47 Baby Names that Mean Moon

47 Baby Names that Mean Moon

Whether your baby was born under a full moon, or you’re a big fan of astrology, baby names that mean moon are full of wonder and delight.

Here’s our guide to all the best baby names meaning moon.

But first, some top questions asked about baby names meaning moon…

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What name means child of the moon?

The Spanish name Amaris means “child of the moon”.

If you’re into astrology, this name also has a special connection to the star sign Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.

Amaris also means “given by God” in ancient Hebrew.

And while traditionally a boy’s name, it is more commonly used for girls these days (though it’s still very rare).

What name means moon?

When you think of baby names that mean moon, Luna is probably the first one to come to mind, since it’s the Latin translation. Luna was ranked #14 in the US for girls’ names in 2020.

Its popularity may have something to do with the Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, or celeb babies, like the daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

What are different names for moon?

Languages the world over provide us with plenty of choices when it comes to names that literally mean moon.

From Finnish to Vietnamese, let’s start our list with a whole load of inspo for names meaning moon!

  1. Mona — Old English (girl)
  2. Luna — Latin/Spanish (girl)
  3. Sasi — Thai (girl)
  4. Indu — Hindi (girl)
  5. Jaci — Native American (girl)
  6. MahinaHawaiian (girl)
  7. Hang — Vietnamese (girl)
  8. Neoma — Meaning “new moon” in Greek (girl)
  9. MoonEnglish (unisex)
  10. Dawa — Tibetan (unisex)
  11. Qamar — Arabic (boy)
  12. Kuu — Finnish (boy)
  13. Luan — Portuguese (boy)
  14. Chan/Chandra — Sanskrit (boy)
  15. Mani — Old Norse (boy)
  16. Vikesh — Indian (boy)
  17. Bader — Arabic for “full moon” (boy)

Moon-related names

If you want your baby’s name to reference the moon in a less literal sense, one of these cool baby names might be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Aku — An ancient Babylonian name from mythology, meaning “moon god”
  2. Aruna — This name of Japanese origin means “moon love.”
  3. Artemis — The Greek goddess of the moon
  4. Artem — The male variant of Artemis
  5. Apollo — The NASA space mission which first landed a man on the moon
  6. Deva — An ancient Hindi moon goddess
  7. Diana — The Roman goddess of the moon
  8. Esmeray — A Turkish name meaning “dark moon”
  9. Monday — Meaning “moon day” in Old English, Monday is a unique choice
  10. Neil — The first man to walk on the moon is a pretty cool namesake.
  11. Selene/Selena — The Greek moon goddess

Baby boy names that mean moon

If you want to give your little boy a name associated with the moon, look no further.

  1. Arche — A moon of Jupiter
  2. Aibek — Meaning “master of the moon” in Turkish
  3. Atlas — A moon of Saturn and related to greek mythology
  4. Badru — Meaning “born during the full moon” in Egyptian
  5. Janus — One of the moons of Saturn
  6. Jericho — An ancient city in Israel, this name is associated with the Hebrew word yareach which means “moon.”
  7. Kale — Another moon of Jupiter
  8. Linus — One of the many moons in the asteroid belt located between Jupiter and Mars
  9. Titan — A strong name given to the largest moon of Saturn

Baby girl names that mean moon

The beauty of the moon captured in a name, these sweet names would be perfect for your daughter.

  1. Altalune — Means “over the moon” in Latin
  2. Aisha — A name associated with the Arabic moon goddess
  3. Ayla/Aylin — A Turkish name with two spellings that means “halo of light around the moon”
  4. Callisto — A moon of Jupiter
  5. Elara — Another moon of Jupiter
  6. Helene — One of Saturn’s moons, a name that also means “bright, shining light
  7. Larissa — A moon of Neptune
  8. Portia — A moon of Uranus
  9. Rosalind — Another of Uranus’ moons
  10. Zira — A name of African origin, meaning “moonlight”

There you have it! 47 ethereal, beautiful names as mysterious as the moon.

Which name meaning moon is your favorite? Share it with the other moms-to-be of Peanut!

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