54 Original Baby Names That Mean Orange

54 Original Baby Names That Mean Orange

Joy, happiness, fun, creativity, freedom, warmth, and freedom.

In color psychology, orange is associated with all of these bright and delightful things — and many more besides.

These heart-warming traits make names that mean orange a brilliant thing to bestow on your brand-new bundle.

Looking for inspiration?

We’ve got some oh-so-original orange options for you to choose from!

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  • Girl names that mean orange
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  • Unisex names that mean orange

What name means orange tree?

The Hawaiian name Alani means orange tree.

What name means orange flower?

The Italian names Nerola (for girls) and Neroli (for boys) refer to orange blossoms.

We love how these lyrical names roll off the tongue.

What Japanese name means orange?

Kitsu is a Japanese name used for girls. It means “orange” or “tangerine.”

Another Japanese name that means orange is Orenji

It’s the literal translation of the word orange, both for the color and the fruit.

It’s also most often used for girls.

Girl names that mean orange

Vibrant, sweet, exciting – it’s no wonder you want to name your baby for your favorite color!

Here are our top girl orange names sure to capture your daughter’s energy:

  1. Alani: A Hawaiian name, Alani means “precious” or “orange tree.” It’s quite a common name in the US, where it’s also used as a variation of Alana.
  2. Amber: An Arabic word originally, amber refers to fossilized tree resin often golden in color. There are different types of spelling for this rich and beautiful name, including Ambre, Ambur, and Aamber.
  3. Aranchi: This name is relatively uncommon outside of Ethiopia and Eritrea, where it refers to the oranges that grow abundantly there.
  4. Aurora: Meaning “dawn” in Latin. 🌅
  5. Azahar: An Arabic name, Azahar refers to the orange blossoms found all around the Mediterranean. One of the invocations of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is Nuestra Senora del Azahar, which means “Our Lady of the Orange Blossom.”
  6. Cayenne: Like the spicy pepper, which becomes a beautiful red-orange color when powdered.
  7. Coral: Think of the spectacular underwater kingdoms made of coral, which so often have splashes of orange. Alternative spellings include Corral, Koral, and Coralie.
  8. Dahlia: Dahlias are a plant originally from Mexico and Central America. They’re related to sunflowers, daisies, and chrysanthemums and come in rich pinks, purples, yellows, and (you guessed it) oranges.
  9. Daisy: One of several flower-themed orange names.
  10. Ginger: This orange-colored spice is often used to describe redheads (although if you’re a fan of the Australian comedian and songwriter, Tim Minchin, you’ll know that “only a ginger can call another ginger ginger”). Ginger was a popular name in the 1950s — remember Ginger Rogers?
  11. Honey: A common name in the UK, but not as much in the US, this name is perfect for sweet, golden girls. 🍯
  12. Kitsu: A Japanese kanji, Kitsu means “orange” or “tangerine.”
  13. Marigold. This old-fashioned option was once a common English name.
  14. Melina: A Greek name, Melina means “honey.”
  15. Mikan: Another Japanese word that means orange.
  16. Nerënxa: We love this interesting name. With both an accent and an “x” in her name, your little one is sure to stand out. It’s from the Albanian word for the bitter orange used to make marmalades and essential oils in the Mediterranean.
  17. Nerola: An Italian name, Nerola means “orange blossom.”
  18. Orenji: A Japanese name that is a translation of the word orange, both for the color and the fruit.
  19. Oriane: A French girl’s name, Oriane means “sunrise.”
  20. Peaches: 🍑
  21. Phoenix: The mythical bird rising from its own ashes, the Phoenix is often depicted in bright orange flames.
  22. Poppy: Like the red, red-orange, and orange flower.
  23. Saffron: Saffron is an extremely expensive spice (think US$5,000 per kilogram or higher!) and is known for its rich red-orange color. While it’s been used as a girl’s name for decades, it’s still not very common.
  24. Santara: An Indian name for a tangerine, Santara is a common name meaning orange in India, though it’s less common in the US.
  25. Sienna: This Italian name means “from Siena” — a medieval city built on rich red-orange clay. Sturdy foundations here!
  26. Solana: A Spanish name for sunshine. It doesn’t get much brighter than this. ☀️
  27. Topaz: The gemstone Topaz is colorless in its natural state, but when it has trace impurities in it, it tends to become yellow, orange, and gold. It’s the gemstone of Texas and Utah.
  28. Yelena: A Russian name, Yelena means “shining light.”

Boy names that mean orange

Orange isn’t just restricted to the fruit bowl.

From Celtic hues to fiery natures, orange names capture them all.

They even make a great choice for a fall-born child.

Which will capture your imagination?

  1. Abner: A boy’s name of Hebrew origin, Abner means “father of light.”
  2. Anatole: Anatole is a French name that means “rising sun.”
  3. Auburn: Usually used to describe those with orangy-brown hair, Auburn is also a vintage boy’s name.
  4. Blane: This strong and unusual name means “yellow.” It can also be spelled Blaine.
  5. Blaze: Like a fire. 🔥
  6. Bowie: Any fans of the glam-pop icon David Bowie will be all-too familiar with this name. But did you know that he gave the last name Bowie to himself? His original last name was Jones. Bowie means “yellow-haired.”
  7. Boyd: Like Bowie, Boyd also means “yellow-haired” or “blond.” Not quite orange, but pretty close!
  8. Clay: Strong and assertive, Clay is an increasingly popular boy’s name. It refers to the natural earth that is orangy-red.
  9. Copper: An unusual name that refers to the soft, malleable metal that has a pinkish-orange hue.
  10. Cyrus: In Persian, Cyrus means “sun.”
  11. Daidai: Daidai, a name common in the Himalayas, is slowly gaining popularity elsewhere in the world. It refers to the orange trees found among these high-altitude peaks.
  12. Flavian: A Latin name, Flavian means “yellow-haired.”
  13. Hari: Meaning “lion” or “one who forgives all sins.” This powerful Sanskrit name brings to mind the rich orange of a lion’s mane. 🦁
  14. Garfield: Before the ginger cartoon cat came along, Garfield was a popular boy’s name. Your little one could bring it back into fashion.
  15. Helio: A Spanish name, Helio means “the sun.”
  16. Neroli: The male version of Nerola, which means “orange blossom.”
  17. Ravi: Ravi is the name of the Hindu sun god.
  18. Roux: This name refers to the red and brown color of a thickener used in Creole and Cajun cooking in the American south.
  19. Rusty: Often used as a nickname for redhead boys, Rusty could also stand on its own as a name.
  20. Sorrel: This French name refers to a color that has hints of both orange and red.
  21. Tiger: The tiger must be one of the most famous orange animals out there. Of course, it’s also gained popularity since the world-renowned golfer Tiger Woods became a household name.

Unisex names that mean orange

Keep it open and free with these gender-neutral orange names:

  1. Cam: Cam is a Vietnamese name and refers to orange fruit.
  2. Flannery: An Irish gender-neutral name, Flannery means “descendent of the red warrior.”
  3. Koi: The beautiful, elegant (and very expensive) orange fish often found in Japanese gardens are called koi. They’re believed to bring good luck and fortune.
  4. Noor: This Arabic name means “light” and “brightness.”
  5. Rory: A common name in the US, Rory comes from the Irish word ruadh, which means “red.” The Old Irish name Ruaidhrí means “red king.”

Found the right orange name for your energetic babe?

Feel free to share with the Peanut community! 🧡

Who doesn’t love a baby name brainstorm?

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