254 Adorable Baby Names That Mean Love

254 Adorable Baby Names That Mean Love

Whether baby’s due to make an appearance on Valentine’s Day, or you want them to remember that love, actually, is all around, you’ll fall head-over-heels for these baby names that mean “love”.

Choosing the perfect “love” name for your little cherub is all about finding the right balance of meaning, heritage, and sound.

So if you’re after a name that means “love” in Latin, lesser-known rare “love” names, or even dual-meaning names that mean “love” and “beauty”, you’re in the right place.

Grab your red roses, chocolates, and press play on your sappiest love ballads ‒ we’re diving headfirst into 254 of the most adorable baby names that mean “love”.

In this article: 📝

  • What are female names that mean “love”?
  • What male name means “love”?
  • What are gender-neutral names meaning “love”?
  • What unique name means “love”?
  • What Greek name means love?
  • What name means “love”?

What are female names that mean “love”?

There are so many girl names that mean “love” in every culture.

To save you the legwork, we’ve put together 55 girl names meaning “love”, along with their meanings and origins, so you can find the perfect fit for your little love heart.

  1. Adelpha: Meaning “beloved sister” in Greek.
  2. Adore: Meaning “to love” in English.
  3. Ahuvati: Meaning “my love” in Hebrew.
  4. Áine: Irish goddess of love, summer, and wealth.
  5. Amada: Meaning “loved” in Spanish.
  6. Amala: Meaning “beloved” or “bird” in Arabic.
  7. Amandine: Meaning “much-loved” in French.
  8. Amata or Amara: Name meaning “to love” in Latin.
  9. Amicamea: Meaning “my love” in Latin.
  10. Amy, Amie, Amia, or Aimee: Meaning “to love” in French.
  11. Anansa: African Efik goddess of the sea and beauty.
  12. Angharad: Meaning “much loved” in Welsh.
  13. Astghik: Armenian goddess of love and fertility.
  14. Avila: Meaning “desired” in German.
  15. Aziza: Meaning “powerful and beloved” in Arabic.
  16. Cara or Carina: Meaning “beloved” in Italian.
  17. Caris, Cerys, Carys, or Keris: Meaning “loved one” in Cornish and Welsh.
  18. Carita or Karita: Meaning “beloved” in Latin.
  19. Carwen: Meaning “blessed love” in Welsh.
  20. Cherish: Meaning “desired” in English.
  21. Cheryl, Cheri, Cherie, or Cher: Meaning “dear one” in French.
  22. Dariela, Darlene, or Darla: Meaning “dear one” in English.
  23. Davida: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  24. Desiree: Meaning “desired” in French.
  25. Dzydzilelya: Polish goddess of love, fertility, and marriage.
  26. Esha: Meaning “desired” in Sanskrit.
  27. Esme or Isme: Meaning “beloved” in French.
  28. Freya or Freja: The Norse goddess of love.
  29. Grainne: A famous mythological Irish name meaning “love”.
  30. Habiba: Meaning “beloved” or “sweetheart” in Arabic.
  31. Habibti: Meaning “my love” in Arabic.
  32. Halia: Meaning “remembering a loved one” in Hawaiian.
  33. Haviva: Meaning “well-loved” in Hebrew.
  34. Idony: Meaning “renewed love” in Norse.
  35. Kalila: Meaning “beloved” in Arabic.
  36. Kamaka: Meaning “beloved child” or “rock” in Maori.
  37. Ludmila: Meaning “loved by the people” in Slavic.
  38. Maite: Meaning “beloved” in Basque.
  39. Mariel: Meaning “beloved” or “of the sea” in Dutch.
  40. Marietta: Meaning “beloved” or “of the sea” in Italian.
  41. Marija: Meaning “beloved” in Lithuanian.
  42. Milada: Meaning “my love” in Czech.
  43. Milda: Lithuanian goddess of freedom and love.
  44. Myrna: Meaning “beloved” in Gaelic.
  45. Nayeli: Meaning “I love you” in the Mexican language of Zapotec.
  46. Priya: Means “loved” in Sanskrit.
  47. Querida: Meaning “beloved” in Spanish.
  48. Rose: The flower of love.
  49. Sjöfn: Norse goddess of love.
  50. Suki: Meaning “beloved” in Japanese.
  51. Tivona: Meaning “lover of nature” in Hebrew.
  52. Turan: Etruscan goddess of love and energy.
  53. Valentina: Feminine version of Valentine, the saint of love.
  54. Vida: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew and Scottish.
  55. Živa: Slavic goddess of fertility and love.

