80 Marvelous Baby Names that Mean Miracle

80 Marvelous Baby Names that Mean Miracle

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Read on for our favorite baby names that mean miracle from all over the world.
Just like that, you’re moments away from having a tiny wonder in your arms.

And yep, it’s hard to believe anything other than that they’ve arrived in your life by magic.

These incredible names that mean miracle speak to the otherworldly gift that is the new little person in your world.

From Marvela, meaning “a miracle to marvel at,” to Daliso — “a heavenly blessing” — to Gia, meaning “God is gracious,” we’ve got every kind of miraculous name on our list.

Ready to explore? Let’s go.

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What name means miracle from heaven?

If you want a name to match the magnitude of the awe you feel for the little being arriving in your life, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll kick off with names for girls.

Girl names that mean miracle

  1. Alazne: From Basque roots, this interesting name simply means “miracle.”
  2. Ayah: This exquisite Arabic name means “miracle” or “sign.”
  3. Camatkāra: Meaning “miracle” in Gujarati.
  4. Celeste: This classic Latin name means “heavenly” or “celestial.”
  5. Faye: If you’re looking for a name that holds a mythical magic, this is a great bet — it means “fairy.”
  6. Gwyrth: Meaning “miracle” in Welsh.
  7. Harika: With Turkish roots, Harika means “a miracle” or beautiful.”
  8. Himala: Meaning “miracle” in Filipino.
  9. Karishma: This delightful Indian name simply means “miracle.”
  10. Marvella: This adorable Spanish name means “a miracle to marvel at.”
  11. Merekara: Meaning “miracle” in Māori.
  12. Milagros: With Spanish roots, this name means “miracles.”
  13. Mira: From its Latin origins, this sweet name means “to wonder at.” But it has another meaning too. From its Slavic roots, it means “peace.”
  14. Miracle: Yep, we’re cutting straight to the chase here. Actress Miracle Laurie is a bearer of this bewitching name.
  15. Miranda: An excellent choice for Sex and the City fans, Miranda means “to be wondered at.”
  16. Miraria: Meaning “miracle” in Basque.
  17. Mireya: This interesting Spanish name has Latin roots and means “miracle” and “admired.”
  18. Pavāḍa: Meaning “miracle” in Kannada.
  19. Thávma: Meaning “miracle” in Greek.
  20. Vavega: Meaning “miracle” in Samoan.

Boy names that mean miracle

  1. Aaron: This popular boy’s name means “exalted” and has Hebrew roots. It can also mean “mountain of strength.”
  2. Ajaib: Meaning “miracle” in Javanese.
  3. Barack: Belonging to the 44th president of the U.S., Barack means “blessed” and has Arabic roots.
  4. Benedict: From Latin roots, Benedict means “blessed.”
  5. Bennett: This one has Latin roots and means “blessed.”
  6. Čudo: Meaning “miracle” in Bosnian.
  7. Eijaz: With Arabic roots, Eijaz means “blessings” or “miracle.”
  8. Ender: This Turkish name is truly unique. It means “extremely rare.”
  9. Galdur: Here’s an interesting option for your little magician. Galdur is of Nordic roots and means “magic” or “magic chant.”
  10. Gijeog: Meaning “miracle” in Korean.
  11. Jason: This popular name has a special meaning — “healer.” We think that’s pretty miraculous.
  12. Magus: With its Latin roots, Magus means “magician” or “sorcerer.”
  13. Marvel: This magical gender-neutral name is more than just a Cinematic Universe. It means “to be filled with wonder.”
  14. Miracolo: As it sounds, this Italian name means “miracle.”
  15. Mohlolo: Meaning “miracle” in Southern Sotho.

