone who stands up for what is right, lights the way, and inspires those around them.

The idea of leadership has traditionally referred to someone who wins wars or leads whole countries.

Thankfully, a more modern perspective has opened that up a bit.

A leader is no longer just the CEO of a high-powered company.

It could also be the person who leads by example and treats those around them with respect and kindness.

Those are the kind of leaders we need today.

So, if you’re looking for baby names that mean leader — whether for the class leader, the soccer captain, or the kid who always says ‘hi’ to the new kid first — we’ve got some great options for you.

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  • What name means strong leader?
  • What name means leader for a girl?
  • What names mean leader for a boy?
  • What name means power?

What name means strong leader?

Here are our top picks for names that mean strong leader and their origins.

  1. Amirah. This enchanting name has Hebrew, Arabic, and Hindi connections, all meaning “princess.” Variant spellings include Ameera and Emira.
  2. Aubrianna. From Old German, Aubrianna means “strong leader.”
  3. Duke. Ok, this one is a bit obvious. But it comes from the Latin for “leader” and sure makes a statement.
  4. Enzo. This gorgeous shortening of Lorenzo is Italian and means “home ruler.”
  5. Ethan. This strong biblical name is Hebrew in origin and means “firm, enduring, strong and long-lived.”
  6. Iolani. This gorgeous Hawaiian name means “hawk of royalty.” Strong and lyrical at the same time.
  7. Kala. With Hawaiian and Hebrew origins, both meaning “princess or queen,” this is a lovely option.
  8. Kendrick. This great name means “fearless leader.” It’s become increasingly popular recently, especially with the success of Kendrick Lamar.
  9. Leroy. This name comes from the French le roi, which literally means “the King.”
  10. Malika. A stunning Arabic name meaning “queen,” this option is stately and elegant.
  11. Rory. A fab gender-neutral Irish name meaning “red king,” this name can also be spelled Rori.

What name means leader for a girl?

Girl power!

These great girl names that mean leader, ruler, and princess or queen, will surely set your daughter up for success!

  1. Aubrey. With French and German roots, Aubrey means “ruler of the elves.”
  2. Contessa. Meaning “countess,” this one is for the Bridgerton fans 😉.
  3. Daria. “Kingly”
  4. Dericka. From English and German roots, this name means “gifted ruler.”
  5. Empress. A historical name, this name means “supreme ruler.”
  6. Erica. “Eternal ruler”
  7. Etta. From the same family as the name Henrietta, Etta means “ruler of the house.”
  8. Geraldine. “Ruler with a spear” Fierce!
  9. Frieda. This German name means “peaceful ruler.”
  10. Harriet/Hattie/Henrietta. With Old English roots, this collection of names means “estate ruler.”
  11. Isolde. The meaning of this Welsh name is often debated, but one hot contender is “ice ruler.”
  12. Juno. “Queen of the heavens”
  13. Maelie. “Chief”
  14. Maelys. “Princess” or “chief”
  15. Nimue. This Welsh name belonged to the ruler of Avalon in Arthurian legend.
  16. Orla. From Celtic roots, Orla means “golden princess.”
  17. Piper. This one uses some artistic license. But I think we can all agree The Pied Piper was an excellent leader 😉.
  18. Rona. “Wise ruler”
  19. Vlatka. “Powerful ruler”

What names mean leader for a boy?

Here are some boy names that mean leader, king or ruler to help your boy shoot for the stars.

  1. Alaric. An ancient name, Alaric means “all-powerful ruler.”
  2. Aldrich. “Wise old ruler”
  3. Ashur. “Ruler of the gods”
  4. Bardick. This Old English means “ax-ruler.”
  5. Conn. From its Irish roots, Conn means “chief” or “king.”
  6. Czar. This Russian moniker needs little introduction. A ruler indeed.
  7. Darius. “Kingly”
  8. Derek. “Gifted ruler”
  9. Donald. From Scottish roots, Donald means “proud leader.”
  10. Donovan. “Brown-haired king”
  11. Eero. This one has Finnish roots and also means “eternal ruler.”
  12. Enrique. From Spanish origins, Enrique means “ruler of the home.”
  13. Erick. “Eternal ruler”
  14. Friedrich. With German roots, Freidrich means “peaceful ruler.”
  15. Fritz. This shorter version also means “peaceful ruler.”
  16. Harold. “Army ruler”
  17. Harrison. This name means “the son of the ruler.” And, ahem, Indiana Jones, anyone?
  18. Harry. “Estate ruler.”
  19. Hendrix. From Old German, this one means “ruler of the home.”
  20. Henry. “Estate ruler”
  21. King. If you want to get serious — this name is powerful and right on the money!
  22. Mael. “Lion of kings”
  23. Magnus. “The greatest.”
  24. Meyer. This English, Dutch, and German surname literally means “Mayor.” It works well as a first name too.
  25. Nestor. From Greek legend, Nestor is a wise ruler.
  26. Pharaoh. Talk about leadership cred?!
  27. Ricardo. “Powerful leader”
  28. Roark. “Illustrious and mighty”
  29. Roderick. “Famous ruler”
  30. Ronald/Ronnie. “Wise ruler”
  31. Ryne. “Little king”
  32. Satish. From Hindi roots, Satish means “ruler of hundreds.”
  33. Terry/Thiery. “Ruler of people”
  34. Vladimir. This Russian means “renowned ruler.”
  35. Walter. German. Ruler of the army.
  36. William. This name has been made famous by enough kings to cement its place in history.
  37. Zolten. “Sultan”

What name means power?

If you’re looking for a name that packs a power punch, here are some ideas.

  1. Aza. This is a gender-neutral Arabic name meaning powerful. It works well as a middle name too.
  2. Bridget. A beautiful Irish name, Bridget means “power and vigor.”
  3. Gideon. This Hebrew name means “powerful warrior.”
  4. Irie. Short and sweet but with a strong message, this name means straight up “power.”
  5. Kano. Japanese in origin, this strong name means “masculine power.”
  6. Montgomery. This name may not be so well-known in our times but it was the name of THE heart-throb of 40’s/50’s Hollywood. Montgomery Clift. It has German roots and means “power of man.”
  7. Oswald. Also of German origin, this name means “God’s power.”
  8. Ricarda. This little-known option is the female variant of Richard. It also means “powerful leader.”
  9. Richard. This classic name means “powerful leader.” Look out for its female version below.
  10. Sybyl. This is a Turkish name that means “powerful queen.”

We’ve mentioned a ton of leader names.

Our protip? These strong, dominant names can also be combined with a softer middle name to balance them out.

Something like Ellis is a beautiful gender-neutral Welsh name meaning “benevolent.”

Or something like Lilo, which is both Germanic and Hawaiian, and means “generous one.”

These more gentle options can be a lovely addition to your baby’s powerful name.

Choosing a name can feel pretty overwhelming.

But remember, Peanut is here to walk you through it all.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Every step of the way.

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