What male name means “love”?

Now onto boy names that mean “love”.

There aren’t quite as many boy names meaning love as there are for girls’ names, but there are some very sweet choices:

  1. Abhaipreet: Meaning “fearless love” in Hindi.
  2. Amado, Amias, Amatus, or Amato: Meaning “loved” in Latin.
  3. Armas: Meaning “beloved” in Finnish.
  4. Aziz: Meaning “beloved” or “powerful” in Arabic.
  5. Bes: Egyptian god of love and music.
  6. Caradoc: Meaning “affection” in Welsh.
  7. Carwyn: Meaning “blessed love” in Welsh.
  8. Chaviv: Meaning “loved one” in Hebrew.
  9. Croía: From the Irish word croí meaning “heart”. Mo Chroí are the words whispered by Irish lovers everywhere.
  10. Dariel or Darrell: Meaning “loved one” in English.
  11. David or Davis: Meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  12. Desiderio: Meaning “desired one” in Spanish.
  13. Didier: Meaning “desired” in French.
  14. Erazem: Meaning “beloved” in Slovenian.
  15. Gerwyn: Meaning “fair love” in Welsh.
  16. Graziano: Meaning “beloved” in Italian.
  17. Habib or Habibi: Meaning “loved one” in Arabic.
  18. Jebediah: Meaning “beloved friend” in Hebrew.
  19. Kiefer: Meaning “beloved” in Gaelic.
  20. Kuni: Buddhist god of love.
  21. Rasmus: Meaning “beloved” in Finnish and Scandinavian.
  22. Rhys, Reese, or Reece: Meaning “ardor” in Welsh.
  23. Rudá: Guaraní god of love.
  24. Sajan: Meaning “beloved” in Hindi.
  25. Siebog: Slavic god of marriage and love.
  26. Siran: Meaning “lovely” in Armenian.
  27. Valentin or Valentine: Meaning “healthy” and “strong” in Latin. Also the saint of love.
  28. Wilmer: Meaning “famous love” in German.

What are gender-neutral names meaning “love”?

A lot of the baby names meaning love in our list are typically gendered, although ultimate it’s up to you which is best for your little cupid.

If you’re after a love name that’s more gender-neutral, we’ve found 11 unisex names that mean love sure to make you swoon:

  1. Ahuvi: Meaning “my love” in Hebrew.
  2. Aiko: Meaning “beloved child” in Japanese.
  3. Cupid: The bow-slinging mythical babies of love.
  4. Dewey or Dewi: Meaning “beloved” in Welsh.
  5. Dogoda: Polish spirit of love.
  6. Drury: Meaning “sweetheart” in French.
  7. Kalei: Meaning “beloved” or “flower wreath” in Hawaiian.
  8. Kealoha: Meaning “loved one” in Hawaiian.
  9. Mirren: Meaning “beloved” or “of the sea” in Scottish.
  10. Paris: The famed city of love.
  11. Yaretzi: Meaning “you will always be loved” in the Aztec language of Nahuatl.

What unique name means “love”?

All of the love names in our mega-list so far are traditional names that mean love in different cultures, but how about words that mean “love?”

Exploring love in different languages is bound to give you some truly unique baby names to make your little sweetheart really stand out.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s “love” in Latin” or what do Irish call their lovers?, here are all the words meaning “love” from around the world:

