36 Creative & Inspirational Baby Names That Mean Pure

36 Creative & Inspirational Baby Names That Mean Pure

Searching for baby names that mean pure? We’ve searched the globe for 36 great options that capture your little one’s sweet innocence.
Are you searching for a name that captures the purity and innocence of your little one?

We’ve brought together 36 beautiful names that mean pure from around the world.

And there are both classic and contemporary options to choose from.

Ready to be inspired?

Let’s dive in!

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  • What names mean innocent?
  • What woman’s name means pure?
  • What Biblical name means pure?
  • What name means pure soul?
  • What name means pure-hearted?
  • What name means pure love?
  • What Japanese name means pure?
  • What Chinese name means pure?

What names mean innocent?

Cultures across the globe celebrate the innocence of newborns with their choice of names.

Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Bareea: Bareea is an Arabic girl’s name that means “innocent and blameless”.
  2. Masoumeh: This Persian girl’s name comes from the Arabic ma’ṣūm, meaning “innocent, sinless, and protected”. Other possible spellings include Massumeh, Ma’sumeh, and Ma’soumeh.
  3. Nihinsa: This is a Sinhala name and means “innocent” or “innocence”.
  4. Temima: This Jewish name is used for girls and means “innocent or pure”. It can also be spelled Temimah.
  5. Wynn: This name, used for both boys and girls, comes from the Welsh word for “white.” In many cultures, names that mean “white” and “pure” are closely linked.

What woman’s name means pure?

Purity is traditionally seen as a virtue in many cultures.

If you’re looking for a girl’s name meaning pure, there are lots of options to choose from.

  1. Amala: This name is usually used for girls and has two different origins. In Sanskrit, it means “pure or spotless”, while in Arabic, the meaning is “hope or expectation”.
  2. Bruriah: This Jewish name means “pure or clear”. Bruriah) appears in the Talmud as a scholar and the wife of Rabbi Meir. The name can also be spelled Bruria, Beruriah, Berurya, or Brurya.
  3. Catherine: This popular name comes from the Greek katharos, meaning “pure”. There are a number of alternative spellings, including Katherine, Kathryn, and Catharine.
  4. Catalina: This elegant name is a Spanish variant of Catherine and also means “pure”. It can also be spelled Katalina.
  5. Ekaterina: This Russian name comes from the same Greek root and means “pure or perfect”.
  6. Kakalina: This unusual variant of Catherine comes from Hawaii and means “pure or chaste”.
  7. Kate: A shortened form of Catherine that’s often used as a name in its own right, Kate (or Katie) also means “pure”.
  8. Kathleen: Another name meaning “pure”, Kathleen is an Irish variant of Catherine.
  9. Katya: This Russian take on Catherine means “pure or perfect”.
  10. Reyna: This Jewish girl’s name comes from Yiddish and means “pure or clean”. It can also be spelled Reina or Raina.
  11. Zakia: Zakiah is a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “pure”. Alternative spellings are Zakiya, Zakiyah, Zakiyyah and Zakieh.

What Biblical name means pure?

The Bible is a great source of meaningful baby names.

It includes a couple of names that mean pure or innocent.

  1. Candace: Candace is used as a royal title in the Bible. It was applied to the queen or queen mother in the ancient kingdom of Kush. But it also means “innocent or spotless”.
  2. Zacchaeus: Zacchaeus is a boy’s name that means “innocent or pure”. In the Bible, Zacchaeus is a despised tax collector whom Jesus rewards for his faith.

What name means pure soul?

Some names focus on purity of soul, often linked to a relationship with the divine.

  1. Abdiel: A Hebrew name meaning “servant of God”. John Milton used Abdiel as the name of an angel in Paradise Lost.
  2. Abdullah: This Islamic variation also means “servant of God”.
  3. Agnes: Agnes is a girl’s name that originates from ancient Greek and means “pure, virginal, or holy”.
  4. Gwenda: This lovely Welsh girl’s name means “holy and good”. If you’re looking for a single-syllable option, Gwen means simply “holy”.

What name means pure-hearted?

There are a number of girls’ names that mean pure of heart or have similar attributes.

Boys’ names that mean pure of heart are less plentiful, but there are some good options.

  1. Amena: Amena is an Arabic name used for girls. It means “truthful and faithful”.
  2. Christabel: Christian parents may like this option, which means “beautiful follower of Christ”.
  3. Kaipo: This Hawaiian name means “sweetheart or pure-hearted”.
  4. Nakia: This unisex name appears in different cultures with slightly different meanings. In Arabic, it means “pure”, while in Egyptian, it’s “pure and faithful”. In Greek, though, it means “unconquered”.
  5. Jemima: This Hebrew girl’s name actually means “dove”. It’s this which gives it its associations with peace and pure heartedness.

What name means pure love?

  1. Agapius: A Latin name meaning “divine love”. If four syllables are too much, nickname options include Aggie and Pius.
  2. Carwen or Carwyn: These Welsh names mean “blessed love”. Carwen is used for girls and Carwyn for boys.

What Japanese name means pure?

Japanese is written in ideograms.

So a name may be pronounced the same but have more than one meaning, depending on the symbols used.

Here are some names that mean purity — and have other meanings too.

  1. Atsushi: Means “pure” or “kindness and honesty”. Written in Latin script, you don’t have to choose between these lovely meanings!
  2. Jun: This name can be used for both boys and girls and means “pure” — or pure, clean, and simple. It’s also used as a component of other Japanese names linked to purity, like:
  3. Junko: A feminine name meaning “pure” or “obedient child”, and:
  4. Junpei: A boy’s name meaning “pure, even-tempered, and peaceful”.
  5. Ryoma: Written in one way, it means “clean and beautiful” or “a pleasant coolness”. With different ideograms, it means truth.

What Chinese name means pure?

Chinese people choose characters for their names rather than having words that are only used to name people.

And, as with Japanese names, Chinese names written the same way in Latin script can have different meanings.

If you want to use a Chinese word for pure as a name (or part of a name), here are some options for writing it in Latin script.

  1. Bai: Bai, meaning “pure”, can be used as a name for either boys or girls. It can also mean “cypress tree”, in which form it’s used mainly for boys.
  2. Shu: Means “good, pure, virtuous, or charming”.

Ready to choose from names that mean pure?

It’s not surprising that one look at a tiny baby immediately makes us think of purity and innocence.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of names that mean pure.

And perhaps there’s something here that’s caught your eye for your own little peanut.

If you’re looking for more ideas, why not check out our ultimate lists of girls’ names and boys’ names.

Good luck with your search, mama!

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