Gender-neutral names that mean miracle

After something more unisex? Check out these gender-neutral baby names that mean miracle:

  1. Asher: Another name of Hebrew roots, Asher means “blessed” or “happy.”
  2. Cyfrin: From Welsh roots, this magical name means “sorcerer” or “secret.”
  3. Kiseki: Meaning “miracle” in Japanese.
  4. Ime: Meaning “miracle” in Estonian.
  5. Iyanu: Meaning “miracle” in Yoruba.
  6. Mehr: From its Sikh/Punjabi roots, Mehr means “blessing.” It’s also based on a Persian word meaning both “sun” and “affection.”
  7. Míorúilt: Meaning “miracle” in Irish.
  8. Muujiza: Meaning “miracle” in Swahili.
  9. Qíjī: Meaning “miracle” in Chinese.

What name means gift from heaven?

What can we say? These names are simply divine!

  1. Alya: This beautiful name has a few different miraculous meanings. From its Arabic roots, it means “sky” or “heaven.” From its Hebrew origins, it means “to ascend.” And its Slavic meaning is “beautiful.”
  2. Astrid: This gorgeous name means “divinely beautiful” — what a gift!
  3. Beatrix: From its Latin roots, this magical name means “blessed.” But it also has another heavenly meaning — “voyager” or “traveler.”
  4. Celia: This one also has Latin roots and simply means “heaven.”
  5. Daliso: From the Chewa people of central and southern Africa, Daliso means “heavenly blessings.”
  6. Deva: With its Sanskrit roots, this lovely name means “divine being.”
  7. Diana: This popular name has roots in various parts of the world and means “divine.” Diana was the Roman goddess of, amongst other things, hunting, the moon, and fertility.
  8. Dionne: This interesting alternative to Diane has Greek roots and means “divine.”
  9. Elysia: A celestial girl’s name with a very poetic meaning — “from the blessed isles.”
  10. Gwyneth: Of course, Ms. Paltrow has made this a household name. It means “blessed” or “happy.”
  11. Hannah: This Hebrew name has truly survived the test of time and means “favor” or “grace.”
  12. Juno: OK, this name is straight from divine royalty. It means “queen of heaven.”
  13. Keilani: From Hawaiian roots, this lyrical name means “heaven,” “sky,” or “glorious chief.”
  14. Mapalo: From the Bembe people, Mapalo means “heavenly blessings.”
  15. Rhiannon: From Welsh roots, this name has a truly celestial meaning — “divine queen.”
  16. Sachi: This adorable Japanese name means “bringer of happiness” or “child of joy.”
  17. Talia: From its Hebrew roots, this poetic name means “gentle dew from heaven.”

What name means special gift from God?

You’re about to be given the best present you’ve ever received. Here are some ways to honor that gift.

  1. Adom: This gentle boy’s name means “God’s blessing” and hails from north and west Africa.
  2. Anna: This ever-popular name comes from the Hebrew name Hannah, which means “favor” or “grace.”
  3. Askha: This lovely Hindu name means “blessing from God.” It’s typically used for girls.
  4. Doron: With its Hebrew roots, Doron means “gift from God.” And from its Irish roots, it means “stranger.”
  5. Dorothea: With its Greek roots, Dorothea means “gift of God.”
  6. Elsa: Disney’s Frozen really put this name on the global map. It means “pledged to God.”
  7. Fyodor: The Russian form of Theodore, this name means “God’s gift.”
  8. Gia: This stylish name simply means “God is gracious.”
  9. Giovanni: An Italian name that never goes out of style, Giovanni means “God is gracious.”
  10. Grace: Enough said.
  11. Inaam: From Arabic roots, Inaam means “gift” or “blessings.”
  12. Jane: Another name that never goes out of fashion, Jane means “God is gracious.”
  13. Janet: If you’re a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, you may really be drawn to this name. It means “gift from God.”
  14. Jesse: Perfect for a baby of any gender, Jesse means “God’s gift.”
  15. Mateus: With Portuguese roots, Mateus means “Gift of God.”
  16. Nasya: This unique Hebrew name means “miracle of God.”
  17. Ohanna: This sweet-sounding Armenian name means “God’s gracious gift.”
  18. Thaddeus: This powerful name of Aramaic roots means “gift of God.”
  19. Theodore: From its Greek roots, this ever-popular name means “gift of God.” And it can be shortened to the adorable Teddy.

All the best with your choice!

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