93 Baby Names That Mean Life

93 Baby Names That Mean Life

You’ve done it, mama.

You’ve created a whole new life.

And before you know it, you’ll be holding this young life in your arms.

If you’re looking for a way to honor this incredible journey, why not choose one of the many exquisite baby names that mean life?

There’s something life-affirming about naming your little one after life itself, and there are countless options available to you.

Names that mean life are common in all four corners of the world, and our list includes names from Cambodia, South Africa, Turkey, and Tibet.

In some instances, the names don’t just mean life, but words related to it, such as dawn, new beginning, soul or resurrection.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

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What name means gift of life?

From the lyrical Abella to the snazzy Aizza, from the super-short Bo to the longer Avabelle, these are our top 20 favorite names that pay homage to life.

  1. Abella: This lilting name has its origins in both French and Hebrew. It’s a girls’ name that refers to the breath that is the source of life
  2. Adamo: A Hebrew name for boys, Adamo means “first life.”
  3. Aizza: Names with z’s always sound snappy and snazzy. Aizza is a girls’ name that means “life” in Hebrew.
  4. Apela: A Hawaiian boys’ name, Apela means “breath of life.”
  5. Avabelle: Avabelle, or Avabella, means “breathing in life” or “one who has a beautiful life.”
  6. Bo: We love this monosyllabic Old Norse nickname for boys and girls. It means “to live.”
  7. Calian: Calian is a Native American name for boys that means “life warrior.”
  8. Daxon: Daxon is a French name for a life-giving drink. Consider naming your little boy after this elixir.
  9. Ettan: This Indian boys’ name means “breath of life.”
  10. Ha: Ha is a Vietnamese girls’ name that refers to the kiss of life.
  11. Hale: This strong boys’ name is English originally and means “healthy in life.”
  12. Hava: This Hebrew name, for boys, means “breathing,” “alive” or “living.”
  13. Haya: Another Hebrew name for girls, Haya means “alive.”
  14. Hayat: Meaning “life” in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu
  15. Juro: Juro is a Japanese name for boys. It means “longevity of life.”
  16. Liv: Many will associate this simple, elegant Nordic girls’ name with the actress Liv Tyler.
  17. Nyssa: This Greek girls’ name means “new beginning.”
  18. Omri: Another Hebrew name, Omri means both “life” and “servant.”
  19. Tshering: Meaning “long life” in Tibetan and Bhutanese languages
  20. Vian: An English name, Vian means “full of life.”

Girl names that mean life

If you’re having a girl, you might want to choose a chic and contemporary-sounding name like Eva or Lina, or a less common name, like Eiji or Luljeta.

  1. Aisha: Meaning “life” in Arabic
  2. Alba: Meaning “dawn” or “new life” in Spanish and Italian
  3. Anastasia: Meaning “resurrection” or “new life” in Russian
  4. Aoife: Meaning “one who gives life” in Irish
  5. Asha: Meaning “life” in Swahili
  6. Ausra: Meaning “dawn” or “new life” in Lithuanian
  7. Ayelet: Meaning “dawn” or “new life” in Hebrew
  8. Ava: Meaning “life” in German
  9. Bibiana: Meaning “alive” in Greek
  10. Bophelo: Meaning “life” from its Sesotho origins
  11. Cansu: Meaning “water of life” in Turkish
  12. Chae-Won: Meaning “beginning” in Korean
  13. Chivy: Meaning “life” from its Cambodian roots
  14. Dawn: Meaning “dawn” in English
  15. Eloma: Meaning “life” in Finnish
  16. Enid: Meaning “soul” or “life” in Welsh
  17. Eshe: Meaning “life” in an Egyptian language
  18. Eva: Meaning “life” in Italian
  19. Evalyn: Meaning “living one” from its Hebrew roots
  20. Evette: Meaning “life” in French
  21. Hisa: Meaning “a person with long-lasting life” in Japanese
  22. Hiwot: Meaning “life” in Amharic
  23. Kia: Meaning “new beginnings” or “season’s beginning,” it’s a name of African origins.
  24. Kiena: Meaning “prosperous life” in Japanese
  25. Langhuie: Meaning “long life” from its English roots
  26. Lizette: Meaning “life” in Hebrew
  27. Luljeta: Meaning “flower of life” in Albanian
  28. Noema: Meaning “new moon” in Greek
  29. Nurcan: Meaning “bright soul” or “light of life” in Turkish
  30. Renata: Meaning “reborn” in Spanish
  31. Renee: Meaning “reborn” in French
  32. Wahuj: Meaning “new beginning” in Arabic
  33. Zera: Meaning “new beginning” in Hebrew
  34. Ziva: Meaning “full of life” in Hebrew
  35. Zoe: Meaning “life” in Greek

Boy names that mean life

Adem, Bion, Caner, Chiva, Suly and Phoenix — these boys’ names all mean life, or variations of it.

  1. Achaz: Meaning “God’s way of life” in Hebrew
  2. Adem: Meaning “brave life” in Hebrew
  3. Anastasius: Meaning “rebirth” or “resurrection” in Greek
  4. Antarbhuti: Meaning “life” or “soul” from its Indian roots
  5. Ankur: Meaning “new life” in Hindi
  6. Asher: Meaning “happy life” in Hebrew
  7. Beathan: Meaning “life” in Gaelic
  8. Bion: Meaning “life” from its Ancient Greek roots
  9. Bindhas: Meaning “enjoy life” from its Indian origins
  10. Can: Meaning “life” or “soul” in Turkish
  11. Caner: Meaning “brave man’s life” in Turkish
  12. Chai: Meaning “life” in Hebrew
  13. Chaim: Meaning “life” in Hebrew
  14. Chiva: Meaning “life” from its Cambodian roots
  15. Dagian: Meaning “dawn” from its English origins
  16. Ercan: Meaning “brave man’s life” in Turkish
  17. Fajr: Meaning “dawn” or “new life” in Arabic
  18. Genesis: Meaning “life,” this name refers to the first book of the Christian bible.
  19. Haim: Meaning “life” in Hebrew
  20. Inizio: Meaning “new beginning” in Italian
  21. Jan: Meaning “life” or “soul” from its Indian roots
  22. Phoenix: A legendary bird that rose from the ashes
  23. Sulya: Meaning “breath of life” from its Indian origins
  24. Sura Oighrig: Meaning “new life” from Native American roots
  25. Umar: Meaning “life” in Arabic and Urdu
  26. Vidal: Meaning “life” from its Spanish roots
  27. Vihaan: Meaning “beginning of an era” in Sanskrit
  28. Vitale: Meaning of “life” or “vital” in Italian
  29. Yeong-Su: Meaning “long life” in Korean
  30. Zoticus: Meaning “full of life” in Ancient Greek

What name means life in Latin?

Because so many names have Latin roots, here are some of our favorite names that mean life in Latin:

  1. Eba: Eba means “life” in Hebrew and is also the Latin form of Eve. It’s a girls’ name.
  2. Aurora: Meaning “dawn” or “new life,” this name is filled with possibility.
  3. Janus: Meaning “the first month of the year,” as it was referred to in Ancient Rome
  4. Jilian: Meaning “enjoys youthful life” from its Latin roots
  5. Oriella: This Latin name means “full of life.”
  6. Vida: “Life” 🌱
  7. Vita: “Life” 🌱
  8. Vitu: “Life” 🌱

There you have it, mama!

93 lively names for your new life!

Which ones are your faves?

Share them with the other moms-to-be of Peanut!

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