  1. Aahkyit: Burmese
  2. Achai: Tamil
  3. Ādaraya: Sunhala
  4. Ahava: Curious about what the Hebrew word for love? So much more than a lovely definition.
  5. Ài: Japanese and Chinese
  6. Aimer: French
  7. Alhubu: Arabic
  8. Alofa: Samoan
  9. Aloha: Hawaiian
  10. Amar: Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese
  11. Amo: Esperanto
  12. Amor or Amora: Spanish
  13. Amoris: Latin
  14. Anpu: Tamil
  15. Anurakti: Sanskrit
  16. Armastus: Estonian
  17. Aroha: Maori
  18. Asih: Sundanese
  19. Ást: Icelandic
  20. Bhālabāsā: Bangla
  21. Cariad, Caron, and Cerys: Welsh
  22. Chikondi: Nyanja
  23. Cinta: Indonesian and Malay
  24. Cion or Cumann: Celtic
  25. Connelly: Irish
  26. Dashuria: Albanian
  27. Dilan: Turkish
  28. Dragoste: Romanian
  29. Dua: Albanian and Arabic
  30. Elska or Elsker: Norse and Danish
  31. Evîn: Kurdish
  32. Fik’iri: Amharic
  33. Funanya: Nigerian
  34. Grá: Celtic
  35. Gràdh: Scottish Gaelic
  36. Gugma: Cebuano
  37. Hak: Lao
  38. Hanaan: Arabic
  39. Ife: Yoruba
  40. Ishq: Arabic
  41. Ịhụnanya: Igbo
  42. Imħabba: Maltese
  43. Jacaylka: Somali
  44. Kachannie: Belarusian
  45. Kalina: Australian
  46. Kama: Sanskrit. Also the Hindu God of Love
  47. Kara: Cornish
  48. Kärlek: Swedish
  49. Katl: Tamil
  50. Kerensa: Cornish
  51. Kev Hlub: Hmong
  52. Khairtai: Mongolian
  53. Kjærlighet: Norwegian
  54. Ko: Japanese
  55. Lanmou: Haitian Creole
  56. Láska: Slovak
  57. Leafde: Western Frisian
  58. Léift: Luxembourgish
  59. Lennon: Irish Gaelic.
  60. Lerato: Southern Sotho
  61. Liba or Luba: Yiddish, Russian, and German
  62. Liebe: German
  63. Liefde: Afrikaans and Dutch
  64. Ljubav: Bosnian
  65. Ljubezen: Slovenian
  66. Lyubov: Bulgarian
  67. Maitasuna: Basque
  68. Maxabbat: Kazakh
  69. Māyā: Nepali
  70. Meilė: Lithuanian
  71. Mila: Slavic
  72. Milena: Czech
  73. Mīlestība: Latvian
  74. Miłość: Polish
  75. Milovat: Czech
  76. Mina: German
  77. Nalligik: Inuktitut
  78. Pachm: Tamil
  79. Pag-ibig: Filipino
  80. Penda: Swahili
  81. Philou: Dutch
  82. Pi’āra: Punjabi
  83. Prem: Hebrew
  84. Prēma: Gujarati and Marathi
  85. Prīti: Kannada
  86. Querer: Spanish
  87. Rạk: Thai
  88. Rakkaus: Finnish
  89. Rudo: Shona
  90. Salang: Korean
  91. Searc: Celtic
  92. Ser: Armenian
  93. Sevgi: Azerbaijjani
  94. Sevmek: Turkish
  95. Siq’varuli: Georgian
  96. Sneha: Sanskrit
  97. Snēhaṁ: Malayalam
  98. Snehea: Khmer
  99. Soyayya: Hausa
  100. Söýgi: Turkmen
  101. Storgé: Greek
  102. Süyüü: Kyrgyz
  103. Szerelem: Hungarian
  104. Tatik: Inuktitut
  105. Tresna: Javanese
  106. Upendo: Swahili
  107. Urukundo: Kinyarwanda
  108. Uthando: Xhosa and Zulu
  109. Yêu Và Quý: Vietnamese

What name means “lovable”?

Let’s start with a super-cute love name meaning “lovable” ‒ for the baby who deserves all the love in the world:

  1. Mabel: Meaning “lovable”, from the Welsh Mabli.

What name means “love and beauty”?

While all the names that mean love and beauty are traditionally girls’ “love” names (and most of them are goddess’ names that mean “love and beauty”), it’s up to you if you feel any of these “love” names works for your little peanut:

  1. Aphrodite: The Greek goddess of love and beauty.
  2. Bastet: Egyptian goddess of cats, love, protection, and beauty.
  3. Branwen: Welsh goddess of beauty and love.
  4. Cliodhna: Irish Celtic goddess of love and beauty.
  5. Hathor: Egyptian sky goddess of love, music and beauty.
  6. Inanna: Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, wine and war.
  7. Ishtar: An alternative name for Inanna.
  8. Lada: Slavic goddess of fertility and beauty.
  9. Mab or Mabs: Meaning “beautiful love” in Irish and Welsh.
  10. Oshun: Yoruba goddess of beauty and love.
  11. Prende: Albanian goddess of fertility, beauty, and love.
  12. Qetesh: Canaanite goddess of love and beauty.
  13. Vashti: Meaning “beautiful and lovely” in Persian.
  14. Venus: Roman goddess of love, beauty, and spring.
  15. Xochiquetzal: Aztec goddess of beauty.

