102 Brilliant Baby Names That Mean Light

102 Brilliant Baby Names That Mean Light

Looking for names to light the way?

Baby names that mean light can be a guiding force for your little one as they move through the world.

From the gentle first light of the morning, to the dazzle of the midday sun, there are so many options when it comes to finding your light.

Ready to dive in?

These are our favorite names meaning light.

In this article: 📝

  • Which name means light?
  • What name means light for a boy?
  • What female name means light?
  • What boy name means bright?
  • Girls’ names meaning bright

Which name means light?

It’s not all about names meaning light, you know.

Well, it is.

But what about those radiant titles that mean a little more?

What name means Goddess of light?

For the baby blessed with divine beauty, how about:

  1. Thea: From the Greek goddess of light, Theia, this divine name is a timeless classic.

What name means Child of light?

Just know you’re baby is going to shine a little brighter?

In that case, it’s got to be:

  1. Margot: With Greek and Persian origins, Margot means “child of light”.

What names mean bringer of light?

Baby is about to brighten up your whole world and this bright star captures the sentiments flawlessly:

  1. Heylel: This Hebrew boys’ name means “light-bringer”. Heads up, though — it is the name of the morning star. Also goes by Lucifer. Devishly charming perhaps?

Alternatively you could always try:

  1. Lucas: An ancient Latin name.
  2. Meir: Meyer is another way to spell this Hebrew name for “bringer of light”. See also Meria.

What names mean ray of light?

For your little sunshine, try:

  1. Kiran: Meaning “ray of light” from the Sanskrit kiraṇa or better yet “sunbeam”. This gender-neutral name may look similar to the Irish boy’s name Ciaran but Kiran is no “little dark one”. Could strike a nice balance if you’re expecting more than one…

What girl name means moonlight?

In search of something a little more romantic for your midnight baby?

We have a whole list of baby names that mean moon, but as for moonlight?

What about:

  1. Mahina: This Hawaiian name not only means “moonlight”, it’s named for the goddess of the moon.
  2. Zira: An African name which gained some notoriety in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. Nowhere to go but up!

Ready to explore further afield?

We’ll light the way.

What name means light for a boy?

Hoping for a light bulb moment?

Try one of these boy names that mean light:

(Warning: sparks may fly)

  1. Aaron: As well as “high mountain”, this Hebrew baby boy’s name means “enlightened”.
  2. Abner: Of Hebrew origin, Abner means “father of light”.
  3. Anwar: This Arabic name means “shafts of light”.
  4. Apollo: This ancient Greek god of music and poetry has come to be paired with the sun and light. ☀️
  5. Barack: A name of both Hebrew and Swahili origin, Barack means both “lightning” and “blessing”. ⚡⚡
  6. Beacon: A guide to light the way.
  7. Bodhi: Meaning “enlightenment” or “awakening”
  8. Chand: This Sanskrit baby name shines at night. It refers to the “moon”. 🌙
  9. Dritan: A name of Swiss origin, Dritan simply means “light”.
  10. Elior: Meaning “my God is my light”.
  11. Epifanio: From its Spanish and Greek roots, Epifanio means “bringing light”.
  12. Faro: Meaning “lighthouse”.
  13. Gilbert: Meaning “shining promise”.
  14. Harbin: With its Old German and French roots, this name means “little bright warrior”.
  15. Hikaru: This Japanese name means “radiance” and “light”.
  16. Jomei: Of Japanese origin, Jomei means “to spread light”.
  17. Lior: This Hebrew name means “my light”.
  18. Lito: Simply “light”.
  19. Lucian: From the same Latin roots, Lucian also means “light”. An alternative spelling is Lucien.
  20. Luciano: This is the Italian form and means “light” or “illumination”.
  21. Lucius: An old Roman clan name, Lucius means “light”.
  22. Ner: This name is sweet and short and means “candle” or “light”. 🕯
  23. Nuri: With its Arabic roots, Nuri means “my light”.
  24. Oran: Having both Gaelic and Aramaic roots, Oran means “light”.
  25. Pradeep: This name has Hindi roots and means “candle” or “light”.
  26. Raiden: A name of Japanese origin, Raiden means “lightning”. ⚡
  27. Siraj: Meaning “lamp” or “light”.
  28. Uri: Meanng “my light” or “my flame”. 🔥
  29. Uriah: Meaning “God is my light”.
  30. Uriel: With its Hebrew roots, Uriel means “God is my light”.

What female name means light?

Bright, brilliant, breezy-natured?

