40+ Precious Baby Names That Mean Pearl

40+ Precious Baby Names That Mean Pearl

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. These baby names that mean pearl offer the perfect blend of opulence and innocence.
Pearls are the only gemstones to come from a living creature.

They’re rare and precious and the perfect inspiration for your new arrival.

Names that mean pearl run the gamut from Dara (meaning “pearls of wisdom”) to Jumana (meaning “silver pearl”) to the many variations of Margaret.

Each one captures the opulent whimsy of this remarkable gem.

Keen to learn more about what’s behind this exquisite stone? We’ll take you through the details.

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What is the spiritual meaning of the name pearl?

That depends on who you ask.

Pearls have been associated with various qualities.

You may, of course, have heard of pearls of wisdom.

These gems certainly speak to the unparalleled insight to be gained from experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, pearls symbolize purity and innocence for many Western cultures.

And for this reason, they’re commonly used for weddings.

There’s a myth that pearls can keep brides from crying.) on their wedding day.

But another tale tells the opposite — that wearing pearls on your wedding day will lead to a sad marriage.

You get to pick which narrative you’d like to adopt.

Ancient Chinese mythology has various magical tales about pearls.

One says that they are raindrops swallowed by oysters.

Another speaks of pearls falling from the heavens when dragons fought in the sky.

And another tells of a boy who swallowed a magical pearl and became a dragon himself.

In ancient Rome, pearls were more valuable than diamonds.

And in ancient Greece, they were said to be the tears of joy shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

So, yes, they’ve charmed, inspired, and delighted for eons.

And what about names that mean “pearl” — or are Pearls themselves?

Can I name my child Pearl?

Absolutely! History is populated with many a famous Pearl — American singer Pearl Aday, actress Pearl Bailey, and novelist Pearl Buck, to name a few.

And pearls are also the official birthstone for the month of June.

So if that’s when your due date is, this name could be a great option.

What Japanese name means pearl?

Japan has a thriving pearl culture, with the Akoya pearl also called the Japanese pearl.

And Japan is known for two other kinds of pearls — Biwa and Kasumi.

It’s no wonder, then, that there’s a Japanese baby name on the table that actually means pearl:

  1. Shinju: It’s primarily a girl’s name and it means “true pearl.”

But we also love the idea of the types of Japanese pearls as baby names meaning pearl:

  1. Akoya
  2. Biwa
  3. Kasumi

What name means pearl in Hebrew?

There are a few sweet options here. We’ll take you through them:

  1. Dar: It’s short and sweet and simply means “pearl.”
  2. Dara: From its Hebrew roots, Dara means “pearls of wisdom.” But it has another related meaning. From its Persian origins, it means “rich.”
  3. Dareth: “Rich pearl of wisdom.”
  4. Margalit: This Hebrew name means “pearl” or “gemstone” and is used as a first and last name. Interesting fact? It’s actress Maggie Gyllenhaal’s real name.

So what other pearl names are on display in this window? Check out these gorgeous choices.

These baby names either mean pearl or speak to the qualities of wisdom, innocence, and affluence associated with this precious gem.

Girl names that mean pearl

Many girl names that mean pearl are derivatives of the name Margaret — and you might be surprised how far they stray from the sound of the original name.

  1. Annemette: From Danish roots, this interesting name means “bitter pearl.”
  2. Durdana: This Arabic name means “single pearl.” It belongs to entrepreneur and female empowerment activist Durdana Ansari.
  3. Ghita: With its Greek roots, Ghita means “pearl.”
  4. Gredel: This one also has Greek roots and means “pearl.”
  5. Gretel: This German version of Margaret also means — you guessed it — “pearl.”
  6. Irta: From its Greek roots, this unusual name also refers to the precious gem.
  7. Jewel: This lovely name evokes the precious nature of the pearl.
  8. Jumana: From its Arabic roots, this beautiful name means “silver pearl.”
  9. Lulu: This adorable name has a few different meanings depending on its origins. From Arabic and Swahili roots, it means “pearl.” From its Hawaiian roots, it means “calm,” “peace,” or “protection.”
  10. Madge: As a shortened form of Margaret, Madge means “pearl.” But it has another meaning too. From Persian roots, it means “child of light.”
  11. Margalo: From Greek origins, this sweet name means “pearl.”
  12. Margaret: This timeless name of Greek roots means “pearl” and is, of course, the base of many other popular names.
  13. Marguerite: The French version of Marguerite.
  14. Marjaan: This Arabic name means “small and delicate pearl.”
  15. Meghan: From its Welsh roots, Meghan means “pearl.” And, yep, it’s the name of the Duchess of Sussex.
  16. Mette: This one has Scandinavian roots and means “pearl.” (And if you’re wondering about pronunciation, it rhymes with “pet.”)
  17. Peggy: While they may sound quite different, Peggy is actually a variation of Margaret.
  18. Sophia: This name consistently makes the top 10 list in the US. It means “wisdom” — a particularly pearly name.

Boy names that mean pearl

While there are fewer names that mean pearl for boys, there are many that speak to the qualities the pearl represents, like wisdom and innocence. These are our top picks.

  1. Aldo: This name of Old German roots means “noble” and “wise.”
  2. Alvis: From Scandinavian origins, Alvis means “all wise.” But it could also mean the adorable “elf friend.”
  3. Bindusar: This unique Hindi name means “excellent pearl” or “the strength of the drop.”
  4. Casta: From Spanish roots, Casta means “pure.”
  5. Chau: With Vietnamese origins, this gender-neutral name means “pearl.”
  6. Eddie: This name of Old English roots embodies the spirit of the pearl — or at least the oyster. It means “guardian of riches.”
  7. Favian: This Latin name is inspired by the Roman Fabius, the son of Hercules. It means “man of wisdom.”
  8. Hugo: This Latin name makes the list because it means “mind” or “intellect.” Seems like the kind of person who would distribute pearls of wisdom.
  9. Jauhar: This Arabic name means “gem” or “pearl.”
  10. Jhinook: From Hindi origins, Jhinook means “sea shell” or “oyster.”
  11. Kai: This name is included because of all its pearly connotations. From its Hawaiian roots, it means “sea,” while from its Japanese origins, it means “shell.” And for fun, from its Greek roots, it means “keeper of the keys.”
  12. Magan: From its Greek roots, Magan means “pearl.”
  13. Ray: This name that sounds like a beam of light means “wise protector,” reminding us of the oyster that keeps the pearl snug in its shell.
  14. Shaarav: From its Sanskrit roots, Shaarav means “innocent” and “pure,” embodying the qualities of the pearl.
  15. Vivek: This popular Sanskrit name means “wisdom” or “knowledge.”
  16. Zakai: This original-sounding name of Hebrew origin means “pure.”
  17. Zeky: This fun Turkish name would make the pearl proud. It means “clever” or “intelligent.”

All the best with your choice. We’ve got a feeling that the world will be your little one’s oyster.

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