100 Charming Baby Names that Mean Lucky

100 Charming Baby Names that Mean Lucky

Feeling lucky, mama-to-be?

Check out our list of baby names that mean lucky!

Your little bundle of joy deserves a name that’s a lucky charm!

Looking to wish your baby good fortune through their name?

Thank your lucky stars, because there are some truly delightful options out there.

From the ‘Be’ names (Beatrice, Benedict, Bendito) to the luckiest gemstones around (yep, Jade’s on the list), baby names that mean lucky are filled with charm.

We’re sure Lady Luck will be on your side while you’re picking the perfect lucky name for your babe.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a name that means lucky?
  • Lucky names for girls
  • Lucky names for boys
  • What is a unisex name for lucky?
  • Baby names that mean destiny

What is a name that means lucky?

Well, how about:

  1. Lucky

It’s short, sweet, and gender-neutral.

And even better, you can play Britney’s Lucky as their very own song!

Lucky names for girls

  1. Aintza. A name of Basque origin, Aintza means “glorious.”
  2. Amber. While this name sounds sweet, it has a mighty meaning — “fierce.” And what makes it lucky? Well, amber is fossilized tree resin often used for jewelry, and wearing it is believed to bring good luck.
  3. Beatrice. From its Latin roots, Beatrice means “she who makes happy.”
  4. Carwyn. From its Welsh roots, this lovely name means “blessed.”
  5. Eudora. Meaning “fortunate gift” in Greek.
  6. Evangeline. This name meaning “good news” or “gospel” has some lovely variations — Angelina, Lina, and Evangelina are some of our favorites.
  7. Fausta. This one has Latin roots and means “fortunate.”
  8. Faustina. With the same origins as Fausta, Faustina adds a final syllable twist.
  9. Fayola. A name with Yoruba roots, Fayola means both “luck” and “walks with honor.”
  10. Felicia. This merry name means “happy” and “lucky.”
  11. Felicitas. From the same Latin roots as the boy’s name Felix, Felicitas means “happy” and “lucky” too.
  12. Felicity. From the Latin word felicitas meaning “luck” and “good fortune,” this cheerful name means “happiness.”
  13. Fortunata. It’s not hard to see the fortune in this name. It means “good fate.”
  14. Gloria. From its Latin roots, Gloria means “immortal glory,” “praise,” and “honor.”
  15. Iris. This name of Greek origin refers to the classical goddess of the rainbow. Because her job was to deliver mortal messages to the gods, it’s no wonder she could bring you some good luck. 🌈
  16. Jade. This beautiful green stone is believed to bring good fortune and protection.
  17. Kiara. A name that many believe to bring luck, Kiara means “light” or “clear” from its Italian roots. Interestingly, from its Irish roots, it means the opposite — “dark.”
  18. Kiaria. A lyrical name of Japanese origin, Kiaria means “fortunate.”
  19. Lakshmi. From its Sanskrit roots, Lakshmi means “good omen.” She’s also one of the main Hindu goddesses.
  20. Maribel. “Beautiful sea” or “lucky” in Spanish.
  21. Mireya. Meaning “miracle” or “luck” in Spanish.
  22. Octavia. A name that dates back to the Roman Empire, Octavia means “eighth.”
  23. Ottilie. This interesting French name means “prosperous in battle” and “wealth.”
  24. Rani. Meaning “queen” or “she who brings happiness and luck” in Sanskrit.
  25. Sadiya. A beautiful name with Arabic roots, Sadiya means “lucky” or “fortunate.”
  26. Shreya. As one of the names of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, Shreya means “good omen.”
  27. Sigrid. Meaning “victorious” or “fortunate” in Scandinavian.
  28. Taaliyah. From its Arabic roots, Taaliyah means “God’s gift.” Spelled as “Taliah,” it harks back to Hebrew origins and means “lamb.”
  29. Tira. “Luck, charm” in Hebrew.
  30. Ventura. With its Spanish roots, Ventura means “good fortune.”
  31. Victoria. It’s not hard to see that victory is a big part of this mighty name.
  32. Winifred. Of course, this name starts off with a win. Of Welsh and English origin, it means “holy,” “blessed,” or “joy and peace.” 🕊️
  33. Yuki. This popular Japanese name has a few different meanings. Beyond its meaning “happiness,” it also means “snow” or “snow flower.” ❄️
  34. Zada. From its Arabic roots, Zada means “prosperous” or “fortunate.” Zaida is an alternative version.

