140+ Calming Baby Names That Mean Peace

140+ Calming Baby Names That Mean Peace

Let’s be honest: being a mother can be anything but peaceful.

All the more reason to make calm and serenity excellent things to aim for.

Here, we’re sharing baby names that mean peace.

There are baby names meaning peace in every culture, so if a name that inspires tranquility is something you’re after, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your little one.

Here are some of our favorites.

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What girl name means peace?

What are girl names that mean peace?

Well, it turns out there are quite a lot to choose from.

Take a calm, peaceful look:

  1. Alafia: Meaning ‘peace’ in Yoruba.
  2. Alanna: A Gaelic name meaning ‘serenity’.
  3. Amity: Another beautiful meaning here – ‘harmony’ and ‘friendship’.
  4. Bakea: Meaning ‘peace’ in Basque.
  5. Clementine or Clemency: A vintage name that means ‘merciful’ and ‘mild’.
  6. Evania: A name meaning ‘peace’, originally Greek, but also popular in Spain.
  7. Freda, Frida, or Frieda: A German and Scandinavian name that means ‘peaceful’. And who better as a namesake for your daughter than the artist Frida Kahlo?
  8. Frederica or Frederique: These are the feminine forms of the boy’s name Frederick, which means ‘peaceful ruler’.
  9. Harmony: A baby name that’s both ‘peaceful’ and ‘musical’.
  10. Heiwa: Meaning ‘peace’ in Japanese.
  11. Irina: A softer form of Irene. In Europe, it’s usually pronounced with a short “I” (as in tin) rather than a long one (as in time).
  12. Maluhia: Meaning ‘peace’ Hawaiian.
  13. Mira: A popular name in many countries, but deriving from eastern Europe originally, Mira means ‘peaceful ocean’.
  14. Lana: In Hawaii, this name means ‘calm as still waters’. In Greece, it means ‘shining light’.
  15. Nanda: Meaning ‘peace’ or ‘bliss’ in Sanskrit.
  16. Nura: Meaning ‘briner of enlightenment and peace’ in Arabic.
  17. Olivia: A variation on Olive, and one of the most popular names in the U.S and the U.K right now.
  18. Paccia: A feminine form of Pax and Paz, which are baby names that mean ‘peace’.
  19. Paloma: One of our favorite peace names. It means ‘dove’, one of the most common symbols of peace.
  20. Rauha: Meaning ‘peace’ in Finnish.
  21. Rena: A shortened form of Irene with a modern twist. It can also mean ‘joyous melody’, depending on the language.
  22. Salama: Meaning ‘peace’ in Arabic.
  23. Salome: Originally Hebrew, a derivation of the peace greeting ‘Shalom’, but also very popular in France.
  24. Serena: A name derived from ‘serene’.
  25. Shanti: This peace name means ‘tranquility’ and ‘quiet’ in Hindi, and we love how calm and musical it sounds.
  26. Solana: Meaning ‘peaceful’ or ‘sunshine’ in Spanish.
  27. Ukuthula: Meaning ‘peace’ in Zulu.
  28. Winifred: From the Welsh, this name means ‘blessed peacemaker’ and has a great vintage vibe.
  29. Xola: Meaning ‘stay in peace’.
  30. Zuma: Everyone loves a Z name. Zuma derives from Zulema, an Arabic name meaning ‘peace’, similar to the Hebrew Salome.

What baby boy name means peace?

What about boy names that mean peace?

Whether you’re looking for strong names that mean peace bringer or calm names meaning serenity, you’ll find something on this list.

