50 Kind-Hearted Baby Names That Mean Mercy

50 Kind-Hearted Baby Names That Mean Mercy

Looking for the perfect name for your little one? These baby names that mean mercy serve as a reminder to be compassionate, forgiving, and caring to all things.
The concept of mercy is all about compassion and caring for others — particularly those in distress.

It can also refer to divine blessings and the magic of luck.

Names that mean virtue embody these qualities, making them a meaningful choice for your new arrival.

They serve as a reminder to be patient, empathetic to others, and willing to give back to one’s community.

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What names mean mercy?

These baby names directly mean “mercy” or “merciful” or are closely linked with its virtues.

What girl’s name means mercy?

  1. Alienor: This vintage girl’s name has French origins. It’s a variation of Eleanor and means “merciful” or “God is my light.”
  2. Anika: From its Scandinavian roots, Anika means “gracious” or “merciful.” And from its Sanskrit roots, it has the mighty meaning of “fearless” and “soldier.”
  3. Clementine: This girl’s name means “merciful.” It has French origins and is the female variant of Clement.
  4. Eir: Eir was the name of the Goddess of Healing in Old Norse mythology. This girl’s name means “mercy,” “help,” or “protection.”
  5. Elea: Another beautiful version of Eleanor, Elea also means “merciful” and “God is my light.”
  6. Eleonor: And here comes the inspiring name itself. By now you know that this elegant girl’s name means “merciful” and “God is my light.”
  7. Gia: From Italian roots, this girl’s name means “life,” “a piece of heart,” and “God is Gracious.”
  8. Jane: This ever-popular name of English origin means “God is gracious.”
  9. Keiko: With Japanese origins, Kaiko means “blessed child.”
  10. Kyrie: This unique name with Greek origins means “Lord have mercy.”
  11. Leonora: This is the Italian version of the name Eleanor and also means “merciful” and “God is my light.”
  12. Mercy: If you want a name that cuts right to the chase, this is the perfect option.

What boy’s names mean mercy?

  1. Aric: With its Germanic origins, this baby boy’s name means “rules with mercy.”
  2. Armo: With its Finnish origins, Armo means “mercy” or “grace.”
  3. Clement: This baby boy’s name has Latin origins and means “merciful” or “mild.”
  4. Frederick: Frederick has German origins, and means “merciful leader.”
  5. Ivan: This name has several meanings, including “Gift of God,” “God’s Gracious Gift,” and “God is Merciful.”
  6. Jean-Luc: With French origins, this name means “God is gracious.”
  7. Jehohanan: With Biblical origins, this name also means “grace” or “mercy.”
  8. Milo: There are a few possible meanings for this sweet-sounding name. One of them is “merciful,” and the others are “soldier,” “yew flower,” or “beloved.”
  9. Myles: This name too has a number of meanings, including “peaceful,” “servant,” and “soldier.”
  10. Zeshawn: This name has American origins and also means “God is gracious.”

What names mean mercy in Hebrew?

Although they are now worn proudly by people worldwide, the names on this list all stem from Hebrew origins.

  1. Anna: This ever-popular girl’s name comes from the Hebrew word chanah, meaning “grace” or “favor.”
  2. Bethesda: With its Hebrew origins, Bethesda means “house of mercy” or “house of grace.”
  3. Hannah: The girl’s name has a strong Biblical connection and also means “grace” or “favor.” In the bible, Hannah is the mother of Samuel, the Jewish judge.
  4. Ian: While this baby boy’s name has Scottish Gaelic origins, it comes from the Hebrew name Yohanan, which means “God has shown mercy.”
  5. Jeanne: Rooted in Old French origins, the name is derived from the Hebrew name Yehochanan meaning “God is gracious.”
  6. Joanne: Descended from the Hebrew Yochana, this name also has French and Romanian ties. It means “God is merciful.”
  7. John: This boy’s name also means “God is gracious” and comes from the same roots as Joanne — the Hebrew Yochana.
  8. Lashon: This baby boy’s name has Hebrew origins and means “to feel the mercy of God.”
  9. Nahum: This Hebrew name has a reassuring meaning — “comforter.” The name belonged to a prophet recorded in the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament.
  10. Nehemiah: This Hebrew boy’s name means “comforted by the compassion of God.”
  11. Ruth: This Hebrew girl’s name makes the list because it means “compassionate friend.”
  12. Yohan: This boy’s name is also a shortened form of the Hebrew word Yohanan, meaning “God is merciful.” But it has other origins too. From its Sanskrit roots, it means “gift.”
  13. Zane: This popular name has Hebrew origins and means “God’s gracious gift.”

What are names that mean compassion?

To be merciful is to have compassion for all.

These names embody that desirable trait.

  1. Dayaa: This girl’s name has Hindi origins and means “compassion.”
  2. Ellis: This name means “kind” and has both Welsh and English origins.
  3. Karis: This girl’s name has Greek origins and means “grace,” “love,” and “kindness.” It’s a version of the Charis, one of the Charities in Greek mythology. They are the goddesses of beauty, nature, creativity, and fertility.
  4. Omya: This girl’s name has Nepali origins and means “help” and “kindness.”
  5. Raif: This boy’s name has Arabic origins and means “kind” and “compassionate.” It can also be spelled Raaif or Raef.
  6. Rasdaya: With Indian origins, this baby boy’s name means “elixir of compassion.”
  7. Rehema: This is a Swahili name that means “empathy” or “compassion.”
  8. Sathea: This name has Cambodian roots and means “compassion.”

What are names that mean forgiveness?

Mercy and forgiveness are virtues that go hand in hand.

These baby names reflect those qualities.

  1. Agraciana: This girl’s name has Spanish origins and means “grace,” “favor,” or “blessing.”
  2. Kaiya: This girl’s name means “forgiveness.” It has Japanese origins.
  3. Maharene: With Ethiopian origins, this baby girl’s name means “forgive us.”
  4. Mahari: A name of West African roots, Magari means “one who forgives.”
  5. Radhi: This baby boy’s name has East African origins. It means “forgiveness,” as well as “satisfied” and “content.”
  6. Samah: This Arabic name for boys and girls means “forgiveness” and “pardon.”
  7. Xolani: This Zulu name means “forgiveness” and “peace.”

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