67 Baby Names That Mean Ocean

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Baby names that mean ocean draw on the immense presence and mystery of this mighty body of water.

Baby Names That Mean Ocean

There’s much to marvel at when it comes to maritime magic.

There’s the gentleness of the waves tickling the shore, the unparalleled power of the great expanse of blue, and the baffling beauty of gardens of coral reef.

With all the complex beauty the sea has to offer, it’s no wonder ocean names offer the perfect combination of tranquility and might.

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  • What names mean ocean?
  • What names mean water or sea?
  • What are cute ocean names?
  • Girl names that mean ocean
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What names mean ocean?

Let’s start off strong with the most oceanic baby name:

  1. Ocean. Yep, this one tells it like it is. The word has Ancient Greek roots.

What names mean water or sea?

Some of these names mean “wave.”

Others talk of the magnificent blue of the sea.

Yet others honor the creatures that call the sea home.

It’s not hard to see why names from this well of inspiration make a real splash.

Ready to dive in? Let’s explore.

We’ll start out with names that are inspired by the sea or the water that powers it.

  1. Aalto. With its Finnish origins, Aalto means “wave”.
  2. Alda. With its Icelandic roots, this girl’s name also means “wave.”
  3. Alon. This one has Tagalog origins and, like some of our other friendly entries, means “wave.”
  4. Adva. This name has Hebrew origins, and means “ripple” or “small wave.”
  5. Adria. With its Latin roots, Adria refers to someone from the beautiful Roman town, Hadria which is on the Adriatic Sea.
  6. Adrian. And this popular name has the same roots as Adria.
  7. Anahita. This one has Persian origins, and refers to an ancient water goddess.
  8. Aqua. A name with Latin origins, Aqua means “sea blue” or “water.”
  9. Ariel. While this name means “lion of God,” it was famously known from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  10. Brennan. Initially an Irish surname, Brenna means “drop of moisture.” It has another meaning too — “little raven.”
  11. Brooks. From its English origins, Brooks refers to someone who lives near a stream.
  12. Calder. The name has Scottish origins and means “wild waters.”
  13. Cascade. This one has French origins, and means “waterfall.”
  14. Cordelia. With both Latin and Celtic origins, Cordelia means “daughter of the sea” and “heart.” This timeless name belonged to King Lear’s loving daughter in Shakespeare’s play.
  15. Cruise. While this name means “brave” or “fierce,” it’s hard not to think of the connotations of sailing across water.
  16. Dayla. With Hebrew origins, Dayla means “to draw water.”
  17. Douglas. Doug for short, this popular name has Scottish origins, and means “black river.”
  18. Dylan. A name with Welsh origins, Dylan means “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.”
  19. Jordan. With its Hebrew origins, this name means “flow down.”
  20. Kallan. From its Scandinavian origins, Kallan means “flowing water.”
  21. Laguna. This one has Spanish roots and means “pond” or “lake.”
  22. Leith. This Celtic name means both “wet” and “broad river.”
  23. Morgan. This name has Welsh origins and means “sea-born” or “sea-song.” And of course, it belongs to a certain Mr. Freeman.
  24. Moses. This name with Egyptian origins means “delivered from water”. In the Christian religion, Moses is famously known for parting the Red Sea so that his people can flee the Egyptian army.
  25. Murray. From its Scottish roots, Murray means “settlement by the sea.”
  26. Naia. This name has a few different ocean-inspired meanings. From its Hawaiian roots, it means “dolphin.” From Basque origin, it means “wave” and “sea foam.” And in Greek mythology, the naiads are nymphs of flowing water.
  27. Ninad. With its Indian origins, the Ninad meaning is “gentle sound of water.”
  28. Nirveli. With its Hindu roots, Nirveli means “water child.”
  29. Ren. From its Japanese origins, Ren means “water lily.”
  30. Serena. This name with Latin origins perfectly describes the sea on a calm day. It means “clear, tranquil, serene.” It also belongs to tennis megastar, Serena Williams.
  31. Trent. With its English origins, Trent means “gushing waters.”
  32. Varuna. He’s the Hindu god of ocean and rains.
  33. Yara. Yara has Brazilian origins and means “water lady.” It’s worn by the American Black-ish and Grown-ish actress, Yara Shahidi.

What are cute ocean names?

Some of our favorite ‘ocean’ baby names are also super-sweet, like:

  1. Aerwyna. “Friend of the sea”
  2. Bo. This sweet Chinese name means both “wave” and “precious.”
  3. Coral. With its Latin origins, Coral refers to magnificent underwater sea growth.
  4. Dwyn. From Welsh roots, Dwyn means “wave.”
  5. Murphy. This gender-neutral name has Irish roots and means “sea warrior.”
  6. Nixie. This cute name with German origins means “water sprite.”
  7. Paroo. This Hindu name means “graceful” and flow of water.”
  8. Tallulah. From its Choctaw roots, Tallulah means “leaping water.”

Girl names that mean ocean

  1. Darya. With its Iranian roots, Darya means “ocean” but it also means “possessing goodness.”
  2. Doris. Meaning “gift from the ocean,” Doris is a great option for Ancient Greek enthusiasts. She was the daughter of the sea god, Oceanus.
  3. Hali. From its Greek roots, Hali means “sea.”
  4. Kaia. From its Hawaiian roots, Kaia means “sea.”
  5. Marella. With its Latin roots, Marella means “shining sea” or “star of the sea.”
  6. Marnie. “From the sea”
  7. Mira. With its Sanskrit roots, Mira means “ocean.”
  8. Miriam. This Hebrew name has a strong biblical connection and means “drop of the sea.”
  9. Moana. With its Polynesian roots, Moana means “ocean.” This name has become a global hit because of the Disney animation movie of the same name.
  10. Morwenna. From its Breton roots, Morwenna means “white sea.”
  11. Rosemary. From its English and Latin origins, Rosemary means “dew of the sea.” And of course there’s the option of the adorable Rosie for short.
  12. Thalassa. From its Greek roots, Thalassa means “ocean.”
  13. Umiko. With its Japanese origins, Umiko means “child of the sea.”

Boy names that mean ocean

  1. Bahari. With its Swahili roots, this boy’s name translates to “ocean.”
  2. Delmar. With its Spanish origins, Delmar means “of the sea.”
  3. Deniz. This name has Turkish origins and means “sea.”
  4. Earwyn. With its English origins, Earwyn means “friend of the sea.”
  5. Firth. This Scottish name means “arm of the sea.”
  6. Hurley. From Irish roots, Hurley means “sea tide.”
  7. Irving. With Scottish origins, Irving means “sea friend.”
  8. Jaladri. This Sudanese name means “ocean.”
  9. Kai. This name has Hawaiian origins and means “sea.”
  10. Kano. With African and Japanese origins, Kano means “god of water.”
  11. Malik. From its Greenlandic roots, Malik means “ocean wave.”
  12. Samudra. From its Sanskrit origins, Samudra means the “gathering together of waters” and refers to the sea.

All the best with your choice!

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