80 Charming Prince Baby Names

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

Looking to crown your little one with a noble name? We’ve got you covered. Check out this list of our favorite prince baby names.

Prince Baby Names

Throwing down the red carpet to get ready for the arrival of your little prince?


No doubt, you need to find the perfect name to match.

You’re in luck!

These charming prince baby names offer an array of delightful options.

Choose from cool prince names like Caspian and Felipe.

Or perhaps you’d like something with an air (or heir) of sophistication, like Ricardo or Conrad.

Or pick a cute prince name like Harry and Hector.

Whether you’re leaning towards the name of a real-life prince, a mythical prince, or a name that means prince, we have got you covered.

Check out these princely names for the little one who’s about to rule your roost.

In this article: 📝

  • What names mean prince?
  • What are good names for a prince?
  • What is a nice royal name?

What names mean prince?

Try these names that mean prince from all over the world:

  1. Amir. With its Arabic roots, Amir means “prince.”
  2. Baldur. This mighty Norse name simply means “prince.” Baldr is the son of the Norse god of gods, Odin, and is the god of light, beauty, and love.
  3. Brioc. From its Welsh roots, Brioc means “mighty prince.”
  4. Chao fa. This Thai boy’s name simply means “prince.”
  5. Cynfael. A name with Welsh roots, Cynfael refers to the “chief prince.”
  6. Dawid. From its Arabic roots, Dawid means “prince.”
  7. Ericson. This one has Scandinavian roots and means “son of the eternal ruler.”
  8. Prince. What list wouldn’t be complete without this nod to musical royalty?
  9. Reagan. From its Irish roots, Reagan means “little king.”

What are good names for a prince?

These names belong to real life (or fairy tale) princes:

  1. Albert. The husband of Queen Victoria, Albert was the Prince Consort of Great Britain between 1840 and 1861.
  2. Alexander. The Crown Prince of Yugoslavia. This classic name means “defender of men.”
  3. Caspian. Lovers of the tales of Narnia might find the name of this fantasy prince a perfect pick.
  4. Charles. This Prince of Wales is currently in line for the British throne. The meaning of his name? “Free man.”
  5. Egon. Prince Egon von Fürstenberg was a member of the [German](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/german-baby-names0 princely family and a fashion and interior designer.
  6. Felipe. Prince of Asturias, a region of northwest Spain, until 2014, Felipe VI is now the King of Spain. Equestrians may be particular fans of this name. It means “friend of horses.”
  7. Guillaume. This Grand Duke is heir to the crown of Luxembourg.
  8. Harry. The Duke of Sussex, this famous prince needs little introduction.
  9. Hector. This classical prince was a great warrior in the Trojan war.
  10. Henry. A popular royal name, Henry is Prince Harry’s real name—Henry Charles Albert David, to be exact.
  11. Louis. This cute little prince is the son of William and Kate.
  12. Ivan. As the tsar’s son, Ivan Tsarevich is the hero in many Russian folktales.
  13. Paris. This mythological prince appears in many Greek legends. He was the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba.
  14. Sébastien. The young prince of Luxembourg, Prince Sébastien is the youngest son of Luxembourg’s Grand Duke and Duchess.
  15. William. This Duke of Cambridge is second in line for the British throne.

What is a nice royal name?

Why not try on one of these noble names:

  1. Adebowale. A name of Yoruba origin, Adebowale means “return of the crown.”
  2. Adelio. With its Spanish roots, Adelio means “noble.”
  3. Ademola. This one also has Yoruba roots too and is a combination of “crown” and “wealth.”
  4. Addo. “King of the road”
  5. Alaric. With Old German roots, Alaric means “noble, regal ruler.”
  6. Anwealda. “Ruler”
  7. Alberich. A star in Old Norse and German legend, Alberich is the ruler of the elves.
  8. Ara. This Armenian name means “king.”
  9. Balthazar. “God protect the king”
  10. Bardick. “Ruler with an ax”
  11. Basil. A popular name of Greek origin, Basil means “royal” or “kingly.”
  12. Carl. This name of German origin means “free man” and was popular with Swedish kings.
  13. Conrad. “Bold ruler”
  14. Cyril. This one has Greek roots and means “lord” or “master.”
  15. Darius. “Rich and kingly”
  16. Donovan. A name with Gaelic roots, Donovan means “brown-haired chieftain.”
  17. Delroy. “Of the king”
  18. Derek. With its Old German roots, Derek means “the people’s ruler.”
  19. Donald. “World ruler”
  20. Duncan. The Anglicized version of the Irish and Scottish name Donnchadh, this name means “chief.” He’s also the fictional king in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
  21. Duke. With its Latin roots, Duke means “leader.”
  22. Enrique. The Spanish version of Henry and Heinrich, Enrique means “home-ruler.”
  23. Enzo. This Italian name is also related to Henry and, you guessed it, means “home-ruler.”
  24. Eric. “Eternal ruler”
  25. Ericson. And this one is “son of the eternal ruler.”
  26. Eze. This Igbo name cuts straight to the chase. It means “king.”
  27. Fitzgerald. Of Old French and Old German origin, Fitzgerald means “son of the spear-ruler.”
  28. Frederick. A name with German roots, Frederick means “peaceful ruler.”
  29. Gerald. This Germanic name is made up of two parts—“spear” and “rule.”
  30. Griffith. This one has Welsh roots and means “strong chief.”
  31. Hansraj. Of Sanskrit origins, this name has a magical meaning—“king of the swans.”
  32. Heinrich. “Home ruler”
  33. Henry. Connected to Heinrich, Henry means “home ruler”, too.
  34. Idris. This one’s sure to be a hit with fans of Mr Elba. It means “fiery leader” or “prophet.”
  35. Jerrick. “Gifted ruler”
  36. Kaiser. From its High German roots, Kaiser means “emperor.”
  37. Kingsley. “King’s meadow”
  38. Kgosi. This Setswana name from Southern Africa means “king” or “chief.”
  39. Ladomir. “Famous ruler”
  40. Leroy. With its French roots, Leroy means “the king.”
  41. Malik. This Arabic name means “king” or “sovereign.”
  42. Mandlenkosi. From Zulu roots, Mandlenkosi means “king” and “strength.”
  43. Minos. This classical name refers to the mythological king of Crete.
  44. Oba. A name with Yoruba roots, Oba means “king.”
  45. Raj. With its Sanskrit roots, Raj means “king.”
  46. Rana. This one has Sanskrit origins, too, and also means “king.”
  47. Rey. This Spanish name means “king.”
  48. Rex. With its Latin roots, this one means “king”, too.
  49. Rian. Here’s another one that means “king.” This popular name has Gaelic roots.
  50. Ricardo. “Brave ruler”
  51. Richard. Yep, this one also belongs to a brave ruler.
  52. Ruaidhri. This Old Irish name means “red king.”
  53. Sargon. “The faithful king”
  54. Steven. “Crown” or “wreath”
  55. Thierry. “People’s ruler”
  56. Terry. This version means “people’s ruler”, too.

All the best with your choice!

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