40 Perfect Baby Names That Mean Purple

40 Perfect Baby Names That Mean Purple

Looking for the ideal name for your new arrival? You may just find it amongst our list of baby names that mean purple. Read on for our top picks.
Searching for names that hit the sweet spot between moody blue and fiery red?

Names that mean purple are just the ticket.

A color associated with luxury, royalty, and wisdom, purple is laden with gorgeous associations.

In fact, in the Byzantine era, royal babies were known to be “born in the purple.”

Then there’s Prince’s Purple Rain, the English rock band Deep Purple, and of course, The Color Purple, the Alice Walker novel made into a movie by Steven Spielberg.

In it, the color purple symbolizes divine goodness, creative power, and extreme joy.

So, yep, definitely a color worth bestowing on your new arrival.

Names that mean purple bring with them these mighty associations — and may just be the perfect fit for your new arrival.

Let’s dive into our favorites from all over the world.

In this article: 📝

  • What is the Greek name for purple?
  • What Japanese name means purple?
  • What name means purple flower?
  • What girl name means purple?
  • What boy name means purple?

What is the Greek name for purple?

The word purple can be traced right back to the ancient Greek word πορφύρα (porphura).

One name that is directly based on this Greek word is:

  1. Porfirio: This Spanish name means “purple-clad” and most famously belonged to longtime Mexican president Porfirio Diaz.
    “Rio” makes a cute nickname.

But there are other names with Greek roots that mean purple or refer to where the color occurs in nature.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Amethyst: If you’re looking for a gemstone name, Amethyst is a unique pick. It’s a violet quartz. Plus, its name comes with a weighty meaning. From the Greek word amethystos, it means “intoxicate.”
  2. Hyacinth: From Greek origins, this name has a certain poise. It refers to the pretty blue larkspur plant and the color purple.
  3. Iolanthe: Here’s an adorable girl’s name option. It means “little violet flower.”
  4. Ione: For a name with a unique flair, Ione is also of Greek roots and means “violet.” In Greek mythology, she was one of the Nereids or sea nymphs.
  5. Indigo: We love this gender-neutral purple name. It comes from the Greek word Indikon (meaning “from India”) and refers to a dye from India, China, and the Middle East that was used for royalty.
  6. Iris: Not only is this a beautiful purple flower, but it also comes from a Greek word for “rainbow.” 🌈
  7. Phoenix: You may know the meaning of this name as the mythological bird that rose from the ashes. The word comes from the Greek φοῖνιξ (phoînix), which is a reddish-purple.
  8. Yolanda: Here’s a name that’s remained popular through the ages. From its Greek origins, it means “violet.” And if you want to opt for a different spelling, there’s the German/Dutch Jolanda, the Polish Jolanta, or the Portuguese Iolanda.

What Japanese name means purple?

Perhaps Greek rooted names aren’t your thing.

In that case, can we interest you in some Japanese names that mean purple?

Here are some exquisite options:

  1. Murasaki: This blossoming name means “purple” and “bloom.”
  2. Shion: Depending on the kanji used, Shion can mean “purple.” It can also refer to the beautiful aster flower.
  3. Sumire: An exquisite girl’s name, Sumire refers to a beautiful violet.

What name means purple flower?

Other than the Japanese and Greek names that we’ve looked at, here are some other names meaning purple flower that we think are simply divine!

  1. Calfuray: From the Mapuche people, indigenous to present-day Chile, this unique name means “purple flower.”
  2. Fiala: A Czech surname, Fiala means “violet” and may be an interesting pick for a first name.
  3. Fialová: The feminine form of the Czech name Fiala, this lyrical name also means “violet.”
  4. Heather: This evergreen plant has a pretty purple-ish flower.
  5. Ibolya: With Hungarian roots, this name refers to the violet flower.
  6. Jolan: This one has Hungarian roots too and means “violet blossom.”
  7. Lavender: While a more unusual name, its sweet sound and the soothing image it evokes make it a lovely pick.
  8. Lilac: From its Latin roots, this name refers to the sweet-smelling bluish-purple flower. The Hebrew version is Lilach.
  9. Sigal: With its Hebrew roots, the sweet Sigal refers to the violet flower.
  10. Temenuzhka: This Bulgarian name also refers to the violet flower.
  11. Tupaarnaq: This interesting Greenlandic name refers to wild thyme, which, you guessed it, has a purple flower.
  12. Viola: With its Latin roots, this name means “purple” or “violet.” It belongs to a bunch of mighty women, including American actress Viola Davis and Canadian civil rights activist Viola Desmond. And for Shakespeare fans, it’s the name of the heroine in Twelfth Night.
  13. Violet: An offshoot of Viola, this lovely purple name has stood the test of time.
  14. Violetta: Another adorable Viola alternative.
  15. Viorel: From its Romanian roots, this name means “sweet violet.”
  16. Wisteria: This lovely vine has pretty purple flowers. Inspiration for your little one’s name?

What girl name means purple?

And there are still more options on the table.

Why not try one of these gorgeous girl names that mean purple?

  1. Bora: This sweet Korean option means “purple.” It can also mean “storm” from its Turkish roots.
  2. Fuchsia: How about this for an unusual option? It refers to the pinkish-purple color.
  3. Lila: From its German roots, this sweet name means “purple.” But it also has some other delightful meanings. It’s a variation of the Arabic word for “night.” And from its Sanskrit origins, it means “divine play.”
  4. Magenta: If you want to add some fiery red to your purple, Magenta is a great option. It’s from Italian roots and, apart from being a magnificent color, is also a town in northern Italy.
  5. Mauve: This one’s of French roots and means “violet-colored.”
  6. Plum: This cute option refers to the purple fruit. It’s a name that’s been adopted by British novelist and fashion journalist Plum Sykes.
  7. Suren: This unique name has Persian roots and refers to lilacs. It can also mean “the heroic one.”

What boy name means purple?

Finally, check out these awesome boy names that mean purple for a perfect purply pick:

  1. Burgundy: This purple-red color is also a region in France. Burgundy is a surname and also a great fit if you’re looking for a gender-neutral purple name.
  2. Hadlee: This British name refers to a field of purple-flowered heather.
  3. Kovidar: A name of Sanskrit origin, Kovidar refers to the purple orchid tree.
  4. Morado: This striking name of Spanish and Portuguese origin means “deep violet.”
  5. Tyrian: Potentially a hot favorite with Game of Thrones fans, Tyrian refers to a purple dye used by the Ancient Phoenicians.

All the best with your choice!

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