Lucky names for boys

  1. Ansel. Meaning “fortunate, blessed” in German.
  2. Behrooz. A name with Persian roots, Behrooz means “prosperous.”
  3. Bendito. This sweet name means “blessed.”
  4. Benedict. Like its brother name, Bennett, Benedict means “blessed.”
  5. Boone. This sweet name simply means “good.”
  6. Chauncey. From Latin roots, Chauncey refers to a chancellor, but also means “good fortune” or “gamble.”
  7. Edmund. A name of English origin, Edmund means “wealthy protector.”
  8. Edric. Meaning “fortunate ruler” in Old English.
  9. Fausto. Like the feminine versions of Fausta and Faustina, Fausto means “fortunate.”
  10. Feliz. Take a different spin on Felix, and this one’s just as lucky.
  11. Fisher. This lucky name refers to a fisherman. It’s definitely quite a catch. 🐠
  12. Fortunato. From its Old French roots, this lucky name sounds like its meaning.
  13. Gadiel. This name has Arabic roots and means “God is my fortune.”
  14. Ibon. A Basque name meaning “luck.”
  15. Ishaan. Meaning “sunrise” or “lucky” in Sanskrit.
  16. Kalen. A Gaelic name meaning “warrior of good luck.”
  17. Madoc. Of Welsh origin, Madoc has a few different meanings, including “charitable” and “fortunate.”
  18. Maximilian. Maximilian — and its sweet and short Max — simply means “the greatest.”
  19. Naseeb. Meaning “luck” or “fate” in Arabic.
  20. Parvaiz. With its Persian roots, Parvaiz means “lucky” or “happy.”
  21. Saad. A name of Arabic origin, Saad means “good luck.”
  22. Sadah. “Most fortunate.”
  23. Sadiq. Meaning “truthful” or “lucky” in Arabic.
  24. Sa’id. Also of Arabic roots, Sa’Id means “blessed” and “happy.”
  25. Selig. This name has Old German roots and means “blessed.”
  26. Venturi. “Good luck.”
  27. Venturo. And like Venturi, Venturo means “good luck.”
  28. Viktor. This name is simply a winner.
  29. Zain. “Beauty” or “luck” in Arabic.
  30. Zaki. Meaning “lucky, virtuous” in Arabic.

What is a unisex name for lucky?

  1. Arley. This cute name has a few different meanings. From its English origins, it means “hare meadow” and from its Hebrew roots, it means “promise.”
  2. Asher. This cheerful boy’s name means “happy” and “blessed.”
  3. Ashwin.Light”, “horse-tamer”, or “lucky” in Sanskrit.
  4. Bennett. Likely from the Latin benedictus, Bennett means “blessed.”
  5. Bonaventure. With its Latin origins, Bonaventure means “good fortune.”
  6. Boniface. This one comes from Latin roots too and means “fortunate” or “promising.”
  7. Chance. Quite simply — “good fortune.”
  8. Clover. You may know how lucky the four-leafed variety are. The name Clover refers to this lucky meadow flower. 🍀
  9. Fai. Meaning “luck” in Chinese.
  10. Felix. From its Latin roots, this fun name means both “happy” and “lucky.”
  11. Halona. With its Native American origins, Halona means “of happy fortune.”
  12. Kaida. “Little dragon who brings good luck” in Japanese.
  13. Machiko. This sweet Japanese name has a few different meanings depending on which kanji are used. One of our favorite meanings is “true, wisdom, child.”
  14. Quinn. A gender-neutral name of Gaelic origin, Quinn means “wisdom” or “chief.”
  15. Sachi. Meaning “blessed, lucky” in Japanese.
  16. Seven. Seven is said to be a lucky number in various cultures throughout the world — but its meaning as a name goes even further than that. From its Turkish roots, it means “loving one.”
  17. Tycho. Meaning “lucky” in Greek.
  18. Veasna. A name of Cambodian roots, Veasna means “the one who is lucky or fortunate.”
  19. Wen. “Lucky” or “cultured” in Chinese.

Baby names that mean destiny

  1. Bedisa. “Fated to be here.”
  2. Dalia. A name popular in Lithuania, Dalia means “destiny” or “fate.”
  3. Destiny. Enough said.
  4. Kader. With its Turkish roots, Kader means “fate” or “destiny.”
  5. Karma. This has Sanskrit roots and also means “fate” or “destiny.”
  6. Kismet. From the Arabic word qisma, Kismet means “fate.”
  7. Moira. An English version of the Irish name Máire, Moira means “destiny.”
  8. Niyati. “Fate, destiny” in Sanskrit.
  9. Providencia. “Destiny” in Spanish.
  10. Serendipity. This name was just meant to happen.
  11. Syntyche. A name with Greek roots, Syntyche means “with fate.”
  12. Urd. This name of Old Norse roots means “fate.”
  13. Virdis. Latin for “destiny.”
  14. Wyrd. A Norse and Old English word for “fate.”
  15. Yadira. “Worthy”, “destined” in Arabic.
  16. Ziva. Meaning “radiance” or “destiny” in Hebrew.

And there you have it, lucky mamas-to-be!

A list of names that could be the perfect fit for your babe.

Just remember, regardless of the name you choose, your little one is sure to be a lucky charm in your life.

So pick your favorite lucky name, cross your fingers, knock on wood, and your babe will be sure to have the luck of the Irish!

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