55 Influential Baby Names That Mean Power

55 Influential Baby Names That Mean Power

Looking for names for your new arrival that pack a punch? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of phenomenal baby names that mean power.
Looking to give your mini miracle a mighty start in life?

These names that mean power might be just the ticket.

From the unstoppable courage of Devlin to the all-seeing might of Sybil to the powerful peace of Renfred, we’ve got a potent name ready for every warrior baby about to be born.

Let’s dive in!

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What names mean power?

Luckily, there are many options on the table.

The great thing is that there are many ways to have power that go beyond physical strength.

Power can mean continuing even when things get tough, knowing when to say no, and standing by the people you love.

Sometimes being powerful means sticking up for the kid in the class who is being bullied or not going with the flow when you don’t think the flow is going in the right direction.

Whatever kind of power you want your little one to embrace, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these fabulous finds that are full of force.

Boy names that mean power

  1. Alaric: This strong name has Germanic roots and is made up of two parts: Ala meaning “everyone” and ric meaning “ruler.” The ruler of all? Yep, that’s pretty powerful stuff!
  2. Arnold: A name that has stood the test of time, Arnold is also made up of different pieces. The arn means “eagle” and the old (a form of wald) meaning “leader.” This is a mighty leader with the strength of an eagle!
  3. Devlin: From its Irish roots, this name means “fierce courage.”
  4. Emery: Tracing back to German roots, Emery means “brave” and “powerful.”
  5. Jabbar: With its Arabic roots, Jabbar can mean “giant” or “almighty.”
  6. Montgomery: Originally a surname of French origin and now an interesting name for your new arrival, Montgomery means “from the mountain of the powerful one.” Monty makes a cute nickname.
  7. Oswald: This name has been a hit through the ages and means “divine power.” If Oswald sounds too old fashioned, what about Ozzy?
  8. Renfred: An Old English name that speaks to a very specific kind of force, Renfred means “powerful peace.”
  9. Reynard: This one has German roots and means “powerful advice.”
  10. Trumble: A unique name of Old English roots, Trumble means “bold” or “brave.”
  11. Waldrom: This is a great option for bird lovers. It means “powerful raven” and is of Old German origins. Could be shortened to Wally.

Girl names that mean power

  1. Adira: This lovely-sounding Hebrew name means “powerful” and “noble.”
  2. Allura: If you think this fascinating French name sounds alluring, you’re right. It means “powerful attraction.”
  3. Aubrey: This name is both powerful and adorable all at the same time. It means “ruler of the elves” and is of Old German roots.
  4. Aza: From its Arabic origins, Aza means both “powerful” and “comfort” — a winning combo, we say!
  5. Brites: With Portuguese roots, Brites means “powerful.” Knock an ‘s’ off the end and you get Brite, which is a Swedish name meaning “strong.”
  6. Emersyn: Originally from Old German roots from the name Amalric, this name means “brave” and “powerful.”
  7. Keren: This name has Hebrew roots and a few possible meanings. “Power” is one of them, as are “ram’s horn” and “ray of light.”
  8. Ragnild: This Old Norse girl’s name means “all-knowing power.”
  9. Reina: From its Spanish roots, Reina means “queen.”
  10. Ricarda: With Old German roots, Ricarda means “powerful leader.” Ricki is a cute nickname. Or maybe Cardi?
  11. Sibyl: This powerful Greek name makes this list because of its distinctively mighty meaning — “prophetess” or “oracle.”

What names mean power and strength?

These names that mean power and strength speak to might in battle, the combination of bravery and virtue, and the strength to endure adversity.

  1. Alexander: This ever-popular name of Latin origin means “defender of men.” Alexandra is the feminine version.
  2. Angus: The Anglicized version of the Scottish Gaelic name Aonghas, Angus means “one strength.”
  3. Archibald: This one’s of Scottish roots too and is made up of two parts meaning “genuine” and “brave.” Archie is a cute nickname, and of course the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child.
  4. Audelia: A variant of the popular girl’s name Audrey, Audelia is of Old English roots and means “noble strength.”
  5. Brigitte: This one’s of Gaelic roots and means “power” and “virtue.”
  6. Ebba: From its Germanic roots, this name may sound sweet, but don’t be fooled!
    It means “strong.”
  7. Ethan: A name that never goes out of style, Ethan is of Hebrew roots and means “strong” and “enduring.”
  8. Evander: Possibly derived from the Norse name Ivor, Evander means “strong man” or “good man.” It makes sense that it’s the name of American boxing champion Evander Holyfield.
  9. Everett: This name of Old English roots means “strong boar.”
  10. Fergus: A popular Scottish and Irish name, Fergus means “man of strength.”
  11. Gertrude: With its Germanic roots, this vintage girl’s name means “strength of the spear.”
  12. Gideon: With Hebrew roots, this is another name that’s stuck around through the ages. It means “great warrior.”
  13. Iphigenia: With its ancient Greek origins, this classical name means “born to strength.”
  14. Isa: From Arabic origins, Isa means “strong-willed.”
  15. Jelani: This gorgeous Swahili name means “full of strength.”
  16. Karleen: Through its Scandinavian roots, Karleen means “womanly” or “strength.”
  17. Kedar: From its Arabic origin, Kedar means “strong.” It can also mean “dark one” from its Hebrew roots.
  18. Kendra: This name — likely of Celtic roots — has a few different meanings. One is “wise ruler.” It can also mean “knowing” or “high hill.”
  19. Matilda: You may know her as the awesome little reader in the Roald Dahl classic. But her name also has a powerful meaning — “battle-mighty.”
  20. Maximus: OK, this Latin name simply translates as “the greatest.”
    Nuff said.
    Plus, it shortens to the ever-adorable Max.
  21. Mildred: We love how the two elements of this Old English name come together: “gentle” and “strength.”
  22. Owen: A version of the Welsh name Owain, this popular name has a few different meanings, including “young warrior” and “noble.”
  23. Philomena: From its Greek roots, this lyrical girl’s name means “friend of strength.”
  24. Richard: A name that’s remained popular for centuries, Richard has Old French roots and means “strong in rule.”
  25. Thor: Marvel fans will know that he’s the Norse god of thunder — that’s enough power to make this list, we think!
  26. Trudy: This name is a version of Gertrude and also means “strength of the spear.”
  27. Valente: With Italian and Portuguese origins, Valente means “brave” and “strong.”
  28. Valentina: And here’s the feminine version and, you guessed it, is also perfect for someone brave and strong.
  29. Zale: This unusual Greek name is for ocean-lovers. It means “sea-strength.”

Names that mean wealth and power

  1. Edrea: Originally from Hebrew roots, Edrea means “powerful and wealthy.”
  2. Roderick: With its German origins, Roderick means “prosperous ruler.”
  3. Ryker: From German roots, this name means “wealthy and powerful.”
  4. Ulric: Of Germanic roots, Ulric means “rich and powerful.”

All the best with your choice!

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