  1. Absalom: A Biblical name meaning ‘father of peace’ and now popular all over the world.
  2. Aarav: This is a Hindi name. The root “Rav” is related to peace and music.
  3. Axel: The Scandinavian version of Absalom.
  4. Baris: A name of Turkish origin meaning ‘the peaceful one’.
  5. Callum or Calum: A Scottish name that’s still very popular in Scotland and Ireland, that originally meant ‘dove’. A version also existed in old German, which meant ‘peaceful ruler’.
  6. Colvyr: This is an old English name that we think is worth bringing back.
  7. Clements: A popular German boy’s name related to Clemency and Clementine.
  8. Colm: One of the most versatile names meaning ‘peace’, this is an Irish name that can either be a variation on Calum / Callum, or a shortened form of Malcolm.
  9. Frederick or Friedrich: This German name means ‘peaceful ruler’.
  10. Fritz: A shorter form of Frederick.
  11. Godfrey: Meaning ‘God’s peace’ in German.
  12. Heddwyn: From the Welsh, this gentle boy’s name means ‘holy peace’.
  13. Humphrey: ‘Peaceful warrior’. Another old-Hollywood-sounding name that we think needs a revival.
  14. Irenaeus: The striking male form of Irene.
  15. Jonah: You might associate him with the whale, but this name actually means ‘dove’.
  16. Levi: This name is more than your favorite jeans. The original Hebrew meaning is ‘joined in harmony’.
  17. Malu: Meaning ‘peace’ in Polynesian.
  18. Manfred: ‘Man of peace’. Bonus: Manny is a cute nickname.
  19. Milo or Mylo: This Eastern European name means ‘merciful’.
  20. Miro: A shortened form of Miroslav, also eastern European in origin, meaning ‘lover of peace’, and a very cool name in its own right.
  21. Miles: An anglicized version of Milo.
  22. Oliver: This name comes from ancient Norse but, like Olivia, it’s also associated with olive branches.
  23. Paco: Meaning ‘peace’ in Esperanto.
  24. Paz: The Spanish form of Pax.
  25. Rahu: Meaning ‘peace’ in Estonian.
  26. Siegfried: This name means ‘victorious peace’ in German. How about Ziggy as a nickname?
  27. Solomon: This Hebrew name means ‘wisdom’ and ‘peace’.
  28. Wilfred: Meaning ‘desires peace’. This name is becoming popular in the U.K. It’s a peace name with a vintage vibe and some excellent inbuilt nicknames.
  29. Yaroslav: Meaning ‘fierce and peaceful’ in Slavic.

What name means peace?

How about some gender-neutral or unisex names that mean peace?

Take a peek:

  1. Amani: Meaning ‘peace’ in Swahili.
  2. Amari: An African name meaning ‘strength and peace’ in Africa.
  3. Aspen: Meaning ‘tree of peace’ in English.
  4. Damayanti: Meaning ‘bringer of peace’ in Sanskrit.
  5. Dove: After the bird of peace.
  6. Eir: Pronounced ‘air’, this beautiful name has connotations of peace and mercy.
  7. Eiríni: Meaning ‘peace’ in Greek.
  8. Esai: Meaning ‘ bringer of peace’ or ‘God is my salvation’ in Hebrew.
  9. Fen: A short, strong peace name from old English and Dutch.
  10. Fred: Meaning ‘peace’ in Danish.
  11. Haven: Meaning ‘safe place’ in English.
  12. Heddwch: Meaning ‘peace’ in Welsh.
  13. Hépíng: Meaning ‘peace’ in Chinese.
  14. Inga: This was the Norse god of peace and fertility.
  15. Jules: Strong literary vibes here, as well as a peaceful meaning. Jules means ‘youthful’ and ‘calm’.
  16. Noah: If you want a name to match dove and olive, Noah is also a great peace name. It means ‘peaceful rest’.
  17. Olive: Because offering an olive branch is a classic gesture of peace.
  18. Paxton or Pax: Another very old name (derived from Latin) with a great modern vibe. It means ‘peace town’.
  19. Salam: Meaning ‘peace’ in Arabic.
  20. Śānti: Meaning ‘peace’ in Bangla.
  21. Shiloh: This name, meaning ‘tranquil’, is great for either gender.
  22. Síocháin: Meaning ‘peace’ in Irish.
  23. Sìth: Meaning ‘peace’ in Scottish Gaelic.
  24. Udo: Meaning ‘peace’ in Igbo.

What name means goddess of peace?