Having baby shining like the diamond they are with one of these light names:

  1. Alina: From its Slavic origins, Alina means “bright”. From its Greek origins, Alina means “light”. Illuminating either way!
  2. Alora: Meaning “the Lord is my Light”.
  3. Ayla: Turkish in origin, Ayla refers to the halo of light around the moon.
  4. Aonani: This Hawaiian name means “beautiful light”.
  5. Cassandra: The name of the mythic Trojan princess, Cassandra means “to shine” or “to excel”.
  6. Ciana: Italian and Hebrew in origin, Ciana either means “light” or “God is gracious”.
  7. Danica: Meaning “morning star”. ⭐️
  8. Dawn: We don’t have to tell you about the beauty of this kind of light. We have a whole list of baby names that mean “dawn”.
  9. Eliora: Meaning “God is my light”.
  10. Ellen: An English form of the Greek Helene meaning “light”.
  11. Helen: With the same Greek origins, Helen means “light” or “bright”.
  12. Helena: Meaning “shining light”.
  13. Illene: This name has Scottish roots and means “bright, shining light”.
  14. Ilona: Meaning “shining light”.
  15. Kiara: From its Italian roots, Kiara means “light”. As a variation of the Irish Ciara, it means “dark”. Best of both worlds?
  16. Leora: Meaning “I have light”.
  17. Luciana: Meaning “light” or “illumination”.
  18. Lucille: Meaning “light”.
  19. Lucy: This ever-popular name is the feminine form of Lucius, meaning “light”.
  20. Luz: Meaning “light”.
  21. Lux. With its luxurious sound, Lux is the Latin word for “light”.
  22. Meira: Meaning “bringer of light”.
  23. Nell: Meaning “shining light”.
  24. Nora: From both its French and Arabic roots, Nora means “light”. From its Latin roots, it means “honor”.
  25. Nura: Meaning “light”.
  26. Oralee: This name has Hebrew roots and means “my light”.
  27. Olenna: Meaning “shining light”.
  28. Solana: Meaning “sunshine”.
  29. Sunny: Nuff said. ☀️
  30. Svetlana: This popular Slavic name means “light”, “shining”, and “luminescent”. It can also mean “pure” and “blessed”.
  31. Zia: From its Arabic roots, Zia means “light”.

What boy name means bright?

Baby has more far more depth than glowing good looks.

Swap names meaning light with something more substantive for your little bright spark:

  1. Akiro: This popular Japanese name means “bright boy”.
  2. Albert: A name of Old German origin, Albert means “bright”, “noble”, and “famous”.
  3. Albus: Latin in origin, Albus means “bright” and “white”.
  4. Ambert: Meaning “bright, shining light”.
  5. Brighton: If you’d like to pay homage to the vibrant holiday destination in England, this might be a great choice. It means “bright town”.
  6. Callahan: From Gaelic roots, Callahan means “bright headed”.
  7. Fynn: Meaning “bright” and “fair”.
  8. Hobbes: A real hit with Bill Watterson fans, Hobbes means “bright fame”. 🐯
  9. Robert: From Old German, this popular name also means “bright fame”.
  10. Robin: This one also means “shining” or “fame”.
  11. Rupert: With the same roots as Robert, Rupert also means “bright fame”.
  12. Xavier: From its Arabic roots, Xavier means both “bright” and “new house”. 🏠

Girls’ names meaning bright

And how about one of these radiant options?

  1. Aileen: Meaning “bright, shining light”.
  2. Áine: This beautiful Irish name means “radiance”.
  3. Akiko: With its Japanese origins, Akiko means “bright child”.
  4. Alina: This one has Slavic roots and means “bright and beautiful”.
  5. Avira: Meaning “bright”.
  6. Bertha: From its Germanic roots, Bertha means “bright one”.
  7. Chiara: Meaning “bright” and “luminous”.
  8. Claire: This popular French name means “clear and bright”.
  9. Clara: From its Latin roots, Clara means “clear and bright”.
  10. Clarabelle: This one has the same origins and means “clear and bright”.
  11. Clarissa: Yep, this one stems from the same source.
  12. Elaine: Meaning “shining light”.
  13. Electra: Meaning “radiant”.
  14. Elena: Meaning “shining light”.
  15. Ellie: This cute shortened form also means “shining light”.
  16. Ilka: From its Hungarian roots, Ilka means “bright, shining one”.
  17. Niamh: This Old Irish name means “bright” or “radiant”. It is often Anglicized to Neve.
  18. Phaedra: The name of a mythological Greek princess, Phaedra means “bright”.
  19. Phoebe: From its ancient Greek roots, this classic name means “bright”.
  20. Senna: Meaning “brightness”.
  21. Ziva: This Hebrew name can mean “radiance”, “brilliance”, or “light of God”.

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