Baby names that mean “love and strength”

Love is the strongest force in the universe ‒ as you know, mama!

There are just two names that mean “love and strength”, but we think they pack a punch:

  1. Philomena: Perfect if you’re looking for girl names that mean “love and strength”. Philomena means “lover of strength” in Greek. Looking for a more masculine version? How about Philomenēs?

What name means pure heart?

Your little peanut has stolen your heart, so these adorable “love” names that mean “heart” could just be the perfect name for your sweetheart:

  1. Cordelia or Kordelia: Meaning “heart” in Latin.
  2. Cordian or Kordian: Meaning “heart” in Latin.
  3. Heart: Skipping a beat when you see your baby for the first time.
  4. Janan: Meaning “heart” in Arabic.
  5. Lev: Meaning “heart” or “lion” in Hebrew and Russian.
  6. Libi: Meaning “my heart” in Hebrew.
  7. Obi: Meaning “heart” in Igbo.

What name means “God is love”?

If you’re looking for a more religious “love” name, so your baby knows they’re never alone, how about these beautiful names meaning “love of God”:

  1. Abasiama: Meaning “God love” in Ibibo.
  2. Agapi: Meaning “God is love” in Greek.
  3. Amadea: Meaning “God’s beloved” in Latin.
  4. Amadeus: Meaning “lover of God” in Latin.
  5. Femi: Meaning “God loves me” in Yoruba.
  6. Herprit: Meaning “love of God” in Hindi.
  7. Ifunanyachi: Meaning “God’s love” in Igbo.
  8. Jedidiah or Jedediah: Meaning “loved by God” in Hebrew.
  9. Philothea: Meaning “lover of God” in Greek.

Baby names meaning “gift of love”

Our mamas on Peanut often find that names meaning “gift of love” or even just “gift” are perfect, particularly if they’re expecting a rainbow baby.

If you’re waiting on the best Valentine’s present you could ever receive, how about these baby names meaning “gift of love”?

  1. Xaria: Meaning “gift of love” in Hebrew.
  2. Donato: Meaning “gift of God” or “gift of love” in Italian.
  3. Theo: Meaning “gift from God” or “gift of love” in Greek.
  4. Callidora: Meaning “gift of beauty and love” in Greek.
  5. Miesha: Meaning “gift of ultimate love” in Slavic.

What name means pure love?

A parent’s love for their child is one of the purest forms of love in the universe, so how about these two beautiful Indian baby names meaning “pure love”?

  1. Adarshpreet: Meaning “ideal love” in Hindi.
  2. Bimalpreet: Meaning “pure love” or “clean love” in Punjabi.

What name means worthy of love?

Give your baby the gift of a name that reminds them how loved they are, with these two powerful names meaning “worthy of love”:

  1. Aarati: Meaning “worthy of love” in Hindi.
  2. Amanda: Meaning “she is worthy of love” in Latin.

What name means little love?

Your baby will always be your little love – the tiny cupid that’s stolen your heart.

Brace yourself: these are some of the cutest baby names meaning “love” on this list:

  1. Amarissa: Meaning “little lover” or “given by God” in Spanish.
  2. Amorette: Meaning “little love” in French.
  3. Myfanwy: Meaning “my lovely little one” in Welsh.

(Don’t say we didn’t warn you)

What Greek name means love?

Between Aphrodite, Eros (that’s Cupid btw), and Anteros (the god of platonic feels), love forms the heart of many Greek myths.

And let’s not forget those epic romances and tragic tales – Hero and Leander, Orpheus and Eurydice, Odysseus and Penelope.

Here’s our favorite Greek names meaning love:

  1. Phila or Philia: An adorable definition that forms the core of philosophy.
  2. Tindara: Meaning “willing to love”.
  3. Imogen: Meaning “loved child” in Greek.
  4. Erasmus, Erastos, or Erastus: Meaning “beloved” in Greek.
  5. Eros: Greek god of love. We couldn’t not include Cupid himself.

What name means “love”?

Finally, for us, the ultimate name meaning “love” in our list is:

  1. Love, actually.

Sure, it’s cliché (and You might have tainted this “love” a little), but we think it’s a beautiful reminder to your baby that love is all around.

There you have it ‒ our ultimate list of baby names that mean “love” from around the world.

Which of our “love” names is your favorite? Share it with the rest of the mamas-to-be on Peanut!

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