  1. Athena: While she’s better known as the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and craft, she was also associated with peace.
  2. Concordia: The Roman goddess of harmony, marriage, and society.
  3. Ekecheiria: After the Greek goddess of truces.
  4. Harmonia: The Greek goddess of harmony and agreement.
  5. Imoinu: The Meitei goddess of family, prosperity, and peace.
  6. Irene: From the name Eirene. In ancient Greece, Eirene was the goddess of peace.
  7. María: After María Lionza, a goddess of nature, love, harmony, and peace in Venezuela.
  8. Minerva: The Roman equivalent of Athena.
  9. Pavarti: Hindu goddess of power, love, beauty, devotion, and harmony.
  10. Tranquillitas: The Roman personification of peace and tranquility.
  11. Wóȟpe: The Lakota spirit of peace.

What boy name means calm and peace?

  1. Akand: Meaning ‘calm’ in Hindi.
  2. Dhin: Meaning ‘calm person’ in Vietnamese
  3. Doak: Meaning ‘quiet and calm person’ in Scottish.
  4. Galen: Meaning ‘calm’ in Greek.
  5. Gerffron: Meaning ‘spiritually calm’ in Old English.
  6. Hadi: Meaning ‘calm’ in Arabic.
  7. Kazuya: Meaning ‘calm’ in Japanese.
  8. Mirko: Meaning ‘calm one’ in Slavic.
  9. Naim: Meaning ‘at peace’ in Arabic.
  10. Rafik: Meaning ‘calm and gentle’ in Arabic.
  11. Ramus: Meaning ‘calm’ in Lithuanian.
  12. Tawelwch: Meaning ‘calm’ in Welsh.

What girl name means calm and peace?

  1. Aalin: Meaning ‘calm and harmonious’ in Celtic.
  2. Chantol: Meaning ‘calm stone’ in Old French.
  3. Chiraz: Meaning ‘calm person’ in Arabic.
  4. Iremía: Meaning ‘calm’ in Greek.
  5. Malina: Meaning ‘calm and soothing’ in Hebrew.
  6. Serena or Serina: Meaning ‘serene and calm’ in English.
  7. Serenity: Meaning ‘calm’ in English.
  8. Tranquilla: Meaning ‘calm’ in Spanish.
  9. Tulia: Meaning ‘calm’ in Swahili.
  10. Yen: Meaning ‘calm and peace’ in Vietnamese.
  11. Zolile: Meaning ‘calm’ in Zulu.

What name means peace and love?

There aren’t many names that combine the two concepts into one.

But here are some names that mean love, which you could combine with any of the names meaning peace to make a beautiful moniker for your baby.

Girls names that mean love

  1. Amanda: Meaning ‘worthy of love’ in Latin.
  2. Amara: Meaning ‘to love’ in Spanish.
  3. Aimee or Amy: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Old French.
  4. Aiko: Meaning ‘little loved one’ in Japanese.
  5. Amorette: Meaning ‘little love’ in French.
  6. Cher: Meaning ‘dear’ in French.
  7. Carys: Meaning ‘love’ in Welsh.
  8. Darlene: Meaning ‘darling’ in English.
  9. Davina: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Hebrew.
  10. Esme: Meaning ‘to love’ in French.
  11. Imogen: Meaning ‘beloved child’ in Greek.
  12. Maitia: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Basque.
  13. Milada: Meaning ‘my love’ in Czechoslovakian.
  14. Mina: Meaning ‘dear’ in Slavic.
  15. Nayeli: Meaning ‘I love you’ in Native Mexican.
  16. Priya: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Sanskrit.

Boys names that mean love

  1. Amias: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Latin.
  2. Darrell: Meaning ‘darling’ in Old English.
  3. David or Davis: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Hebrew.
  4. Erasmus: Meaning ‘beloved’ in Greek.
  5. Gerwyn: Meaning ‘fair love’ in Welsh.
  6. Jebediah: Meaning ‘loved by God’ in Hebrew.
  7. Kama: Meaning ‘love and desire’ in Sanskrit.
  8. Lennan: Meaning ‘sweetheart’ in Irish.
  9. Milos: Meaning ‘dear’ in Slavic.
  10. Prem: Meaning ‘lovable’ in Sanskrit.

And why not just use Peace itself?

There are many parts of the world where it’s a common surname, and if you can call your little one Hope or Charity, why not Peace as well?

We wish you a calm and serene search for your peaceful baby name.

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